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Monday, July 4, 2022

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show 8-17 megan
show 8-17 megan
show 8-17 megan

And immigrants may not be able to seek asylum when crossing the border due to a recent court ruling.

Temperatures continue to rise and this extreme heat and humidity is expected to stick around the tr?state for awhile.

But we could also be dealing with some showers later this week.

Good evenin?

Thanks so much for joining us tonight at 9.

I'm megan diventi.

Well if you stepped outside toda?it was no surpris?

The heat and humidity is making its way back across the tr?state.

But how long is it expected to last?

Meteorologis t anthony copeland is here with a first check of the forecast.

Hey anthon?

A gibson county man is behind bars after a ??1 call was made to report a battery incident.

The gibson county sheriff says a deputy arrived to a home in the five thousand block of west county road 6 hundred sout?

Thursday to investigate the call.

Authorities say 3?yea?

Old kieffer minnis of owensville was arrested on several charges including battery on a pregnant woma?

Battery in the presence of a chil?and criminal confinement.

Mininis is being held in the gibson county jail on a five thousand dollar bond.

Fire officials are investigating a garage fire late friday night.

Evansville fire officials say crews were called to a garage fire in the 16 hundred block of east indiana street.

Fire chief mike larson says the fire originated from mattresses behind the garage next to the alle?

And the garage was a total loss.

Officials say no one was hurt in that fir?and the exact cause is still under investigation.

An indiana national guard soldier is killed in a tactical vehicle accident in fort hood texas thursday night.

2?yea?old staff sergeant andrew michael st.

John of greenwood indiana served as an infantryman in the indiana army national guard.

He was on orders as an embedded observer controller with the national guard operations group.

The indiana national guard is not commenting further at this time and the cause of his death is under investigation.

It was a suicide.

The medical examiner's office in new york city confirms jeffrey epstein died by his own hand.

Bryan llenas reports.

Jeffrey epstein's death has been ruled a suicide by hanging.

That finding coming directly from the chief medical examiner's office, in new york city... seemingly putting to rest any theories the financier was murdered.

Skeptics had questioned the broken bones in his neck, comparing them to a strangulatio n.?based upon what we've read about the damage to the neck, the hyoid bone, it's all consistent with suicide.

It's less consistent with homicide?

The 6?yea?

Old was found unresponsive in his jail cell saturday morning, at the metropolitan correctional center... reportedly, he had tied a bedsheet around his neck and attached it to a bed bunk, cutting off his breathing.

Much of the focus has been on the two guards tasked with watching his unit.

They were supposed to be doing checks every thirty minutes... but they reportedly fell asleep, leaving epstein unattended for several hours.

The pair is also accused of falsifying log entries, to show they were conducting those hal?

Hour inspections.

Both have been placed on administrative leave... and could face federal charges, for altering the record books.

A former prison guard notes epstein still would have had plenty of time to kill himself, even if the guards had conducted those checks.

"suicides can happen in a matter of minutes// that's the assumption is, that he would still be alive, and i'm saying proper thirty minute checks could not have prevented that death."

That was bryan llenas reporting.

Jeffrey epstein's death is under investigation on multiple fronts?

Including one from the justice department?

Which has sent two officials to the prison to speak with the ??c staff.

Back here in the tr?stat?

The heat did not stop people from attending the first annual evansville barbecue festival.

All the action is across from the new ?u medical school?

Between walnut and locust street.

The festival was free for everyone toda?and included a car show plus more live music from tim wright of the wright brothers and the hootz.

But the big draw for this year's event is the barbecue?

And teams are competing to be the best.

"it's very hot, the heat index is something ridiculous today.

But you know i guess it's worth it if you really want some barbeque, but they got a lot of good food around a lot of people seem to enjoy it."

And although admission was fre?both aurora and tr?state food bank?

Were also collecting toiletries?


And canned food donations at every gate.

Superheroes and everything sc?fi are gathering in the river city.

The evansville museum is kicking off their third annual geek and comic con this weekend.

The event is a day devoted to celebrating the art?

Science and history of geek culture.

Organizers say the event is perfect for comic con enthusiast as well as first timers to the convention scene.

"people are finding their community, which i think is really awesome.

And knowing that people who are passionate about a sci fi show or a book, they're here too, and it's just a fun welcoming place to be geeky."

Todays event also had several guest speaker?

Artist?and vendors in attendance.

