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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

2017 Rodeo Parade

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2017 Rodeo Parade
2017 Rodeo Parade
2017 Rodeo Parade

>> welcome to 2017 stock show and rodeo parade.

Sponsored by transtexas credit union.

Now, here are your hosts.

Carolyn mcenrue.

Randy and joey henderson.

>> past president of the san angelo rodeo association.

It is chilly.

>> it is chilly.

We have a guest on stage with us.

Wyatt bundled up in the blanket.

And we have down on the parade route for interviews, and that's kristen.

We will talk to folks along the parade route next hour, as this stock show and rodeo parade really gets this opening weekend going.

>> anchor: wyatt not only one in a blanket.

Looking at the crowd.

Everyone here has a blanket on.

>>yeah,, it is plenty chilly.

Typical rodeo parade weather.

Don't you love it?

>> yes, 46 degrees or so, about.

But no rain rolling down the street like we have seen in the past.

Or ice on the street like in the past.

We are at the corner of concho and oak.

And i can look down the street on concho and see the parade starting.

Be here in awhile.

A lot of people staying close to the car there too.

Tailgating inside of the car.

>> even though it is cold it is nice to see so many young folks.

So many kids bundled up.

They will certainly enjoy the sights they will see the next hour.

>> anchor: such a tradition.

I was reading some history about this parade.

In 1936, when it started.

Texas governor rode a horse in this parade.

And it really, other than 2012 when it was sort of canceled.

We had it.

But not canceled all of those years.

>> it is amazing.

And people keep coming out.


And being part of it.

All the people that come here.

Just being in the parade.

>> we have riding groups across texas.

We have wagons.

Santa fay trail riders.

And bands from around the area.

We have a number of floats from not just san angelo but the valley that got up before dawn to get here in time.

>> it is crazy.

This week i was visiting with a gentleman that came from minnesota.

For the trail ride.

It is amazing.

But we have a lot of support for this show and this whole two week adventure.

>> what did you think about the first rodeo performance last night?

>> it was great.

You know, it is just -- seems like we just had the last one and now we are starting up again.

But everyone did great.

We had a good rodeo.

And i think, everyone had a good time.

And we look forward to 11 more really good performances.

>> we could see the san angelo police department motorcycle officers.

There are four of them.

Escorting the color guard.

And it looks like, it is the san angelo stock show and rodeo association ambassadors we saw first time last night.

Performing at all 12 rodeo performances next three weeks.

>> great feature stories with ambassadors last night.

You can view it on our website.

And to kind of get an insight into the riding group.

>> anchor: about page allison.

You can see here on the white horse in front.

Holds the american flag.

Anybody that rides knows that is not easy task with fireworks and crowd noise and lights.

>> these ladies put in a lot of time.

And effort.

Into preparing for this.

They are great ambassadors for the stock show and rodeo association.

They go all over the state.

Represent us.

And we are very proud of them.

>> you also have some that are not riders.

That also go to events.

>> yes.

They are not all riders.

But they all represent our association and our city.

And we are very proud of them.

Glad to have them.

>> if you were at the rodeo last night.

One of the girls fell off the horse.

Horse went sideways.

And she stayed in place.

But she will be fine.

You will see her soon tonight and this afternoon.

>> that was a tough young lady.

She got back up and jumped back on the horse.

>> she did.

They will be right back out at the coliseum fairgrounds next rodeo performance, 2:00 this afternoon.

>> it is 1:00 today.

>> it is?

1:00 today.

2:00 sunday.


>> 1:00 today.

>> thank you.

Mayor coming around the corner.

Hi mayor.

Bob, with fort concho historic group.

>> other city council members riding on the float.

>> organized in 1982 fort con hoe infantry is oldest fort concho living history perform.

Soldiers created in 1988.

And buffalo soldiers 10th u.s. calvary dismounted.

16th regiment.

Rodeo series, the ram dodge trucks big sponsor of the rodeo every year.

>> yes, they have been sponsors for many, many years.

For not only our rodeo but rodeo all over the country.

>> 17 training wing commander michael downs and his wife leah.

Good morning.

Good fellow air force base and kids in the back.


>> got more reinactors.

>> from green county.

Sons of confederate veterans.

Camp 1613.

They are dressed in period costumes.

>> oh, no.

>> this is something special.

Randy you know about cars.

Tell me about this car.

This is republic safety.

>> great engine in there.


