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091119 6 pm

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091119 6 pm091119 6 pm

091119 6 pm

Now at 6... c1 3 now at 6... how a small state police unit is cracking down on sex crimes against children... and how they handle their heartbreaking cases.

L3: now at 6 white remembering september 11 attacks we'll take you to ceremonies remembering the 9-11 attacks... 18 years ago.

L3: now at 6 white yellow ribbon dogs alexus sot tease hello and welcome in... i'm tom kenny.

And i'm veronica jean seltzer.

Hardly a day goes by..

When we don't report on someone being arrested for child pornography.

And there's a reason for that...kentucky state police say it is seeing a rise in cases.

It's an investigative team of only eight that uses technology to find people sharing child porn.

Abc36's christy bollinger has tonight's top story at 6.

Typing a quick search of child pornography on our website... and you can see just how many arrests we report on across the state.

Anyone from convicted felons to school principals.

'this kind of evil knows no boundaries and it effects all walks of life all of those arrests...the kentucky state police electronic crime branch has had a major role in.

A member of the small team...detective zack morris says in a year alone... he personally works almost a hundred different cases.

'it seems like each year the number of child pornography complaints is going up."

His reason for that...the internet.

He says people aren't sharing these images from a particular's from all over...made easier online.

"we see the same ones circulated.

However, we do come across daily images, files whatever it may be of stuff we've never seen before."

He says most arrests are made when someone shares child porn.

It isn't all people in their you might think.

It's even illegal when a teen consensually sends a nude.

"with today's digital world all you have to do is click the send button and it's out there it's out there forever."

Morris says as part of his work he has to look at these images.

'to actually see children getting sexually abused and in the most horrific ways it is it's horrible."

"being a father myself and having young children it can definitely take a toll."

But, he says someone has to work to identify the kids in the try to get them out of a dangerous environment.

"i'm able to help these children.

Whose gonna do it ya know?"

Detective morris has found ways of coping, particularly through his faith.

"i pray daily and i ask him to remove those horrible images."

He takes comfort...knowing he has purpose in the pain.

"i like to think i've been put in this position to shine a little light where dark prevails."

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

Tonight in central kentucky... several ceremonies are happening... tonight in central kentucky... several ceremonies are happening... c1 3 remembering the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

This morning in lexington.... there was a wreath hanging ceremony to honor the nearly 3-thousand lives lost 18 years ago.

This was at phoenix park at the fallen police and fire memorials.

The ceremony was hosted by the lexington fraternal order of firefighters.

Honor guards for lexington police and fire departments... and the v-f-w... were also represented.

We spoke to lexington fire captain chris warren... who says this is not only a day to honor those lost.... but also serves as a reminder that we need to come together as country.

I think we're so divided right now as a country, we need that feeling back, that we're all in the together as one country.

As long as we keep that memory alive and keep celebrating that and coming to the memorials, the stair climbs, we try to bridge that gap today as the focus for the country.

L3: white wreath laying ceremony to honor 9/11 victims lexington adn tune back in tonight at 11 for coverage of 9-11 events happening this evening.

An anderson county teenager has died... days after a crash police say was caused by a drunk driver.

&amp;lt;none&amp;gt; &amp;lt;none&amp;gt; the anderson county news says jill hurst was leaving the high school's football game last friday... when the car she was in... was hit.

Hurst.... who was a recent graduate of anderson county high school... was one of three people in the car.

State police say the driver of the other car.... david henderson... was running from police when he slammed into that car... at an intersection on highway 62.

Henderson is charged with assault.... but police say that will likely be upgraded.

A georgetown city councilman is under fire today... for comments he made about former scott county deputy jaime morales.

L3: white councilman's comments on morales drawing attention georgetown morales was paralyzed after he was hit by friendly fire... while making an arrest at a rest stop on i-75.

It happened one year ago today.

Council member marvin thompson's comments were heard live on public access television during their council meeting monday.

Attorneys for morales filed a lawsuit friday... against the city and its police department... accusing them of not providing proper training to members of the special response team.

This is what thompson had to say.

L3: white marvin thompson council member " i mean we've already gave him a million dollars, a new home, a new car, and a lot."

L3: white councilman's comments on morales drawing attention georgetown thompson told the herald-leader he meant the community had done all of that.... not that the city had.

Morales' attorney elliott miller said quote "we were disturbed by the grossly inaccurate comments thompson made."

He also says morales only received money through donations made by the community... and nothing from the city.

Richmond police are asking for help tracking down a man they say is a suspect in a death investigation.

They say they are looking for this man... 45-year-old ronald doug crawley.

Crawley is a suspect in the death of april arnett... whose body was found on the side of the road in madison county last month.

Police say crawley... who is from lexington... is considered armed and dangerous.

Solid blue fans knew they had a big play guy in lynn bowden junior...but another cat has emerged and is leaving opponents in a puff of smoke.