Organizers say they're already preparing for next year.

One tr?state school is kicking off the school yea?in a unique way.

The signature school hosted their annual international potluck dinner at the ?k newsome community center.

The event was an opportunity for new and returning families to meet and share a meal.

Each family that attended todays dinner was asked to bring a meal that represents their cultural heritage.

A man is shot?

But police aren't sure if he was the intended target.

We'll have that cold case stor?

Coming up.

And meteorologis t anthony copland is back next with a full look at the forecas?

Here on 44news at 9.

An innocent victim is shot dead while watching a home for a friend.

Kentucky state police say the young man was shot and killed in cold blood but they're not sure whether he was the intended target.

But now police are asking for your help to track down the shooter.

It's a story you'll only see here on 44news.

Lauren leslie reports.

January 2015 is when the crews' forever lost a piece of their puzzle here on earth.

The family's youngest child and only son?


Was found shot dead.

More than four years have passed and to this day no one has been held responsible for blake's death.


Donna crews says, "he was on his way back to kentucky wesleyan college and probably would have finished with a degree and got a job like everybody else, and started a family and had all the things that everybody dreams of except for somebody did the unthinkable."

You can't mistake blake crews.

The red headed 20 year old was full of life.

A musician?

Marching to the beat of his own drum.

Donna crews says, "he was setting up a business the day this happened.

He was going to teach drums and a fraternity brother was helping him with a studio we were printing business cards that day."

Blake was growing up.

Excited about life and his future but it would all be caught in a snare.

Greg crews says, "we're angry all the time every single day because the case hasn't been solved and no one has been punished for it so we're angry."

The past four and a half years have been a whirlwind of emotions.

Grief blake's family says doesn't go away.

Amanda miller says, "he was just the brother that i always wanted so just to lose him so tragically...."

January 2020 will mark five years since blake was found shot dead at a home on fairmount avenue in henderson.

Blake was house sitting.

Corey king says, "one of the plausible theories was he was not the intended person."

Kentucky state police say intended target or not?

Blake was murdered in cold blood and there are people who may not have been involved but can help solve the case.

Corey king says, "i can tell you there's probably multiple people who knows exactly who blake crews' killer is and they need to be the ones to step up and help us."

More than four years later whoever holds that crucial information has not come forward.

The unanswered questions bring an excruciating pain to blake's loved ones.

They tell me memories are what help to get them through.

Donna crews says, "we enjoy hearing people talk to us about blake because we know how special he was and we love hearing other people tell us what he meant to them and i'm proud of him but i think my time was cut short, his was too."

Ksp says there are persons of interest in the case but no suspects have ever been named.

Corey king says, "at this point even though we're still working on a few leads it's not where we need to be or want to be it's certainly not where we need to be for the family," donna and greg say everyday they think of their son.

Amanda named her firstborn after her late brother.

Her little one knows exactly where to find uncle blake.

Amanda miller says, " he knows as soon as we hit one of these lights down here he says, "we have to go we have to go look at blake's tree."

And he takes off."

Last year blake's fraternity brothers planted a remembrance tree along henderson's riverfront to honor his life.

Four blue ribbon's were placed on the tree?

One for every year blake's been gone.

The hope is one day the tree will be free of ribbons?

A sight that would mean justice for blake.

Conscience can weigh heavy and it can be convicting.

Donna crews says, "my life's work and calling has been to help other people in doing all kinds of different things and i just need somebody to help us.


Ksp hopes whoever is carrying that burden breaks down and does what is right.

Corey king says, "someone is privy to that information?

They're the ones bothered with it over time?

Even thought they were not the killer they were the holder of the delicate information that can forever change the family's lives."

If you are the person who holds the crucial information that could help solve who killed blake crews?

Police need your help.

There is a 1?

Thousand dollar reward for information that would lead to an arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for blake's murder.

If you have information call ksp post 16 you can also find the number to ksp's anonymous ti?line?

We've posted that to our website lauren leslie 44news.

Today the 11th straight weekend of protests began in hong kong?

As armed chinese forces move closer to the border.

The acting customs and border protection commissioner is touting president trump's latest immigration victory in the courts.

An appeals court rules that the president can bar migrants from seeking asylum at the border?

But there are restrictions.

Fox's gillian turner has the story.

A san francisco appeals court has, for now, sided with president trump... and will allow his new policy to go forward.

Its designed to limit asylum requests from immigrants in honduras, el salvador and mexico.

