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Friday, February 26, 2021

091119 5 pm

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091119 5 pm
091119 5 pm
091119 5 pm

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Visit c1 3 after second round vj: from new york to lexington...rememb ering the day 18 years ago that changed this country forever.

Tom: we'll tell you what the president said today to the families of those killed in 2001.

Vj: and we'll show you how you can climb stairs tonight in lexington to honor the firefighters who died...trying to save others.

Good afternoon, i'm tom kenny... and i'm veronica jean seltzer..

The nation today remembering the lives lost in the september 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The president and the first lady spending the 18th anniversary with victims and families of those killed.

Meanwhile, a number of other memorials also taking place around the country.

Camila bernal has the details in our top story at five.

In the nation's capital, september 11 ceremonies beginning with a moment of silence.

President donald trump then heading to the pentagon.

Speaking to survivors and the families of those who were killed there in 2001 president donald trump: this is your anniversary of personal and permanent loss.

It's the day that has replayed in your memory a thousand times over.

The president also thanking first responders and those who risk their lives for our country.

President donald trump: we saw american perseverance in the valiant new york firefighters, police officers, first responders, military, and everyday citizens.

Meanwhile the vice president in pennsylvania, honoring those who died on flight 93.

Vice president mike pence: in their final moments, the men and women of flight 93 worked together to defend freedom.

And in new york where the attacks first happened, thousands of names read out loud.

Mos: eugene clark, and my uncle, john patrick hart.

Names that will always be honored and remembered by family, loved ones and the nation.

I'm camila bernal reporting.

Here in central kentucky... ceremonies are also taking place in remembrance of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

This morning in lexington.... there was a wreath hanging ceremony to honor the lives lost 18 years ago, today.

This was at phoenix park at the fallen police and fire memorials.

The ceremony was hosted by the lexington fraternal order of firefighters.

The honor guards for the lexington police and fire departments, as well as the veterans of foreign wars also took part.

We spoke to lexington fire captain chris warren.

He feels this is not only a day to honor those lost.... but also serves as a reminder that we need to come together as a country.

I think we're so divided right now as a country, we need that feeling back, that we're all in the together as one country.

As long as we keep that memory alive and keep celebrating that and coming to the memorials, the stair climbs, we try to bridge that gap today as the focus for the country.

L3: top story white stair climb to honor those killed in 9/11 lexington the stair climb captain warren mentioned takes place this evening.

This is video from last year.

Members of the lexington fire and police departments... along with other regional firefighters and police officers... will climb stairs to honor and remember the 403 first responders who lost their lives 'saving' people from the world trade center.

Fs img txt bullets:no stair climb to honor those killed in 9/11 lexington 911 remember 2.jpg -to honor ... this year's climb will take place at kroger field --where the public is welcome to join...climbing the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs.

It begins at seven.

A young anderson county woman has died... days after a crash police say a young anderson county woman has died... days after a crash police say c1 3 was caused by a drunk driver.

Anderson county news says jill hurst was leaving a high school football game last friday... when the car she was in was struck.

Hurst.... who was a recent graduate of anderson county high school... was one of three people in the car.

State police say the driver of the other car.... david henderson... was fleeing from police when he slammed into the car hurst was in at an intersection on u.s. highway 62.

Henderson is charged with assault.... but police say that will likely be upgraded.

Funeral services today for two sisters killed in another accident police say was caused by a drunk driver running from police.

26-year-old taylor blevins, and 20- year-old caitlyn bailey were killed.... when police say their car was hit by tammy rodriguez.

This happened a week ago at the i-64 i-75 split in lexington.

Investigators say rodriguez was running from winchester police when she made an abrupt u-turn and began driving the wrong way on i-75 north.

Her truck hit head-on with the car blevins and bailey were in.

Rodriguez then struck a jeep, causing it to rollover.

Rodriguez remains in the hospital.

A somerset man is facing several charges for a hit and run accident monday.

The pulaski county sheriff's office says 35-year-old marlon jones was arrested after they responded to a report of an overturned monday on east frog hollow road.

Deputies say jones smelled of alcohol... and... when they ran a check on him... discovered he was involved in a hit and run earlier.

Police say... in that case... jones rammed the back of a car repeatedly... running the driver off the road.

A man is arrested in laurel county.... accused of calling police about an armed robbery and kidnapping that never happened.

The laurel county sheriff's office says they got a call tuesday morning from a man who claimed he was at a gas station off west cumberland gap road when he was robbed a gunpoint... tied up... and brought to another location.... where his truck was then stolen.

Deputies spotted the truck.... and pulled the driver over off american greeeting card road.

They say a passenger in the truck... 39-year-old jerry lee smith... was the one who called police.

They determined his truck was not stolen.... and he had not been robbed and kidnapped.

He was arrested.... along with two other people in the truck.

Dogs may be a man's best friend....but sometimes they may have issues that we can't a physical or emotional problem...including aggression.

