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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Business Matters - BM20161031

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Business Matters - BM20161031
Business Matters - BM20161031
Game On – Winning Over Our Future Leaders

















>> "business matters" starts now.

>> host: hey, good evening.

We are here at beautiful coca-cola park.

We have a lot of millennials.

They are young and smart.

We are talking about something in the news everyday.

I don't think i have ever seen an election this crazy.

It's been wild.

We have our trump people.

We have our clinton people.

You are from liberty high school.

Talk about your biggest concern?

>> it's immigration.

I came here when i was three years old and i don't have citizenship to this day.

I'm worried donald trump is going to come in and try to deport me.

>> host: your concern is that you won't be a citizen.

You are doing it the right way?

>> came on a plane.

Got a visa.

>> go ahead, trumpers.

Thoughts on that?

>> you don't have to worry.

If you follow the correct process and do it legally, you have nothing to worry about.

The only people he said will be deported come over legally.

In our club at penn state we have several immigrants support him.

>> what is your party?

>> bull moose party.

>> host: that's a cool name.

>> if you follow the immigration lines how they are supposed to be followed, you have nothing to be feared.

You don't have to fear someone else coming across illegally taking your spot.

>> this is something people forget during the conversation.

At many of the debates mr. trump made a point a lot of people gloss over.

He talks about how there are hundreds of thousands of people go about this the right way, getting their visa, passed by law by officials.

>> host: so you don't see the anxiety.

Is it the press that made it look that way?

>> the press has been biased toward miss clinton and attack mr. trump.

>> host: so you watch the debate, you don't think it's fair?

>> not at all.

>> host: you are the clinton person.

Your thoughts on what they said?

>> according to trump, everything is rigged against him.

>> host: you don't have to do that.

We can hear you.

>> it sounds like media is trying to make trump look back in immigration.

He says it himself.

He wants mexicans out.

Syrians out.

>> that is not what he said.

He said illegal immigrants, people that enter the country in violation of the law need to be taken out.

If you want to talk about the syrian refugee issue, that's a different issue we need to address in how to properly vet people.

Until we can properly vet them they shouldn't be allowed in.

>> host: so you don't think he's going over board.

>> liberals talk about common sense this or that.

This is common sense immigration.

>> in many situations i have heard trump bash the visa program the same program that brought my father and mother to the country on working visas.

When he says that, that makes me concerned.

>> host: are your parents offended when they hear what he says?

>> they feel weird.

I wouldn't say offended.

They think he uses harsh rhetoric.

>> host: are they voting for him?

>> they can't vote.

>> host: good point.

That solves that question.

I want to ask the question from you, laura.

Last night one of the first questions up front was the woman groping question of trump.

When you hear that and his answer, what is your response to that?

>> my response to that is that he disregards women's feelings.

When they gave the example of a woman coming forward, he said would i assault her?

Look at her.

You want that type of person to be our president?

>> miss clinton has accepted millions from countries that treat women as slaves.

Maybe we should be more concerned about what she's doing.

>> it doesn't matter where the money is coming from.

>> $25 million from saudi arabia, more money from qatar.

These are countries -- >> host: finish your thought.

>> they support regime staff and suppress the women of homosexuals.

>> host: when you hear that answer, is that good enough for you as trump supporters?

>> i don't condone some of the statements he made.

I wouldn't have made them but i like to look at the bigger picture.

As americans we need to look at the bigger picture.

>> this is not through trading statements and attacks.

These are issues that affect people.

That's why the statements have hit home so hard.

We don't solve this by attacking each other.

We have open discussions like we are doing here.

I don't believe they are willing to have an open discussion.

They want to attack his statements so they have political solutions.

>> if someone is running for president, you can't say whatever you want.

>> but this is how much time we are spending about a statement made ten years ago.

>> that was not a just statement.

That's his true feelings about how he feels women.

>> maybe we should look at hundreds of millions of dollars from third world countries that treat women as slaves and doesn't allow them to vote.

>> say you go to go fund me for help, would you accept money from a criminal?

Even if you didn't know what they did.

You accepted money from a criminal that shot someone?

>> i would not.

That condones their issue.

If i was secretary of state and had an duty to the american people, no, i would not.

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Now back to tony ianelli.

>> host: let's go to the other side, the e-mails.

Your thoughts.

I want to get this side.

Your thoughts on the e-mails?

>> we have a crisis in government.

It's not transparent.

We don't know what our government is doing foreign policywise.