Kavosiey smoke has two touchdowns this season as a cat.

The first was a 40 yard touchdown run against toledo.

Last saturday, he had a 32 yard run he took the house against eastern michigan.

Mark stoops says it's a mix of several skills smoke is showing off.

A staggering record was set at the keeneland september sale c1 3 today.

We break it down coming up later in sports.

Tom and v-j back to you.

Dogs may be man's best friend....but sometimes they may have issues that we can't a physical or emotional problem...including aggression.

Abc 36's alexus larson shows us how a yellow ribbon is being used to warn people that they need to ask before they pet.

"we see people walking their dogs in neighborhoods and in parks and many of us including myself want to go up and pet the dog but if you see a yellow ribbon on their leash... that's a sign that you should give the dog some space."

"good boy frankie."

Frankie is 14 months old - and his owner says he is quite lovable.... but if he doesn't know who you are... he can get scared and skittish.

"give him some space, give him some time, let him smell you, let him lick you and he'll be fine."

When frankie goes for his walk... he has this yellow ribbon on his leash - and it's all part of a global initiative.

Sitter critters in lexington brought the yellow dog project here at the beginning of september and the goal is to educate people that dogs need their space too.

"every dog reacts differently with strangers and not neccesarily reacting the same way in every situation."

Emily lunsford with sitter critters says there's a number of reasons why dogs have a yellow ribbon.

A dog could have health issues, be in training, or could be scared.

In frankie's case... he has it so he can warm up to people on his own time.

"i think this is good for him to have that yellow ribbon on him."

Lunsford also uses a yellow ribbon for her own dog.

She says tallulah is getting old and is losing her eyesight.

She says tallulah will get spooked if people suddenly show up.

"walk up slowly, announce yourself, let her sniff you before you try and pet her."

Next time you see a dog out and about... look at the leash... and if you see a yellow ribbon... remember that dog, just like frankie, might need a minute before he starts giving you some love.

Reporting in lexington, alexus larson, abc36 news.

Coming up later... increasing calls for more regulations around vaping.

L3: coming up white more calls for vaping regulation we'll tell you what health officials are investigating... in more than 450 separate cases.

Weather reopen c1 3 ... meteorologist george zabrecky i the weather so the room is is noted today's low setting a record are yesterday tying it t baby will george by temperature wise it was cooler today than yesterday for felt more comfortable.

It certainly did s you is that yucky stop the you can become a slicer with a butter knife out there and it's just going to get worse before it gets better.

I think tomorro will be back up to a record high yesterday 1000 in the century were just to shatter the record today well.

The only tied the record 95 so 30 95 so 36 years ago but it was so uncomfortable out there and i think will be bright back the same ballpark for your thursday but there is some relief on the way know if i was you this morning you're right 70 or degrees this morning if it nine.

Unfortunately, we won't see those numbers for while we could use a little bit away in the grass start looking around you walk on a little crunchy and you know what i'm talking about well with you in today's to clear but down for the month on right now it's still a we cool off 10 right 940 out there still a bit uncomfortable, twin west attend miles per hour's been going back and forth almost call this a i portray skyview new camera out of the kentucky horse park.

This is the jumping we were seeing their the beautiful shot skies right now we saw a few cumulus clouds out there but the most part they will be leaving us as soon as the sun sets just have to read before 8 o'clock doozy temperatures job, a little bit cooler down to our south easter counties is because you did have a little mother nature's air- conditioning a form of just a few showers is to do point out there guys take it's oppressive is going to stay that way for lisa know reported our so plan on it just kind of dial it back a little bit of urine exercise enthusiasts is take it easy cool weather is just right around th corner the official the following all these away úwe off a little bit we live hd little ground clutter out there just a few light showers still doubtin our skies nothing to really worry about at this hour you can see them there are few clouds was a zoo well they were not alone in this everyone here in the midwest is extremely hot temperatures well into the 90s know future test those showers will dissipate for us tonight morning.

You will need your sunglasses out there tomorrow know day to get a couple more showers will be got in our skie, so most of us will not the cool off with those tomorrow night will dissipate once again notice here on friday the well we have what was coming up your this is a conference go swing on throug that should give us a good chance of some showers come saturday morning you will be pushed off toward the southeast can be a great day for you and look at the rains can be well off to our youth.

This is a o'clock kickoff 7 o'clock i think were in good shape so you one for tonight and and for tomorrow back into the middle 90s, so take it easy cushion isolated shower and of course your seven day shows that littl cool weather we talked about it the wealth of the ladies other for setting me back into the 90 guy so just a small reprieve no a lot but a great day fertility on saturday can't waitturning ta head coach dan mullen will remember new u-k starter sawyer smith... who had an offer from mississippi state while mullen was head coach there.

After the break... you'll hear from mullen himself on the match-up... and how he expects smith to perform.

