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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 3, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 3, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 3, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Originally aired September 24, 2019.

Part 2 of 2) We take a look at climate change and how it's affecting Greenland's ice sheet which is melting at an alarming rate.

And we meet some teenaged entrepreneurs who have made a success with their scented candle company.

Eenld's greenland's melting ice sheet is contributing to a rise in sea levels that ácouldá threaten millions in low- lying areas.

The situation became more urgent this summer, when 11 ábillioná tons of surface ice melted in áoneá day.

Seth doane visited greenland's glaciers, to meet some of the scientists on the frontlines of climate change.

Icebergs - broken off glaciers - fill fjords: ice melting here in greenland is affecting sea levels around the world in fact, if all of greenland's ice sheets melted& sea levels could rise by 23 feet - worldwide.

We choppered out to "helhei glacier" - whic holds enough frozen water to fill the entire state of pennsylvania - a foot deep.

Nats - helicopter landing / approaching "ahh - you ca see the camp now" scientsts are perched at the glacier's edge& nats - greets david/denise this is quite a camp you have here - a good spot& &among them n-y- u's david holland and his wife denise who manages logistics.

// people say "follow th money" - wel this is a story really of "follow th warm water" / water melts ice quicker than air - so the ocean can melt this ice sheet much faster than the air.

Denise holland took this video showing a giant piece of helheim glacier breaking off, or "calving" last summer.

The ice chunk was so big it could stretch from lower manhattan to midtown in new york city.

It was huge chunks, small chucks - everything - just broke apart in this one big jumble of ice holland and the n-y-u team set up radar equipment that peers into the glacier - to measure its movement and thickness.

The icy surface - is deceiving: one comes here and doesn't see a problem& right.

And so - the potential problem is when we put our probes in this fjord - down to the bottom - and we detect large volumes of very warm, salty water.

You know that could melt the ice fast.

Yeah - that's not something that's sustainable áá greenland's ice sheet shed around 11 billion tons of surface ice in just one day in august - that's enough to fill around 4.4 million olympic- sized swimming pools.

The mayor of costal kulusuk, greenland says they're áfeelingá climate change with more ferocious storms: house is noise because of this extreme weather - because of the wind?

Because strong wind.

And& nearby, in the picturesque port town of tasiilaq & nats - museum / walk-and-talk w/ seth rasmus poulsen took freelance work at this museum of inuit culture.

His winter sport- adventure business had a shorter season.

Last year was extremely good - we had a lot of snow a lot of ice - we were able to do dogsledding into the first week in june - this year i had to close down my business for winter activities in the middle of april.

Summer came sooner?

Summer came very, very, very much sooner áá at the glacier, david holland and his team have been surprised to learn just how "finicky" t atmosphere is.

People say the climate will change by a degree or something - in the tropics i don't think that matters but when you're at the freezing point - minus half a degree below is freezing - plus a half a degree above is melting.

One degree is everything.

They're collecting data to understand áwhatá is happening& so sceintists can then tackle the question: áwhyá.

Seth doane, helheim glacier, greenland.

One of america's oldest gunmakers says it's suspending production of the ar-15 rifle.

That model has been used in a number of mass shootings.

Jeff pegues tells us what's behind the company's decision.

The ar-15 is among the most lethal -- and most popular guns you can buy in america...with 11 million currently on the streets.

But in a statement today, colt, the west- hartford-based company that manufactures the rifle, announced that it was suspending production for the civilian market, because there are already so many of the weapons out there.

The ar-15-style weapon is the gun of choice for many mass shooters...from the massacres at newtown, to parkland, to las vegas... but in the wake of these shootings, there has been a backlash against the military style weapons which can kill several people within this gunman in dallas 3 years ago who killed 5 policemen.

Families of the newtown victims have sued other gunmakers....and democratic presidential candidate beto o'rouke, who represented el paso in congress, recently called for the guns to be confiscated.

"hell, yes, we'r going to take your ar-15, your ak-47."

Colt's decision comes as many mass retailers have announced they would stop selling guns and ammunition that can be used in assault style weapons.

A gun rights advocate we spoke with dismissed the idea that colt's decision today will affect the sale of ar-15's.

A spokesman for national shooting sports foundation said americas appetite for the rifle remains strong.

Brothers in business.

Meet these young entrepreneurs who are using their earning business owners are out there making money-- and not just for themselves.

Errol barnett shows how they're lighting the way.

At this maryland farmers market, the gill brothers are selling their own homemade candles.

Eight year-old austin, pushes his favorite.

" to me it smells like watermelon bubble gum" two years ago, austin with his brothers colin - who is thirteen and ryan - who is eleven, were looking for a way to make some pocket money.

" had you ever thought about candles before it was time to make a business?

" no not at all " they call their company freres branchiaux - "gil brothers" i french - and they decided not to keep all the earnings for themselves.

They now donate an average of five hundred dollars a month to area homeless shelters.

"why is tha something you want to do" "because th community gives to us, we want to give back" each brother has his own role to play.

"i pour th fragrance into the pitcher" "interesting this is gonna smell good" on top of school and sports committments, they produce ten to fifteen batches of candles a day.

"the wax is ove 200 degrees, and it really hurts when you get burned" // "ha any of you burned yourself/" / three young men using their own burning passion to light up the lives of others.

Errol barnett, cbs news, indian head, maryland.

We'll that and more on the next midmorning.

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