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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mother explains Ramadan

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Mother explains Ramadan
Mother explains Ramadan
Description of mother explaining Ramadan to her children

But some are just learning about the holiday.

Nbc six's julius kizzee has more."mommy, when was the first time you started ramadan?"eid al-fitr, or the end of the end of ramadan, is met with a quality meal and a time of prayer.(nat of preaching) malekah-salim morgan, has been a muslim her entire life.

Ramadan, the ramadan, the annual period of fasting in the muslim faith, is a time to focus on feeding the poor and cleansing of the mind.

"those who don't have food to eat, but most of the food that we talk about in the bible when we talk about christianity, not a food or the famine in the land, in physical food, but in the word of god."ramadan is simple.

From sunrise to sunset, no food."in the month of august, it gets a little rough."

But, tell that to a nine year old.

"is it something you think that you're ready to do.


Something you ever want to do?

One day?




You don't ever want to fast?

Probalby one day."morgan is the mother of four, all of whom share the faith.

It can just be hard to understand.

So... she sat down with them.

"why do you wear that.

Well, i cover my hair when we come to the masjid.

Just to enhance my modesty, just to be modest.

When i'm modest.

When i'm not in the masjid, mommy doesn't choose to wear her hijab.

I wear it when i hijab.

I wear it when i come to the masjid and when you see me do what... praying.

That's when i cover my hair."

I cover my hair."

From her hijab to eid al-fitr, her children have many questions.

Even as they deal with critics of the faith.

"i say look at the individual, you cannot characterize an entire religion based on the actions of some."pew research estimates over 3 million muslims live in the united states, only one percent of the total population.

So, there's the good.

"what's the best part about being a muslim?


What happens during eid?


You get presents?

Yes."and sometimes, and sometimes, and sometimes, there can be the bad."it was hard being different growing up but the older i got, i accepted that i am a muslim.

Islam is my way of life."but at the end but at the end of the conversation and understanding...."mommy loves you.

Love you.""it doesnt denounce christianity, it doesn't denounce judaism, any religion.

It teaches us to respect


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