A hemi.

Over 500-horsepower in that state trooper car that we are seeing.

It is a great vehicle for our police, is the carlos dias.

One of the occupants in that vehicle here today.

>> i wonder how fast it can go.

Asu day at the rodeo this evening.

>> looks like we have got rodeo plans on the back there.

Rodeo queens.

>> very cute.

Tough enough to wear pink, american council society.

Promoting tough enough to wear pink.

That rodeo performance is february 16 this year.

>> there is so much great involvement in that night.

Not something they talk about.

But get involved and wear pink and donate money for the cause.

>> they collect thousands of dollars at that performance every year to go to research and support.

>> coming at us on the screen now.

The great creek volunteer firefighters.

They have the cmts and sparky the fire dog here.

Some of you up the route can see sparky.

They get a lot of work and really help out not just in their area but the volunteer firefighters work together.

>> you have to remember, all the volunteers firefighters around this area, out lying areas, they are go to ones.

There is sparky.

>> in 2011 when we had terrible fires these guys just did outstanding work.

Worked hard.

For many days at a time.

It was incredible.

But we owe a lot to these people.

For what they have done.

>> while sparky makes the way to you.

We will get he had ready and head down to jim bass cars.

Kristen has parade viewers to visit with.

>> reporter: that's right randy.

I don't know about you but i have longjohns on.

I am freezing.

But all the die hard parade rodeo fans.

I love it.

Two people are here with me.

Used to cold weather.

They are actually from boston.

Here visiting for the rodeo.

And this is sue, val and steve.

Thank you for coming.

>> thank you.

Nice to be here.

>> you are from boston.

And tell us why, why did you come to the rodeo.

>> i love roadeos at boston garden as a child.

Now my grandson lives here.

When he told us there was a rodeo here, we came.

>> and now steve here, he is all decked out in texas gear and patriots hat.

>> oh, yeah, go pats.

Go tom brady.

Love it.

>> being from boston what do you think of san angelo and downtown area so far.

>> interesting.

Lots of fun.

We went to fun places yesterday.

And it is -- bigger than i thought it was.

>> you went to miss patty's can yes.

>> yes and angry cactus.

Yes, yes.

>> now, you guys are -- you are going to rodeo parade or rodeo tonight.

Are you excited for that?

>> yes, looking forward to that.


>> all right.

Thank you both for talking to me.

Back to the stage.

>> texas float going around the turn here.

You saw the aep texas bug.

They have a lot of their big utility trucks in the parade.

Including one pulling the float with a dozen or so aep texas employees and their families.

Good morning.

>> these guys do a lot of -- after a lightning storm, living out in the country, carolyn you know very well how many times electricity goes out.

These fellows they are johnny on the spot.

And get out there and get things going again.

>> when it is colder this out in all kinds of weather.

Nice trucks.

All do something different.

They have different stuff on there.

Here is one of them.

Wagons in the parade this morning.

West texas rehab center.

1880 chuckwagon used it for roundup for rehab.

>> rehab center has locations here in san angelo, abilene and owe sewenna and thank them for their support.

>> we have some weapons up here.

>> is that a jail?

This is a big -- >> guarding somebody.

>> concho cowboy company with jail, and the whole deal.

Richard porter, karen smith and jack smith.

>> they have two ladies locked up.

>> see the san angelo jail.

Where we were the other day.

>> that was the original name.

World capital antique car club.

Some cars throughout the parade we will see from 1919 up to 1931 models.

World capitol car club out of san angelo.

>> that is miss west texas fair and rodeo queen.

Won 2nd place in riding group this morning.


She came from abilene.

And senior at merkel high school.

Wins cross country in track and varsity player on softball and basketball team.

And they are clawing the way down the parade route today.

>> this is a good day to clog.

If you keep moving.

>> chiefettes, 20 members waving pompoms. all over the place.

New york in april for a competition.

And won a number of leadership and dedication awards this year.

>> they are followed up by the counterpart, lake view junior rotc.

Dipping wished unit award.

Several times.

Including 2016.

The air force junior rotc distinguished unit with merit as well.

Outstanding organization award.

Over the years.

Silver star community service award the last two years.

So congratulations to the lake view high school air force junior rotc for this successful group winning some awards.

Learning life skills that they will take with them for many years.

>> every time we see them in the parade we see them in november for veteran's day.

Group gets larger and larger.

