Student scholarship and mental health resources

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Student scholarship and mental health resources
Student scholarship and mental health resources

To tell us about resources that can help students pay their tuition.

[g5]student resources-stinger there's a website called scholarship universe.

It's new to s-o-u this year.

Students can apply to hundreds of scholarships on a computer or even on their phone.

[g7]student resources-fs students fill out a simple application.

And write one essay.

Then, the website will match students to scholarships they can apply for.

S-o-u says there are 1.5 million dollars worth of scholarships on the website.

[g8]student resources-vo there are also mental health reources on campus.

S-o-u has a health and students to feel comfortable asking for help.

That's why freshmen say these resources are important.

It's definitely going to be hard and we need as much support as we can get.

Not only because we're going to be stressed all the time because of school but personal reasons too because life happens.

Part of s-o-u's tuition covers appointment costs.

Students will have to pay 15 dollars for each appointment.

We'll have more information about scholarships and mental health resources on our website at kdrv dot com.

Live in ashland, ashley tsao, newswatch 12.


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