The san fran court yesterday afternoon blocked a nationwide injunction from a california judge that had stopped trump's team from implementing their policy.

That court order reads in part, quote: "the district court clearly erred by failing to consider whether nationwide relief is necessary to remedy plaintiffsalleged harms. based on the limited record before us, we do not believe a nationwide injunction is justified."

The acting customs and border chief says this order will pave the way for the fulfillment of a to?tier priority.

"in those states, texas and new mexico, where we can institute this now, this will be a game changer.

It will allow us to absolutely institute an initiative now that we truly believe will help stem the flow of illegal immigration."

For months the white house has been tussling with individual federal judges who've tried to fight the president's policies by imposing these nationwide injunctions.

But california officials say the reality, though is that the trump administratio n doesn't like foreigners or immigrants.

"this trump rule weaponizes nutrition, health care and housing.

It acts like a ticking time bomb."

"it's remarkable what this administratio n is up to; it's insidious beyond words and california will have none of it."

Next up on this case?

The 9th circuit will hear oral arguments october 1 on the merits of the lawsuit filed by immigrant rights groups opposing the asylum policies.

They plan to make the case that the trump rule will hurt children the most.

In washington gillian turner, fox news.

The 11th straight weekend of pr?

Democracy protests began in hong kong today (?17).

Thousands of school teachers joined the demonstratio ns?

Marching under rainfall and occasional thunderstor ms. they expressed their support to activists?

Many of whom are students.

"we still want to use our method which is peaceful, to tell the government that we want them to withdraw the bill, extradition bill" other protesters were shining laser pointers at riot police?

A move they adopted after authorities deemed the pointers to be weapons.

Chinese par?

Military forces are moving closer to hong kong carrying out "crowd control" exercises just across the border.

Their action are sparking fears of a violent crackdown by beijing?

Which is now referring to the protests as "terrorism."

Move over seinfeld?

A new comedian takes the top spot for highest earning comedian.

Katy perry is under fire again beshear: my granddad and great-granddad were baptist preachers from western kentucky.

Their faith guided them, just as it guides my work today , and the left behind, the victims of rape, human trafficking, and child abuse, and families worried about losing their healthcare.

As governor, i'll treat all kentucky families with dignity and respect.

Those are the values britainy and i teach to our kids, and those are the values i'll bring back to frankfort.

After a second person accuses her of alleged sexual misconduct.

A russian ?v presenter claiming the "american idol" judge approached her while intoxicated?

Adding perry attempted to kiss her without consent.

The alleged incident took place at a private party.

The accuser fought back?

Prompting perry to stop the harassment.

The latest accusation comes just days after the entertainer's c?star in her music video?

"teenage dream," accused perry of exposing his privates to others at a party.

Perry is not commenting on the reports.

Kevin hart takes the crown as forbe's highest paid stand up comedian?

Kicking to the side actor jerry seinfeld?

Who took the top spot in 2?18.

Hart earned 59 million dollars last year following a stadium tou?

Netflix special and sponsorships from brands like mountain dew.

This isn't a first for hart.

Hart d?

Throned seinfeld in 2?16?

Who at the time dominated forbe's list since 2006.


The ten highest earning comedians made altogether 272 million dollars down twenty million from the year before.


It's netflix's new competition show and it's being dubbed the american ninja warriors for cars.

28 elite street racers from around world compete against each other in this high speed show.

Fox's gary gastelu has more.

If fitness ninjas raced cars, they'd do it like this.

Hyperdrive is a new competition show from netflix that pits drivers against an obstacl?

Filled circuit that looks more like virtual reality than a reality show.

"this is like the super bowl of driving a drift car through a course that is something like you've never seen."

From drifting and spinning, to rallying and drag racing, the competitors come from a variety of backgrounds and around the world.

There's no prize money at stake.

Just bragging rights, but, that's good enough for them.

"you're a pizza delivery guy?"

"so, that's one of the jobs.

I've got four jobs, and just trying to make it all work.

You've got to do whatever it takes to pretty much get to the track and make that paycheck count."

The cars are just as different as the drivers.

From a toyota powered ??

W to a super powered mazda, and a street legal nissan that may seem like bringing a knife to a gunfight, but, sometimes a knife's exactly what you need.

"raw driving talent.

You don't need to have a crazy drift car.

