15 Vaping Illness Reports In Alabama

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15 Vaping Illness Reports In Alabama

15 Vaping Illness Reports In Alabama

With the criminal investigation on vaping, Shosh Bedrosian spoke with a local vape shop owner about how this could impact their business.

This one as well!"

Brand new details tonight on the growing number of vaping illnesses.

The food and drug administration confirms it has now launched a criminal investigation focusing on the supply chain.

In the last couple of hours - an 8th death has been confirmed in missouri.

The latest numbers say at least 530-people have become sickened by a mysterious lung illness.

Here in alabama ... state health officials are looking into 15 reports.

Waay 31's shosh bedrosian spoke with one local vape shop owner about how this news could impact their business.

John hurd, owner of mystic vape "we have seen a lot of concern.

John hurd is the owner of mystic vape in hartselle and tells me he has a lot of worried customers due to the health cases being investigated for lung related illnesses linked to vaping.

The alabama department of public health has identified approximately 15 people in the state of alabama who are under investigation for lung related illness from using e cigarettes.

Karen landers, assistant state health officer for the alabama department of public health "we're looking not only at purchased stores but also any potential purchases off the black market...we do advice people that purchasing off the street is not a good idea either" the centers of disease control is currently investigating 535 cases, all of them involving vaping or e-cigarettes.

Officials say some of these cases involve e-cigarette use that contains nicotine and thc, and illegal products found on the black market.

Karen butler, works at mystic vape "it's the black market thc cartridges that's being cut with vitamin e oil...and none of our juices here carry anything like that" hurd tells me vaping has helped several of his customers quit smoking tobacco products.

John hurd, owner of mystic vape "we have people that range from 20-70 years old that's been successfully gotten off cigarettes because of vaping.

We just want to make sure that their choice is still available to them" hurd tells me the ingredients in his products are approved by the food and drug administration and he gets his products from national distributors.

The alabama department of public health is urging anyone who vapes and has symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing or fatigue... to contact their doctors.

Reporting in madison county--sb waay 31 news.

The alabama department of public health says they will be updating their report numbers every wednesday.

Waay 31 will continue to keep you updated with the latest on the mysterious illness both on air and online at waay tv

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