>> 140 of them in the parade today.

>> goodness sakes.

>> been practicing the turn around the corner.

We go from a marching group to a riding group.

San angelo stock show and rodeo 2017 junior ambassadors.

And they will be riding in the -- they will be performing at the rodeo tomorrow afternoon at 2:00.

They won 2nd place for the in town riding group competition.


>> decorated the horses up.

They are having a great time.

>> oh, yeah.

>> see the sparkling hearts.

>> yes.

>> san angelo cowboy church also coming in behind the junior ambassadors.

Cowboy church, is this the cowboy church?


Saying there, cowboy church.

Sunday at 10:00.

And wednesday 7:00 p.m.

And we appreciate their support of the parade.

>> how did she get in the wagon?

>> kristen?

>> was she over there awhile ago?

>> kristen who are you with?

>> talk about yourself.

>> we have three floats.

One wagon.

A float with a cloggers on it.

And we have the church float in front of us.

>> gather in strays, we are in the business of doing that.

>> do you have a ceremony tomorrow morning?

>> yes, 10:00 every sunday.

On north chad burn 4095 across from the coliseum.

You cannot miss us.

>> that's the cowboys church.

>> this is cute.

Young scholar academy students are waving from the inside this morning with their moms. old pioneer days school house.

>> kind of fits the theme of the parade.

>> looks authentic.

>> thunder kittens san angelo roller girls.

Some are rolling on roller blades.

Sard is competitive non-profit group.

Women of texas supporting the red hat society.

>> make red hats we have featured before.

>> followed up by roller girls that made a nice corner.

Check out the facebook page.

San angelo roller girls if you are interested.

>> i would say that but risky to ride that.

I would fall down but they are having no problem.

>> no for me on roller skates.

>> pretty antique car.

>> beautiful one.

>> coming at us junior rotc angelo state.

About 20 of them scheduled to be in the parade today.

Part of their group will be at the fairgrounds this afternoon for asu day.

>> first group i have seen not wearing coats but just t-shirts.

>> they are tougher than i am.

>> this is miss sutton county along with little miss and little mr. sutton county.

Miss kristen gator is the queen.

And little mr. and mrs. along with her.

They won an award today.

Non-commercial flow 2nd place.

Look at little mr. sutton county he has the wave down.

>> he is dudeed up and got a cup of coffee.

I am telling you what, that's a pretty float.

They did a lot of work.

That's pretty cool.

>> it is.

San angelo association of realtors.

There is a tiny house for the sheep.

They put that together.

>> sheep project really has continued to grow.

Every now and then you see a new one pop up.

>> these are the concho chicks drill team riders.

Congratulations to them for riding groups in town.

Won first place in today's rodeo parade.


>> they have been around five years.

Actually won the parade in 2014.

And last year.

They perform in summer roadeos around the state of texas.

>> everybody needs to be sure to go out to the fairgrounds today and check out the junior market shows going on.

We have got a lot of -- we have sheep, goats, and, i think, that's going on today and tomorrow.


>> in case you had not heard our junior rodeo, fsa and 4 h kids.

We are third in the country.

>> we have had over 14,000 junior entries.

In all the contests.

And judging.

And the livestock shows and all of that.


We are probably the only major show in texas that is still growing.

>> well in the country too, houston, san antonio, only ones ahead of us.

These are some cuties waving to the crowd.

>> steams like a great opportunity to pitch it down to jim bass cars and trucks interview dent and who kristen has come up with.

>> reporter: thank you.

I have found some girl scouts with me here.

They are out here selling everyones favorite, of course, girl scout cookies.

I have elizabeth, cayenne and emilie.

Thank you for talking to me.

How are you doing today?

>> great.

>> tell us about girl scouts and why you are in the program.

>> some of the girls -- sorry.

We are all in here just to get to know other girls.

Do some activities like traveling, camping, outdoor activities.

And this is the reason to do cookie sales to raise money for it.

>> i know you are here at the corner over here.

You have cookies for sale, right?

>> yes.

>> people can come and buy them.

>> yes.

>> tell them to come out here and buy them.

>> come out here and buy them.

>> thank you ladies.

Toss it back up there to you, and randy.

>> thank you kristen.

2nd place for commercial float competition ahead of this group is crop insurance.

They were kind of a tropical theme with their hey bales.

Great looking float.

>> back to girl scout cookies.

They have brought isa bag of the new ones.