You can kind of bring a stock car that has the basic ability from the manufacturer , and if you take your driving skill to the track with that car, you can succeed."

"in honestly any racing sport, reliability is always an advantage.

The more you can rely on your car to not brake on you, the better it always is."

Some of the heavily modified vehicles had trouble just making it through the water hazard, and required extensive and expensive repairs between runs that the racers had to pay for themselves.

But by design, no one escaped unscathed.

"there were a lot of new challenges that i'd never experienced ever in my drifting career.

In my racing career that hyperdrive threw at us.

I'd never done precision target practice with, before hyperdrive, so, that was definitely like 'oh crap!'

Like now, i've got to intentionally try to hit stuff and hit stuff perfectly."

"could you do this on a ful?

Time basis, or is it just too much?"

"i could hundred percent do this."

The full season of hyperdrive hits netflix august twent?first.

At raceway park in englishtown, new jersey, gary gastelu, fox news.

Kroger is introducing a new kind of egg that's vegan friendly for diet conscious shoppers.

And... a new study shows a surprising number of patients keep secrets from their doctors?

That could have negative health consequence s.

But first... meteorologis t anthony copeland will have another look at your forecast next on 44news at 9.


Starbucks says the fall has pumpkin spice gone too far?

Starbucks says the fall beverage will be available a week earlier than it was last year.

And now other retailers are trying to piggyback off the craze.

Fox's jennifer williams reports.

"i think the people who are the happiest about this are the virginia association of pumpkin growers.

That actually exists."

"there should be other gourds getting some love."

Apparently it's never too early for a taste of the fall.

On august 27th, starbucks is launching their iconic pumpkin spice latte... the earliest release date yet.

"it's way too early, it's gotta be at least 50 degrees out."

"i think other marketers saw what pumpkin spice did for starbucks.

They saw starbucks owning the fall, owning the halloween season and they wanted a piece of it."

According to marketing expert mark dimassimo... the coffee franchise figured out how to market an entire season?

Not just a holiday.

"everybody else who jumps on the bandwagon reminds people of starbucks.

So i think this is very good for starbucks' marketing and probably for starbucks' stock."

"it's fine and dandy, but i put it in sweet things.

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, that's probably it for me."

Hormel did an april fools' day promotion with pumpkin spice spam.

But this week it was announced the joke's on the consumer.

"i can't say for sure whether it's going to sell in big numbers or whether it's just a story that gets them mentioned, gets them shared on social media.

But it's the state of marketing today."

"when spam is flavored as pumpkin spice, it's gone too far."

That was jennifer williams reporting.

Limited edition pumpkin spice spam will be available on walmart dot com and spam's online store starting september 23rd.

Vegan eggs are coming to selected kroger stores.

The grocery chain already stocking "just egg."

It's a plant based egg made with mung beans.

Customers will find the cholesterol free liquid packaged in a twelve ounce bottle in the egg aisle.

The company says the product turns into a pale yellow scrambled egg when cooked in a skillet.

According to kroger?

Consumers buying this substitute are focusing on healthy diets in addition to reducing their impact on the planet.

"just egg" will be available in about two thousand kroger owned stores across the country.

A new study reveals the best ?s cities to buy a home for your growing family.

According to smart asset?

You should go west to settle down.

The company says nine cities in the region are good locations with fremont, california taking the top spot.

Fremont was followed by reno, nevada and chandler, arizona.

The company looked at 100 of the biggest cities and narrowed it down using a number of factors.

They include home value?

Ren?average property tax rat?percent of homes with at least two bedrooms, and housing costs.

Autism is a condition with no known cause or cure.

Desperation and social media have led hundreds to try what experts consider essentially a poison?

As a treatment.

Fox news's hillary vaughn shows us how two moms are trying to stop it.

A dangerous fake cure trending online called?bleachin??

Has parents force feeding their kids clorine dioxide?

To cure autism.

"some of these kids are being sent to school with their doses in their lunchbox."

Marketers use social media to pedal what they call?miracle mineral supplemen??

Or mmsãa seemingly harmless name?

But in reality it is dangerous fake science that preys on wel?meaning parents trying to help their kids?

To be tricked into hurting them.

"i did not have a lot of information to go on from the doctor.

Your son's autistic and that's it.

Umm... so i went online to find some information..."

Amanda siegler and melissa eaton are mothers of autistic children now going undercover to try and stop science deniers from advertising bleaching on facebook and youtube there is no known cure for autism?