Abc 36's alexus larson shows us how a yellow ribbon is being used to warn people that they need to ask before they pet.

"we see people walking their dogs in neighborhoods and in parks and many of us including myself want to go up and pet the dog but if you see a yellow ribbon on their leash... that's a sign that you should give the dog some space."

"good boy frankie."

Frankie is 14 months old - and his owner says he is quite lovable.... but if he doesn't know who you are... he can get scared and skittish.

"give him some space, give him some time, let him smell you, let him lick you and he'll be fine."

When frankie goes for his walk... he has this yellow ribbon on his leash - and it's all part of a global initiative.

Sitter critters in lexington brought the yellow dog project here at the beginning of september and the goal is to educate people that dogs need their space too.

"every dog reacts differently with strangers and not neccesarily reacting the same way in every situation."

Emily lunsford with sitter critters says there's a number of reasons why dogs have a yellow ribbon.

A dog could have health issues, be in training, or could be scared.

In frankie's case... he has it so he can warm up to people on his own time.

"i think this is good for him to have that yellow ribbon on him."

Lunsford also uses a yellow ribbon for her own dog.

She says tallulah is getting old and is losing her eyesight.

She says tallulah will get spooked if people suddenly show up.

"walk up slowly, announce yourself, let her sniff you before you try and pet her."

Next time you see a dog out and about... look at the leash... and if you see a yellow ribbon... remember that dog, just like frankie, might need a minute before he starts giving you some love.

Reporting in lexington, alexus larson, abc36 news.

Records continue to fall at keeneland's prestigious september yearling sale...listen to this...a filly by triple crown winner 'american pharoah' became the highest priced filly ever sold at this auction.

The filly went for 8-point-2 million dollars this afternoon to many pope's whisper hill farm.

Clarkland farm consigned her.

This is the most paid for a yearling at this sale since 2006 when a kingmambo colt 'meydan city' went for 11-point-7 million.

Solid blue fans knew they had a big play guy in lynn bowden junior...but another cat has emerged and is leaving opponents in a puff of smoke.

Kavosiey smoke has two touchdowns this season as a cat.

The first was a 40 yard touchdown run against toledo.

Last saturday, he had a 32 yard run he took the house against eastern michigan.

Mark stoops says it's a mix of several skills smoke is showing off.

Get to know the last basketball cat.

Walk-on riley welch later c1 3 in sports.

Tom and v-j back to you.

We are continuing to feel the heat.

We all know the benefits of stretching... increased balance... eating panera for dinner just got even more dinner-y.

Because we've just made an all new menu specifically for -you guessed it- dinner.

With new dinner bowls.... new dinner flatbreads and even new dinner sides for dinner that's crafted and 100% clean.

So tonight, why not ha?


Food as it should be.

C1 3 so talking about yesterday you were watching the news so honored that you will is.

We were talking yesterday about ho one to a different tory little bit more moisture in the spear mixing fuel will stick your guessers, drive you, can of and he does.

Tom was talking about earlier today but game look at this 95 we tied the record officially goes down is the hottest day here in and in lexington 95 will is morning next 70 for muggy degrees, 8159 once again record 9542 not even close to do with the 420 no rain in the old gray bucket.

Unfortunately because if you get a shower is comical you off little bit.

Unfortunately there is one out there but i just about it.

This is a 950 currently were still at the records, feels like 97, so be careful out there if you're heading out to make sure you drink a lot of water and unfortunately there's even know when to keep cool you off a little bit so just to take it easy.

It will get better.

This is our live for thing skyview of the kentucky horse park to jumping really in the background.

Thanks jerry and da for but particularly he to put out there is are life joppa notice.

We do a you cumulus clouds out there at the moment your weather headlines another record but it got worse today because of the increase in humidity probably no record for tomorrow sortable the trifecta.

But there are some really for the weekend and of course the beginning which is 7 pm on saturday plan on the tailgating think you can be in pretty good shape.

The temperatures are out there because you very warm ver hot notice local off the southeast that just because you cup showers will sure euros and little bit but oppressive heat with the dew points that high that will stick around for the next couple days so certainly plan on that as well live hd show some of ground clutter around because the humidity out there is been a bit 12 showers out the robbery of their moving towards east will be gone as soon as the sun sets.

There's also a picture again you see to have your showers down to the southeastern counties as we expand our little bit just one word comes into play is just hot out there now for were going to be for the next couple of days cash shows all showers will be gone by in our so will be in good shape tomorrow once again one or two spotted showers across our skies.

So, plan on that and then clear again tomorrow night and as we had) a friday knows what happened.

He also from come in and i will come in i think friday night to gossip showers on saturday most of the moves all the way will you be in good shape for your tailgating for the big game of course and i just muggy out there 71 tomorrow back into the middle 90s under most the cardio money mostly sunny skies rather with an isolated shower and in your 70 shows that he to confir our request a little bit if you want to go 86 on saturday coyness off of the be debut bac into the 90s again for the next week it will be right back c1 3 there are ways to prevent that from happening.

