U.S. tries to block 8,000-mileGoogle & Facebook sea-cable

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U.S. tries to block 8,000-mileGoogle & Facebook sea-cable

U.S. tries to block 8,000-mileGoogle & Facebook sea-cable

LOS ANGELES — Google and Facebook are building the fastest underwater data cable ever built, however, it's at risk of being abandoned on the grounds of national security.

Google's 8,000-mile subsea cable, known as the Pacific Light Cable Network, plans to provide ultra high capacity internet transmissions between LA and Hong Kong by using new fiber optics with a capacity of up to 120 terabytes of data per second.

Google details the cable as not only being able to bring faster internet speeds and heightened security but most impressively being able to support 80 million simultaneous HD video conference calls between Asia and North America.

However, The Wall Street Journal reports that a panel led by the Justice Department known as "Team Telecom" has signaled opposition over national security concerns with the cable's private Chinese backer, the telecommunications company, Dr. Peng.

Business Insider states that many Chinese companies maintain a close relationship with the Chinese government to ensure a "favorable business environment," thus making them susceptible to being utilized by the CCP.

If successful, the cable could grant U.S. companies greater access to other developing markets in Asia, such as the Philippines and Malaysia.

Regardless of the potential benefits, the cable's fate is uncertain with the tensions between the U.S. and China continuing to escalate.

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