When you look at wikileak e-mails, you have a first hand look at what's happening not the spin from the media.

>> host: you think it's unfair coverage.

>> i do.

It's been unfair coverage.

It's highlighted by the fact that the wikileak wid videos toe extent trump statements are.

>> let's talk about the e-mails.

I think this is most important.

This is about electing the next president of the united states, not our best friend.

The president will make policy decisions leaving lasting impressions across the board.

The politicians need to have a public position for constituents and private to implement.

That's the issue with the government.

They don't tell us what they do.

>> they did a yearlong investigation and found nothing worth prosecuting.

It's an example of the media making a big deal over the e-mails.

>> the subpoena said the government needed these documents to do their investigation.

They issued a protection order and preservation order that said you can't delete the e-mails.

What did she do?

She deleted 30,000 e-mails in violation of both orders.

If i or you did that we would be in many the prison.

>> the fbi cleared her.

What are you going to say?

>> the fbi cleared her.

Let's talk about the e-mails released.

You want to talk about what she hasn't apologized for?

Benghazi, the families she lied to.

The rape victims of her husband she constantly bullied.

> >> host: jump on that one.

>> i heard someone mention transparency.

I think not releasing your tax records is that transparent?

Do we want -- >> oh.

>> do we want to elect a president that hasn't paid his taxes to the american people?

>> i'm glad you brought up taxes.

Taxes are an important issue in the election.

Right now if you look at taxes, the average american pays 30% of their income.

The first 12 ho hours out of 40, belong to the government.

Imagine if you had three and a half months you could use to spend on your own.

>> host: you think he has a good plan for the economy.

>> why won't he release his tax forms?

>> you criticized earlier him claiming that he didn't pay a certain amount of taxes.

That's not illegal.

There are many writeoffs in place.

One is taking a loss.

The clintens have used it in their tax returns.

These are regulations in place that are legal.

Miss clinton has been involved in the political process for 30 years, a senator, first lady, in a position to do something about the regulations that she doesn't like but she doesn't.

>> doesn't mitchel win the trump look alike contest?

>> if it's legal not to pay taxes for the past 18 years, what's his problem with releasing information?

>> host: i want to ask a question important to millennials.

That's college debt.

Do either of these help to solve that?

Hillary said it's a big point of hers?

Is it doable?

>> other countries do it with free education?

Why shouldn't our country have free education?

I wouldn't say overnight.

> >> host: someone off to college, what does that say to you?

>> donald trump talks about bringing jobs back.

We are not the same country as the 1950s.

Those jobs are not coming back.

Let's have accessible people for people to get degrees and go to service sector jobs.

>> you are talking about jobs back.

Let's talk about why jobs have left.

Our country raised corporate tax rates, raised regulations making it difficult for our e companies to compete in the united states.

The obama and democrats say we are going to take a free trade approach to allow every country to come into the country trade without tariffs or boundaries for trade.

Mr. trump says we need to take the trade deals, renegotiate them to make it so companies can compete in the united states and we have jobs here again.

>> host: as you have been trump supporters from the beginning.

Has there been a time that he said something that made you moved not to support him?

>> there were times that my strength wavered -- >> you wished he wouldn't have said it?

No, it's okay to say something that you disagree with.

>> host: so that's what you like about him?

>> i don't agree with what he says all the time.

I like what senator marco rubio said.

When you have a choice between two candidates, you have a candidate that you don't agree with everything, and another you don't agree with anything.

>> host: i'm sure you have never wavered on the hillary side, have you?

When you watched the debate last night, did she do a good job?

How many people think hillary won?

How many people think trump won?

We have it about even.

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>> now back to "business matters."

>> christy, come up here.

She's miced.

She's here from dickinson.

Grab a microphone.

Join us.

Michelle our producer and angie found you for us.

Your thoughts?

Go ahead.

>> as a woman and as a millennial, i would like to say i care about the same issues as all americans.

I care about economic growth, securing our borders and america's interests are promoted abroad.

I'm supporting donald trump for the same reason my fellow americans and republicans are supporting donald trump.

>> host: you may be running for president yourself.

Does it trouble you with his statements on women?

>> by no means do i condone the words he used on a hot mic nearly a decade ago.

We have to look at this in the context going on.

His statements were made as a private citizen.

Secretary clinton's actions were carried out while in office.

She endangered the lives of american citizens which makes me question her judgment as president.

How will she act as president?

>> he was 69 years old talking like some 18-year-old guy.