>> smores cookies.

>> get into that later.

>> a group you are familiar with carolyn.

Texans coming up the street.

That's a group that is competing for several decades.

Winning awards for decades.

>> they will 60 years old this year.

Hannah hair is their director and captain is willie mcneal.

Jennifer perez, and marie franco and hailey, alexia, madison.

Are all the officers.

>> they perform at the high school football games.

No matter the weather.

Just like the football guys are there.

Texans are there.

>> basketball games, pep rallies.

Changed the costumes through the years too.

Back to more traditional.

That's what we had.

>> yes.

>> when we were in school.

>> we hear noise coming.

Soyuz shrine.

1917 chevrolet fire truck.

And we will have a 1959 cadillac ambulance.

Some great classics there for the shrine group.

And of course, the clowns.

>> with the side car.

Look at the minis.

Antique car here.

With the clown.

>> rusty, don, don bernal part of the folks driving the vehicles.

>> they have the work clowns.

Look at this joey.

>> my goodness.

>> it is cow bike.

>> [laughter].

>> now that's the first one of those i have seen.

>> where is he?

We cannot see him.

There he is.

>> there he goes in front of us.

Circling around.

That is creative right there.

>> added some weight to drive.

Learn to redrive it.

>> pretty funny.

Can you hear the music?

Performing group.

>> they won first place of the commercial division in the rodeo.

Hee-haw for hmr. >> there is mini pearl.

>> following them a riding group from midland that won first place in out of town riding competition this morning.

This is charles mcvalley, from mid land.

Couple of girls riding side saddle.

Several of girls riding side saddle.

All the girls are riding side saddle.

They have riders of all ages in this group.

>> we have a trick roper coming up.

Couple of them back here.

I am sure there is a proper term for what they are doing.

I just say a rope trick.

>> i am amazed at the size of the saddle horn on the saddles.

Here is a group moving down the railroad.

Santa fe railroad float.

>> the youngsters that play baseball for the seminoles have piled in and made it into the parade this morning.

Seminoles baseball club.

That float is loaded with lots of baseball players.

>> they are awake this morning.

>> nice design on the side of the float.

>> did you see the baseball wheels?

>> and on the wheels.

Nice job seminoles.

>> head start has a float in the parade this morning.

A lot of bundled up students.

Look, they have the whole town.

The store, bank and saloon.

Little settlers on the road to success.

>> colorful things coming up here.

>> dance ministry.

With flag dances.

They are demonstrate engas they go along the parade route.

We are at the concho oak street intersection and they turn right here in front of us and continue north on oak street and circle background through downtown san angelo where there are hundreds and hundreds of people lined up in every direction.

>> i like the variance in age in this group here.

Finding something for even the young kids to do.

>> tambourines.

Another antique car.

>> have antiques scattered throughout the parade.

From 1919 to 1931 models.

That will be seen.

This is 25.

This is a 25 ford model t coop.


>> there is another john deere tractor.

>> yes.

>> courtney is driving this.

1934 john deere model a.

So it has been restored twice.

Originally restored in 1958.

Used on the farm for a number of years.

And restored about three years ago.

>> that's hard to believe something that is built in 1934 still operational like that.

>> i like to listen to the engine.

>> those old two cylinder engines, have a pretty unique sound to them.

Belongs to the kneehous family.

Beautiful restoration on that tractor.

Hard to believe what they use now.

We have lawnmowers with more horsepower.

>> air conditioners and cd players.

>> drive themselves.

>> pretty red convertible.

Save the cowgirl is theme of this float with lots of pink on it.

Again another breast cancer awareness float.

>> we have a bull rider in the back there.

>> with a pink cowboy hat.

>> yes.

Love, hope and happiness and picket fence.

One in the back with a coat.

She looks cold.

>> there it is.

See the coat.

There is a person under there.

>> there is a little girl under there.

Peaks out every now and then.

>> the smart choice motors.

Big balloons coming our way.

Cowboys, cow girls, texas flag, and all sorts of good stuff on smart choice motors.

They went with a western theme for the parade this year in their entry.

I think they were a success with that.

Woody from toy story.

>> of course it is.

>> yes.

>> we were talking about the santa fe trail ride earlier.

For a week.

Started last week in sterling county.

Rode into town couple of days ago.

And at fort con hoe overnight.

Went about 100 miles this year.

99 percent of it across ranches up and over hills with no roads.