Serena marshall tells us how in today's your health.

Many people are aware of the benefits of staying active and getting exercise.

But not many people know that they should also be working on their flexibility.

For a long time, people always thought that stretching was just for athletes who were training to compete.

But, in fact, it can actually help improve balance, reduce pain, and even prevent life- changing falls for older people.

A panel of experts along with the american college of sports medicine examined multiple different studies to help answer three questions about these activities.

So, what kind of stretching actually counts?

There are many types of flexibility exercises that people can do that works for all their major muscles and tendons.

Some of these include stretching by just holding certain positions, practicing yoga, or even tai chi.

How often should you stretch?

Healthy adults should do some form of activity that improves flexibility at least two to three times a week.

And how long should you hold a stretch?

For best results, work on each pose for at least 60 seconds altogether.

It is okay to break it up into shorter 15 or 20 second segments as well.

So make sure you get limber--so that you can stay healthier.

With this medical minute, i'm serena marshal now's time to check out our frankfort toyota live traffic report.

Sarah pannell: today i'm on mom to mom, we are at hourglass lash and skin bar to talk about their fall open house.

Sarah pannell: hey, moms. we are z3z3fhfh zrz z1616fz y3y3ryfhry y y1616fyfy c1 3 we are at hourglass lash and skin bar to talk about their fall open house.

Sarah pannell: hey, moms. we are back at hourglass lash and skin bar.

Oh my gosh, beth, two years.

Beth: it's been two years.

Sarah pannell: i remember standing here when you guys first opened.

Beth: no, i know.

Sarah pannell: it's been two years.

Beth: it has.

Sarah pannell: it flies when you're having fun.

Beth: it does fly.


Sarah pannell: we're here today to talk about your all's amazing fall open house that's coming up next week.

Beth: it is, yes.

Sarah pannell: give us the scoop.

Lots of good things.

Beth: all right, well it's going to be on september 17th from 4:00 to 8:00 pm.

We'll have all of our sales reps here.

All of our experts will be here to talk about skin care and injectables.

We'll be talking glo minerals makeup, and prp, and vampire treatments, and eyelash extensions, and you know it.

Sarah pannell: all the great things that you all do here.

Beth: yes.

Sarah pannell: you also have some really good specials going on.

Practically everything's at a discount.

Beth: absolutely.

Sarah pannell: correct?

Beth: yes.

Everything is going to be discounted.

This is our big event of the year where everything is deep discounts and it won't happen again, so come on in.

Sarah pannell: yes.

Beth: one syringe, so if you're going to do your lips, let's say, will be 499.

You can pick up any of the product lines that we choose, you can do buy one, get one half price on any syringes, any of our skincare is buy one get one half price, and all of our peels for buy one, get one half price.

Dysport is $3 a unit.

Sarah pannell: wow.

Beth: botox is $9 a unit.

Sarah pannell: wow.

Beth: like hold the train.

Sarah pannell: yeah.


Beth: that's limited supply.

You can't come in and buy botox for the year.

Sarah pannell: got you.

Beth: it's going to be a limited supply per person.

Sarah pannell: got you.

Another thing that we need to mention is you don't have to come here.

You can actually shop all day and order over the phone, correct?

Beth: correct.

The party is from 4:00 to 8:00.

Sarah pannell: right.

Beth: it's going to be a party.

But if you can't make the party, you can always call us in, call in to the spa, and we can presale over the phone anytime that day.

Sarah pannell: love it.

You're making it too easy.

Beth: i know.

Sarah pannell: all right, for those moms out there that want to find out more info or give you guys a call, where should they go?

Beth: they should go to www.hourglasslex.

Com or they can call the spa at 903-skin or 904-lash.

Sarah pannell: all right.

Well, happy two-year anniversary.

Beth: thank you.

Sarah pannell: almost.

Beth: almost.

Sarah pannell: all right, moms, i'll see you all next week on mom to mom.

It was a heart- warming greeting one little boy received when he e y and the lights are turned off... e y forever.

That could happen with .


Andy and i went to kentucky pub.

I went right here.

Andy and i went to kentucky pub.

Thanks for having us.

We're here to listen.

Thanks for having us.

School funding isn't a buzzword.

It affects books and sports.

School funding isn't a buzzword.

Youn .

S .

Our schools are our future.

Beshear: we'll put our people first.

C1 3 one little boy received when he went back to school after being stuck in the bahamas when hurricane dorian.

Three-year-old makai simmons got big hugs from his friends... who clearly missed him while he was gone.

The little boy and his mom were visiting family in the bahamas when the storm hit.

They rode it out at her grandparents' house.

Then on friday-- after waiting 13 hours in line-- the two were able to get on a cruise ship back to the u-s.

Quite the journey home-- and quite the welcome home-- from these preschoolers.

Jason thank you.

And... thank you for watching abc 36 at five.

C1 3 l3: now at 5:30 white catching predators now at 5:30..

A look inside the kentucky state police unit...

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