Couple, 4 kids hurt when RV goes down embankment in Bethel

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Couple, 4 kids hurt when RV goes down embankment in Bethel

Couple, 4 kids hurt when RV goes down embankment in Bethel

Six members of a family, including four children, were injured when their motor home crashed in Berks County late Sunday night.


6 members of a family including 4 children are recovering tonight after their motor home crashed through a guardrail and plunged 100 feet down an embankment into the woods.

But even once again, i'm rob vaughn.

>>i'm wendy davis.

The crash happened late last night in bethel township, the family was come home from doing ministry work in ohio family members of those involved are calling it a miracle that no one was seriously hurt.

>>wfmz is jim vassell was live in bethel township with our top story at 5.30 jen.

>>rob wendy one look at this rv the remains of it and you know why some people are considering this to be a miracle take a live look here.

This family, i'm told lived in this rv full time for a couple years now they travel all over to churches to spread a message of faith.

Well today, the family is spreading a message ofratitude.

>>but david lap is counting his blessings says he looks at the wreckage of his brothers rv.

>>the absolutely america.

>>his brother sister-in-law and 4 of their children are lucky to be alive after their rv when a 100 feet into the woods after driving down a steep part of route 6 45 in bethel township i headed for medical center around midnight.

>>a little before midnight i got to before the helicopter game and fire officials say laps brother steve was driving the rv when the brakes went out.

>>david lab said his brother was in and out of consciousness during rescue efforts.

Everyone is expected to make a full recovery lapses the family who lives in wlex to county was on their way home from doing ministry work there were actually on the way home from a higher they were doing a revival meetings at a church definitely is not what i have planned for the day but there sure.

>>the stars of the crash remained at the end of the fast hill 56 new grade the and there's no stop signs neighbors say a tractor trailer had a similar crash.

A few weeks ago the guardrail still shiny like new on the other side of that guard rail or just looking to see what we can find family friends of the labs have volunteered to return to the scene to retrieve any valuables we found a pair car keys and a swiss army knife in things like that those friends say a higher power was in play.

It's a miracle that that came out alive.

Now there were 4 children total in the rv at the time of the crash.

But i'm told this family.

>>rob and wendy have a total of 12 children so this family has plenty to be grateful for tonight live tonight in bethel township jim vassell 69 >>thank you jim, and

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