This is pretty close to the authentic trail ride.

So these folks campout.

And cookout.

And come from all over the country to be a part of this.

There is charlie bauer my neighbor at knicker bocker.

Ram rods everything.

>> keeps everything moving.

>> yes.

>> lin helped too.

>> that's something else.

>> they had close to 100 riders this year.

Look at the wagons coming around.

Most of them, or this one, has authentic wheels.

Some have the more modern rubber tires.

On the wheels too.

But this is au10 tick.

Seriously can you imagine going across country on that with all the stuff.

With a four horse team.

>> of course back in the day, you had to deal with all the things that were trying to get you.

>> there was that too.

That's why is you have the shotgun guy.

>> outlaws hoodlums. >> draft horses and mules.

Looks like majority are mules.

>> i think kristen has found her way into a wagon.

So we will look for her as she comes in, in one of them.

>> three horse team.

>> if kristen, you can hear us, let's hear from you.

You are in a wagon coming up the street?

>> yes, i don't know if you can see me yet.

But here with shark and john.

And they took this fearless trail ride they week.

How was it you guys?

>> great.

Great weather.

A little chilly one day with wind but a lot of rocks and we made it through.

>> what was the most favorite part?

>> i think going from ranch to ranch and courtesy of the ranchers, letting us ride across the property.

Very much appreciated.

>> how long have you been doing this?

First year?

Or several years?

>> we have been doing this about 30 years together.

First year to run a team and wagon together though.

>> very impressive.

Thank you for letting me jump on the wagon.

Appreciate it.

Back to you on stage.

>> thank you.

Interesting to talk about meals.

There is actually a team of belgian draft mules pulling one of the wagons we saw go by too.

All types.

As you said, people come from all over the country to do this.

To see this country out here?

>> it is something.

I guess, there is trail rides all over the country that a lot of these folks travel around to.

>> from minnesota, there is minnesota fan.

Guy with the fringe on the jacket.

>> yes.

>> he is comfortable this morning i am sure.

>> he said when he left, he had to push the snow out of the driveway with his tractor to leave.

So we are fussing about 45 degrees.

And it is 4 degrees and 3 feet of snow on the ground up there.

So we do not have it bad.

>> west texas boys ranch.

Been around since 1940s.

Maybe 47.

>> 1947.

And that's one of my favorite charities.

Been involved with -- used to be on board with the boys ranch.

They do a fabulous job.

These kids are fine young men that are really well taken care of.

And just have a great home environment out there.

>> for years it was a working ranch too.

>> still is.

They still -- in fact, a lot of the young men participate in the stock shows.

No, very much a working ranch out there.

>> leonard and his wife jean are in 1927 model roadster.

Not a roadster.

>> no, that's a truck to me.

>> not a roadster.

>> angelo state university housing residential programs. some of the dorm leaders.

Ones in charge of everyone else.

They are having fun this morning.

>> they have ram horns up.

>> angelo state university and rodeo this evening.

>> we are proud of angelo state.

Incredible the number of students that keep coming.

And keeps growing.

And the support of the community for asu.

It is just really doing well.

>> this is the ken dread hospice float.

Won third place in rodeo this year, commercial division.

>> they have a fire going.

Congress insomething.

>> breakfast.

>> keeping the hands warm.

>> familiar looking bunch turning the corner.

Klst truck.

A lot of staff.

Boy they filled it up.

Caitlyn, matt.

>> good morning.

>> victor, andrew, adam, liz.

>> that truck is loaded.

>> jonathan, josh,.

>> matt.

Angelo state university sorority coming around the corner now.

Some of the programs they support are speech, and they help people hearing impaired with stark key hearing foundation.

Bell of the ram mosscott with them.

>> look at the leopard.

>> skin coat hanging on.

>> she has a warm hat too.

>> this is a san angelo riding group.

Won third place in competition this year.

For this rodeo parade.

Congratulations to them.

Members of the rancho cabrera riding group.

>> trick rider upfront.

>> great shot of him on our simulcast for folks at home.

Saw a great job by that youngster.

>> he is getting ready for rope trick.

>> paint rock high school student council.

32 members of the student council.

Big part of the community.

Sponsoring blood drives.

And veteran's day programs. not just for that school but also the community as well.

Mccoy building supply.

>> a lot of building supplies in that truck.

