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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Saudi Oil Attack Affects Gas Prices

Credit: WKTV
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Saudi Oil Attack Affects Gas Prices
Saudi Oil Attack Affects Gas Prices
After an attack on a Saudi oil facility, U.S. gas prices have already gone up.

Asking that you extra care ithose work zones throuhout the day.

E u.s. government has released new satellite imageso show the damage after an attack on a saudi oil facility over the weekend.

And overnight -- some gas prices here in our area havfctuated..u.s. official clear that iran is responsie for the attack and that there's no ince that the attack came from houthi rebels in yemen.

The iran-backed houthi who are fighting theyemenese go claimed responsibility for the attack.

So how is is affecting r gas prices?

We checked in with trip-a.

On average -- prices in the utica-me areaor a regur gallon gas are around $2.72.

That is still centscheaper tha.

Local triple-a offilas say prices could go as much as 5-to-25 s higher in the near future.

Some in our viewing area are saying that gas prices have gone up 20 plus cents within just


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