Continental highlights the value of premium tyres

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Continental highlights the value of premium tyres

Continental highlights the value of premium tyres

Continental has once again teamed up with TV presenter and motoring expert Jonny Smith.

The latest video in Continental’s advice series demonstrates why drivers should invest in premium tyre technology.

Taking to the track at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, Smith tested two identical high-performance Mercedes-Benz AMG C63s, one fitted with Continental’s premium tyres, one a set of budgets.

The ultra-high performance (UHP) SportContactTM6 and budget tyres were then put through a series of challenges.

The results highlighted the dramatic differences in how the tyres coped.

The film replicates real-life scenarios faced by many drivers each day, while emphasising the importance of fitting premium tyres on a high-performance vehicle.

Using the controlled track environment of Mercedes-Benz World, Jonny first showed the handling difference at 24mph on a wet low-friction surface, followed by a test of control by driving between discs at a higher speed.

In the final challenge, Jonny proved the stark differences between a premium and budget tyre by demonstrating braking on a wet surface from 40-0mph.


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