>> they have been getting involved in things in town, and partnering up with some of the non-profits to help those organizations stay afloat with some of their donations.

>> rodeo special, shaving for pins, $4.99.

>> we go through a lot of that this week.

>> you go through a lot of that out at the fairgrounds don't you.

>> yes.

And crew out there, has to clean it up between shows.

And then redo it.

It is a major undertaking to keep those show barns going.

>> labor intensive.

>> healthy families of san angelo float.

They work with children and grandchildren.

And they had some farm animals and some pioneer women on the float.

>> we have some doggies.

>> they won 2nd place in non-commercial division.

Look at the precious dog.

Casey's place.

Pup wagons.

Provide everything a rescue dog bandanna.

Needs on the journey across the prairie.

A/k/a fur-ever home.

>> we are getting a look at -- dogs are available for adoption.

>> miss heart of texas, jayce mckinney.

Out of brady.

You see camre, leanne and megan on board.

Brady chamber of commerce helping to sponsor heart of texas entry.

>> another antique car that looks more like a roadster.

>> i think so.

>> might be the road ster.

>> i wonder if heater works.

>> do you think you could work it into the budget for a heater.

I thought you had more pull than that carolyn.

>> sheriff's department had a big one where he stood at the gate last night.

I thought that was a good idea.

This is the cowboy churchgoing by.

Members are riding on it this morning.

Dan glasscock is pastor.

He is on there too.

>> anchor: cornerstone christian school.

They had varsity cheer leaders and elementary cheer club.

Coach bird on the float with them.

>> the lions, proud group of student athletes right there.

>> oneka broadcasting company bringing music along the route this morning.




>> sample of their sound.



>> 107.5.

>> the punk drywall company.

Put together that float.

And some riders.

Drywall and metal framing.


>> a lot of riders this morning.

Good morning.

Pretty paint.

Taekwondo center has a float.

Team chip.

Always wondered what it is like, their route, as they go along the route.

Looking at the people.

Kind of nice.

Mickeyta is program director.

And kyle is lead instructor for taekwondo group.

Lots of people waving back.

Everyone waving.

People on the floats waving.

>> a lot of crowds.

>> it is perfect though.

>> i love the crowd.

>> our cameraman.

See how everyone is staying inside of the van or truck this morning.

>> they have seen a few of these floats come by.

Some of them are moving and warmed up.

Some they went back and put their hands in the pockets.

Got the gloves on.

>> there are a lot of people to watch this morning.

We are glad you are watching at home.

Nice and warm watching at home on tv.

>> i know when my kids were little we were -- it was a tradition every year to come to the parade.

I had to get up early every morning and come down and park the pickup, to have a place to go.

>> that's smart.

>> kids and doughnuts.

>> it is fun.

>> they would have a big jile a lot of people do that, and then go to afternoon performance and rodeo.

>> hardin simmons university six white horses out of abilene.

They began to ride in 1930s.

For parades, roadeos and school events across the country.

They travel.

90 appearances last year.

They were 2nd place in our parade here today.

For them.

>> congratulations for riding groups.

Beautiful horses.

>> yes, they are pretty.

>> blue cross blue shield next float with blue balloons.

That's blue, bear and his buddies.

Hi blue, bear.

>> cowboy hat on.

>> else in the -- everyone has a hat on this time of year.

Cow girls and cowboys.

>> angelo catholic school.

>> they had a big science project week.

They just finished the science projects.

>> i think another good way to keep warm today is head out and go see the carnival.

I think, it is open and in full swing.

Go out there.

And wander around the midway and ride the rides.

>> and all the barbeque competitors out there too.

>> i forgot that.

Yeah, they are out there having barbeque cookoff.

And i understand that there was a record number of entries this year.

That bill keeps getting bigger every year.

>> check down to the parade route.

Kristen is on trinity lutheran float.

>> yes, we are randy.

I am here with a lot of pto.

Tell us how you are doing today.

>> wonderful.

A little cold but representing the best school in san angelo, trinity lutheran.

>> how do you feel about the rodeo parade?

>> love it.


You have to do it every year.

>> what made you want to come out?

Even this year when it is cold.

>> because we have to represent trinity lutheran and show our support of the rodeo and this community.

>> thank you for talking to me.

Have a blast today.

Back to you on stage.

>> all right.

Thank you kristen.

Working that parade route.

San angelo police following up.

Street sweepers following horses.

