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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Community Helps Deacon Find Bone Marrow Transplant

Credit: KLRT Fox 16 Little Rock
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Community Helps Deacon Find Bone Marrow Transplant
Community Helps Deacon Find Bone Marrow Transplant

A beloved deacon's church came together to help a deacon get a bone marrow transplant that he will need every year.

Bell dco st.

Marks bapthu) g4595 "we then thr s experience thee i the community rg to h me on marrow donors, ((josh))one central arksa crc community is coming together to help raise awareness forone of their own.

((josh))a deacon at saint marks baptistchurch - is one of thousands of people in needofa bone marrow transplant every year.

As fox16 charmaine nero reports -- more than one hundred and twenty people registered to hoping to find a cure not only for this husba father and church deacon...but others in need co))hi i cy ms, if o caden on twa t church."cory adams has learned momen like this can change in a flash ..

((tevia a,f co))"cory is young and well from her husband's o diagnosis wia rare bone marrow disease just two month ago.

((tevia adams, wiffc)"and o ialrc when we found outewas ill, and it wa'tthe common cold...wwere shocked and surprised." many others who used to seeing the deacon in good health.... ((chris bell, deacon s b chuh"he was here at which ultimately leo him being te t the hospital an diagnosed with lc anemia."leading members of his ch family to ematters into thei own hands.

((patricia ooio nnga bone marrow i ry dstt doing some researchand found that pel on the registry for be marrow."partnering with local non-profit they decided hold a drive at the church in hopes of others like co a matching donor.

((chris bell, needinthe community at lar to have more bone marrow donor specifically inth mtwhile cory's wifworks to raise awareness....she's hoping he husbands diagnosis..i return save thelife of someone else.

((tevia adams, wife jt st.

Marks, oer organizationsr churches will hel involved and helpthbecome a big community outreach."

((josh))this isn't just a one time evt.the church will continue registering anyone who wants to sign up to be d ((josh))former

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