But parents are being duped.

Their own parents are literally poisoning them" eaton and seigler are part of a global network of parents banding together to fight medical misinformatio n victimizing children the moms infiltrate private groups and report parents testing out these fake cures on their kids to child protective services.

But their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

"no one wants these children poisoned and we're just not being taken seriously."

Seigler and eaton say youtubeãand facebook aren't much more helpful.

"a lot of times i get the response.

This does not go against our community standards and really nothing is done about that."

Stopping medical misinformatio n is not a perfect science.

Youtube works with medical doctors to train their machine learning systems youtube officials tell fox they are taking a numbers of steps, and that while their systems are not perfect?

They've seen progress facebook tells fox that groups who provide instructions for using or making mms are in violation of facebook standards and would be removed.

"children are being harmed.

That's the that's the main issue at hand.

They're being harmed um basically by the spread of misinformatio n."

Eaton and seigler have reported over a hundred parents since they started the fda reiterated their warnings about these products this week saying taking these products is the same as making your kids drink bleach.

In washington ?c, hillary vaughn, fox news.

Too many people are keeping secrets from their doctors and it could have deadly consequence s.

A new study of more than 45 hundred people found that nearly half of patients in the ?s don't tell their physicians about life threatening risks?

Like depression and suicidal thought?

Domestic violenc?

And sexual assault.

A majority of those patients?

Over 70 percent?

Said they did so out of embarrassme nt or worry that their doctors would judge or lecture them.

Women and younger patients were more likely than others to withhold such information.

The study findings were released by the university of utah health.

Researchers found a way to decrease pain in pos?op surgical patients without sending them home with dozens of opioid pills.

Doctors from a michigan hospital examined nearly 12 thousand patients who underwent surgeries.

After a year?

More than 40 michigan hospitals managed to lower the number of prescribed opioids to patents who underwent nine common surgical procedures from an average of 26 to 18 pills.

The patients reportedly even taking only half the pills prescribed to them.

Researchers credit pr?

Surgical counseling about pain expectation and alternative pain control methods to the reduction in opioid use.

The otters look to get back on track in game two of their series with the grizzlies... while castle soccer opens its season against terre haute south vigo.... i'll have those highlights and more next in sports.

Kickoff coverage with bosse.

The bulldogs last sectional title came in 2010... and since then... bosse has had just one winning season... and that came in 2013 when the team posted a ?5 mark.

Last year... bosse had 3 games that were decided by one possession.

The bulldogs tell our very own joe downs they have learned from their mistakes... and are ready for their next steps.

The close games we lost.

The could've, should've, would'ves we had.

There were three or four we should have won, but we just got too far ahead of ourselves.

Bosse's ?

An?8, 2018 campaign was a letdown for a squad that was certainly more talented than their record indicated.

However, the regular season ended on a high note with a victory over arc?

Rival harrison, then a near upset of boonville in the sectionals.

And that's what head coach eric schnarr is building on.

We had some bumps in the road but ultimately, toward the end of the year, we really started to figure out kind of how to play together and how to get along.

Where we're at right now is just kind of an extension of that.

We've really come together as a group.

Emblematic of the bulldogs' late season push last year is shelden clay.

The al?city running back finished 2018 strong, racking up more than 760 yards and and six touchdowns in limited play.

And coach schnarr is banking on him to only get better behind a stout offensive line.

Late in the year, he really figured things out, with his running style and the way to be effective.

And, he was really good for us at the end of the year.

We're excited about his abilities coming back.

He's very dynamic.

He's fast.

He can catch the ball out of the backfield.

He's a high volume touch guy for us this year.

We've got a young quarterback.

The offensive line, we're working together.

We're getting there.

We're going to be a dynamic offense this year.

And they'll need to be because they also have a first year sophomore starting quarterback as well.

Brelin behme at quarterback is a sophomore, who's put in a ton of work and progressed as any football player in a years time i think i've ever been around.

We've got some pieces at receiver with quayshon harris and miles suggs and kewan hildreth.

Some guys that can run a little bit.

Tashmond sparks is another one.

However, it's going to take some time for that sophomore quarterback to get in tune with his talented receiving corps, which means bosse's "aggressive stack" defense will be called upon to shoulder the burden in the early part of the season.

We're going to play the best eleven guys that we can find to put on the field.

Guys that are physical.

They're athletic.

We're going to be a fast defense, an aggressive defense.