While the football cats have lost terry wilson for the entire season, both culver's chicken sandwiches are proof that raised right tastes right.

I really care about the food we eat and that all starts here.

The chicken that we serve to our kids and that all starts here.

Is grown right here on our farm.

What does it mean to raise chickens the right way?

It's just a combination of things.

What does it mean to raise chickens the right way?

Just a low stress environment that they're in.

The highest quality feed makes a tender and tastier chicken.

This is chicken raised right.

Our grilled chicken, our crispy chicken and our spicy crispy chicken.

Our crispy chicken they are amazing.

Welcome to delicious!

(laughs) c1 3 mark stoops and eddie gran have said their offense will not change going forward.

With sawyer smith now leading the offense, they expect him to pick up right where wilson left off.

They obviously have different skill sets, but nothing will change, which also means another thing..florida knows what's coming.

The gators go into saturday's game 2 and oh.

They defeated miami c1 3 24 to 20 in that week 0 game before pretty much anyone was playing ball.

Last weekend they took down u-t martin 45 to nothing.

Head coach dan mullen knows things get much more difficult as they travel to kroger field to kick off s-e-c play.

If you know anything about the horse business, you know a lot of money is thrown around at the c1 3 keeneland september sale, but on wednesday...that was taken to another level.

A filly by triple crown winner 'american pharoah' becoems the highest priced filly ever sold at this auction the filly went for 8-point-2 million dollars wednesday afternoon to mandy pope's whisper hill farm.

Clarkland farm consigned her.

Thanks to t-v-g and keeneland, here is one of the owners of clarkland farms, fred mitchell, trying to put into words what this sale means.

Sports banter, toss to break break 3 i can't believe i missed that throw in the 3rd.

Don't worry.

I used to miss entire nfl games.

I felt really bad about it, too.

But then i got directv's nfl sunday ticket.

Now i get every live game, every sunday.

Woah, back to work.

Get nfl sunday ticket at no extra charge when you switch to directv.

Directv call 1.800.directv c1 3 regulations on vaping... and for them to be implemented as soon as possible.

That's as we're hearing more horror stories from teenagers... who say vaping is now something they survived.

Maggie rulli reports in your health.

L3: your health white more calls for vaping regulation l3: your health white sen.

Dick durbin (d) illinois l3: your health white more calls for vaping regulation l3: your health white alex azar hhs secretary l3: your health white more calls for vaping regulation l3: your health white hunter sims hospitalized after vaping l3: your health white more calls for vaping regulation l3: your health white sheriff david beth kenosha county l3: your health white more calls for vaping regulation l3: your health white maggie rulli abc news as the number of deaths and illnesses related to vaping continues to rise - growing calls for the fda to take action durbin: we urge the us food and drug administration to speed up the regulation of e- cigarettes and remove all unregulated products from the market.

President trump says he is considering a ban on flavored e- cigaretes potus: vaping has become very big business people to get sick and we can't have our youth so affected.

The president meeting with health and human services secretary alex azar and fda administrator dr. sharpless hhs secy alex azar: the data just shows the kids are getting access to these products in spite of our best efforts remove these attractive flavor products from the marketplace.

On tuesday the american lung association issuing this warning: "e cigarettes are not safe and can cause irreversible lung damage and lung disease" teens and young adults and particularly at risk texas a&amp;m student hunter sims says the new flavors kept tempting him to vape more - before he ended up the icu hunter sims vaping "don't do it right now.

Not at all.

It's horrible for you, and i came very close to death, and i'm lucky."

18 year old simah herman ending up on a ventilataor - when she woke up, asking to writing this message on instagram.

Simah herman: i'm just trying to share my story and save people's lives.

Local authorities are now doing their part to prevent dangerous products from circulating- a joint operation in kenosha county wisconsin announcing arrests related to an illegal t-h-c vaping catridge manufacturing ring' maggie rulli tag authorities say they still havent found a particular device or product that is the source of these illnesses.

The cdc is investigating more than 450 cases they believe are linked to ecigarettes or vaping.

Maggie rulli abc news new york a last check of your a last check of your believe are linked to ecigarettes or vaping.

Maggie rulli abc news new york a last check of your forecast... next.

Break 4 no eating panera for dinner just got even more dinner-y.

Because we've just made an all new menu specifically for -you guessed it- dinner.

With new dinner bowls.... new dinner flatbreads and even new dinner sides for dinner that's crafted and 100% clean.

So tonight, why not ha?


Food as it should be.

Ce y and the lights are turned off... ce y forever.

That could happen with .


Andy and i went to kentucky pub.

I went right here.

Andy and i went to kentucky pub.

Thanks for having us.

We're here to listen.

Thanks for having us.

School funding isn't a buzzword.

It affects books and sports.

School funding isn't a buzzword.

Youn .

S .

Our schools are our future.

Beshear: we'll put our people first.

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