>> while parade is finished here it is aways to go to get through downtown for folks that are waiting.

>> as these guys go by i want to talk about food.

We were talking about the barbeque cookoff.

And there is brisket.

Jalape?o poppers.

Chicken and pork ribs, right?

You say more competitors this year than before?

>> yes, in fact, i was talking to justin couple of days ago, they were trying to figure out where to put everyone.

And it is just incredible.

Like everything else it keeps growing out there.

>> well for now, they are between the spur arena and old horse barn, right?

>> that's correct.

>> can we go out and test if we want to?

>> i bet the people would love to have -- share some of their cooking with you.

>> almost time for that.

John walter yesterday said that starting at 11:00 today.

The cooks will be ready to start sampling food for the public to come in and walk through.

>> those folks really enjoy cooking and seeing people come by, and taste their stuff.

So check it out.

Check out the carnival and livestock shows.


So much to do.

>> you know almost takes more than one trip to go.

I know with families, lots of people pack up and start in the morning and not go home until after dark.

Sometimes it takes two or three trips to see everything.

>> true.

And there is just -- one of the nice things about this event being spread out over three weekend.

Is that it, you know, you don't miss out -- you know maybe gone out of town one weekend but you have another couple of opportunities.

>> point out a schedule change for folks that maybe try to go to well fargo pavilion and look at the vendors out there.

It is open during the day but they are closing the building up during rodeo performances so those folks can watch without having to guard their booths.

So if you want to go to wells fargo, evening performance.

It is closed down for that.

>> still open -- actually open more hours but different hours.

>> i think it is interesting too, if you -- you can wander through the stock show barns.

Whether it is sheep show or cattle that start later.

You say swine competition.

Talking to them about that.

His brother takes over.

You said more than 5000 entries in that.

>> 5600 in swine.

They will not all show up.

But we will have a huge number of kids and pigs running around out there.

So it is a great deal to go out there, wander around and visit with the kids and learn about their projects.

It is a great time.

>> speaking of kids and projects.

Lenny christo with robotics competition is joining us to talk about what we can expect and when the kids will be out there with their projects.

>> thank you for having me.

It will be june 13 -- february 13 from 10:00 to 3:00.

>> next week.

>> that's next week.

Over 100 teams from across the state of texas.

>> you all have more than 700 entries this year.

In fact, i was talking to lar no0 this robotic competition is.

>> taking place monday february 13, and from 10:00 to 3:00.

And what is really interesting is people that will be given the awards is dr. steve bannerman lead engineer.

And dr. david kitch leading civil engineering department.

So we joked this is a chance for geeks to recognize other geeks doing geeky things.

So pretty neat.

>> so tell us what the competition entails.

What do students do?

>> they year competition is called code three.

First responder type of scenario.

Kids are using nxt robotic leg goes programmable brick.

So scenario that students have to engineer robots useing a mechanical engineering and computer science to perform specific functions in given time set.

So their robots perform activities for two minutes.

>> they go over and pick up something?

>> correct.

>> what is size frame.

>> 12 inches by 12 inches.

They have a limited spec that they can accomplish the tasks w so it is amazing seeing variety of how these folks engineer their solution for this problem set.

>> it is great, fabulous.

I know kids were excited last year to be part of the event.

We enjoyed having in of the winners on our programs last year.

And hopefully we will do that again.

>> we are excited as well.

I joked with justin.

We are having the event the day after the hogs.

And [inaudible] >> there was a source of 5000 entries for this one.

>> absolutely.

Spirited event.

>> well, thank you for telling us about it.

Appreciate it.

>> thank you.

Have a great day.

>> we will take the microphone back and let joey put that on.

>> all right.

I think we are getting the key from the director to wrap this up.

Joey thank you.

>> enjoyed it as usual.

>> and thanks to kristen, she slipped in here.

>> i got my work out in today.

>> how was the wagon ride?

>> so fun.


Heater in there.

>> you had the wagon with the heater.

>> no wonder you were in the wagon.

>> did you see the wheels.

>> there was a heater in there.

You could have lost me.

I could have hidden in there.

>> joey wants us to get a heater.

>> the budget for, you know, comfort of the on air talent here.

It is not high.

>> come back next year and maybe put that in the request.

>> we had a great time today.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the rodeo parade and we will have continuing coverage of rodeo festivities next two weeks.

>> we will be out there this evening.

Live tonight from coliseum fairgrounds.


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