And we're looking for really big from those guys because we're going to have to start by getting stops.

The 2019 campaign opens up with a favorable schedule for the bosse bulldogs.

They're here at home to open the season friday august 23rd as they take on future siac playmate, vincennes lincoln.

Then they're back here the following week to take on washington.

For the 44 blitz previews, i'm joe downs.

Thanks joe..

Let's head over to the west side and reitz gym... the panthers are playing host to forest park in the season opener.

After dropping the first point of the match the rangers go on a tear ...kennedy sermersheim with the nifty cros?court shot getting past the reitz defenders.

Shortly after that.... kylie geisler proves to be good luck... with an assist from the net... and forest park is starting to run away with the opening set.

Faith zazzetti would cap a 1?0 run with the quick put away at the net.

But reitz rallies back... working the ball over to katie hunter ...and the junior delivers the ru?stopping kill.

Next point... some nice ball movement sets up sophomore kaliegh meritt for the cross court kill... and the panthers are crawling back into the match.

However... this one belongs to the rangers.

They take this one in 4 sets winning ?1.

On the pitch it's the season opener for castle as they battle terre haute south vigo.... early on the knights on the attack.... christian velazquez... receives a nice thru ball..

He cannot convert..

But right there for the put back is jacob moehlenkamp..


And the knights draw first blood.

With just over 24 minutes remaining in the first... the knights strike again..

Castle executing the thru ball to perfection once more... aidan enlow all alone with the keeper... and the sophomore uses the chip shot to find the back of the net... castle extends their lead to 2.

They weren't done there... minutes later... the knights have a pk opportunity... and sam mconnell drills the shot to add to the lead.

Castle goes on to win this one by a count of ?2.

On the frontier league diamonds the otters look to get back in the win column against the grizzlies.... we begin in the opening frame... the otters get things going on the basepaths and at the dish... ryan long dumps a hit into left... as david cronin is off and running with the pitch... the grizzlies outfielders take their sweet ole time getting the ball in and cronin pounces.... scoring just ahead of the tag.

A few batters later... taylor lane rips one to right center..

That scores long and the otters lead by a pair.

Evansville wasn't done there..

Down one in the bottom of the third the otters strike back.

It's long again as he sends one a long way to the wall in left center..

That brings home cronin and keith grieshaber putting the otters back in front.

Shortly after..

Elijah macnamee laces a hit into left.... long scores his second run of the contest.

The otters currently lead ?5 in the 8th.

And we end on the links at the bmw championship..


We begin with tiger woods... on 13... from the edge of the green... woods takes a long putt that just hangs left... however..

He does save for par on that hole and stays at 5 under.

On the very next hole..

Woods from the rough finds the green... he goes on to birdie that hole.

Two holes later on 16... woods putting uphill and he catches a break.... knocking it home for birdie..

Tiger has five birdies in this round as he enters sunday at 7 under.

Next up we have rickie fowler... on 5... from the fringe fowlers slow roller goes in for an eagle... he is at 11 under entering the final day.

Moving on to tony finau... who enters 1 shot back of the lead... on 4... his shot takes a very friendly roll and goes in for eagle at 121 yards out.

He enters the last day at 15 under.

And we end with justin thomas.

On 14 he's already at 17 under... from the fringe... he lifts the chip shot and dumps it in for birdie..

Thomas is now at 18 under.

Later on 16... thomas is 180 yards from the cup... but that is not a problem for him as he sends his approach shot flying in for eagle.

And finally on 18..

Thomas knocks down an easy putt for par.

He shoots a 61 setting a new course record.

Thomas is your leader heading into sunday at 21 under par.

There you go!

Otters doing well this season?

Coming u?

The french spider man is at it again?

This time trying to encourage peace in hong kong.

A man dubbed the?french spiderma?

Climbs to dangerous heights?

All with the mission of uniting a territory in political turmoil.

Alain robert caused quite the scene in hong kong friday (8/16).

The adventurer took a break from climbing an almost one thousand foot tall tower to hang a banner.

The sign is an effort to spread the message of peace.

Protests and riots continue to escalate in the chinese territory over an extradition bill critics fear will strip hong kong of certain freedoms. roberts attracted curious bystanders during his hour long ascent.

Law enforcement say roberts was arrested for his stunt shortly after.




Thanks for joining us tonight on 44news at nine.

Don't forget to follow 44 news on

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