>> by no means do i condone his words, but these women coming forward, these allegations are simply that.

He has denied them.

>> it's weird that 11 women have come forth.

>> and it's weird they waited 40 years to say something?

>> have you ever been sexually harassed?

I have at work.

I never came forward.

I would come forward if someone else came forward because of fear that no one would believe me.

>> host: so you think one gave another strength.

Does former bill clinton actions offset -- they mention trump, he goes for bill clinton.

>> bill clinton is not running for president.

Trump is.

>> host: hang on.

Bill clinton is not running for president, trump is running for president.

>> host: someone wanted to clap.

Go ahead.

>> i believe i'm recalling this correctly, hilary clinton said bill clinton would be in the position of authority of the economy.

If you want to talk about worrying sexual harassment.

We have allegations against mr. trump, even worse against bill clinton.

Hilary clinton suppressed the ability of the person attacked by bill clinton to come out.

>> host: you think she should be supportive of the women?

>> her and the stance that most people hold is that if you come forward like that, you should be believed, given the benefit of the doubt to speak your mind.

>> host: i'm going to lose you on a timing standpoint.

Tell me -- what else do you want to add before we lose you?

>> this election should be about the issues, policy issues that guide our nation in the coming years not about frivolous character issues on each side.

>> host: good point.

Most important issue to you two.

>> the most important issue is that our economy should be improved.

Hillary wants to raise minimum wage and relieve student debt.

>> host: biggest issue for you?

>> immigration and economics is a big issue.

>> host: keep going.

>> what she said, the minimum wage is unliveable at this point.

Unflation has gone up 800%.

>> host: you quickly.

>> mine is simple, the supreme court, the empty seat to replace anthony scalia.

That will have the greatest effect on society going forward.

Are nine people going to make decisions for 300,000,000.

>> host: mitchel?

>> my biggest issue is the economy.

We want someone to sign the front of the check and not the back.

>> host: you're phenomenal.

>> you are watching "business matters" because if it's business, it matters.

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Now back to tony ianelli.

>> host: we have one other person.

Casey, get up here.

Casey was not sure.

We picked casey because he was on the fence, right?

Okay, just what we need.

Did you at any point consider me, is the question?

>> i might.

>> host: grab the mic.

You are not considering either one.

>> i was not considering hilary clinton.

>> host: you were considering trump?

>> yes, but i don't know that i can deal with the things he said and i don't know that i want that gentleman to run the country.

>> host: did he help himself or hurt?

>> i was more for him.

>> host: there are things that brought you to him?

>> my party brought me to him.

>> host: what do you say to someone on the fence?

>> i think you won the debate.

>> host: that's not fair.

Who thinks they won the debate?

Who thinks they one the debate?

Who thinks i won?


>> you always win.

>> host: it's not about me.

Go ahead, you guys.

Answer the question.

>> to what you were saying, i personally supported senator rubio during a large part of the elections.

I think where my views align most are with donald trump.

Going into this point in the race, there is no statistical chance that a third party could win.

I hear a lot about gary johnon.

>> host: would you consider the third party candidates?

>> no.

>> >> host: you have to decide who to vote for.

>> i'm going to vote my party.

>> host: he got you on the party thing.

We have three minutes to go.

I want to give everyone an equal chance.

Going forward what do you want to tell this crowd to get them to vote for your candidate?

>> go to her website, read her policies and find out they are feasible.

Her policies are in sync with what other countries do.

Her policies will help her move forward.

Watch the debate on youtube and hear her out.

>> host: who won the debates by your perspective?

>> hillary.

>> host: by a mile?

Or was it close?

>> by a mile.

>> vote for the candidate you think will keep the world safe, keep everyone fair.

I say hillary won the debate by 20-miles.

>> i would like to say i'm voting for the candidate i think will keep the world safe, donald trump.

>> host: because he comes from a position of strength?

>> no, his strength is hillary's weakness.

The proliferation of isis and terrorism across the million dollars east, we need someone with a business mindset, lay the ground work down moving the world forward and keep us safe.

>> host: close us out on that.

>> i think the most important thing is the economy.

Let's look at the past eight years of the obama administration.

We have racked up $8 trillion in debt, more than every president before president obama combined and we have gotten nowhere.

Less people are working.

Participation rates are at an all time low.

It's time for a change in washington.

It's time in the way we approach politics.

>> host: good plan.

How do you think they did?

How did they do?

[applause ] >> host: have they changed anyone's opinions here?


Thank you all for being with us.

This has been great.

You have


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