Vaping Illnesses Spark Concern From Doctors

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Vaping Illnesses Spark Concern From Doctors
Vaping Illnesses Spark Concern From Doctors

Stop selling ?cigarettes across the united states.

Walmart says there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the vaping industry?

So the company plans to stop selling ?

Cigarettes when they run out.


People across the tr?state are reacting to this news.

Noah alatza is digging deeper into this story?

And joins us live in the studio with more.



Federal regulators are just steps away from banning flavored ?


While some places have outlawed the products entirely.


Doctors here in the tristate are warning people about the lon?

Lasting dangers.

"part of the problem with ?cigarettes is there is a big unknown with that."

The federal government says ?

Cigarettes pose a dangerous risk?

With more reported illnesses and deaths announced every day.

Right now?

The ??c confirms 530 confirmed or probable cases of lung problems related to vaping in 38 states.

Vape shop owners?

Like josh mccullough?

Say they're feeling the impacts.

"since these stories have started running about these tragic lung illnesses and deaths, the whole industry has seen a drop in sales, and it comes from the costumer confusion that its our product that is hurting people."

Mccullough says his business?

Like others?

Are held to a certain standard.

"all of our products are registered with the fda, they haven't been approved yet, but were registered with the fda, we are registered with the state of indiana, we are held to some level of accountabilit y."

Doctors say the most concerning part of vaping?

Investigators haven't been able to link these ingredients to any single product "this up tick recently is something new, we just had a girl in the hospital with what looked like this sort of illness people are talking about."


Lawmakers are*also reacting to the news.

"at a wider level, i just got off the phone with our congressman larry bucshon, who's been in touch with the fda and surgeon general, and they are working on ininitiatives to get rid of this flavoring that is enticing the kids, and may have something to do with this reaction that is killing people lately."

Local vape shop owners say they're concerned a vacuum will be created once the devices are more heavily regulated.

"all of us, all of the legitimate manufacturer s go out of business and somebody will fill that void, and they are not going to manufacture it the same way we do with the same standards and procedures and same accountabilit y, it's going to be some guy in his garage making this stuff and people are going to be hurt because of it."

Last week?

President trump announced plans to ban flavored ?

Cigarettes, but it still unclear when the ban will take effect.

And tonight doctors recommend stopping the use of ?

Cigarettes altogether.



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