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Friday, September 30, 2022


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Well we mentioned it earlier in the show ... now we take another look at a memorable daytoan 500.

Daytona international speedway celebrates 60 years of this race ... and they sure brought out all the stops.

From peyton manning in the pace car ... to dale earnhardt junior ... on the track a year ago ... telling the drivers to start their engines.

And let's remember danica patrick said this would be the last race of her nascar career.

Unfortunately ... her afternoon ended early ... caught up in one of many wrecks on the day.

This race went to overtime ... where there was yet another incident.

Perhaps a little bit of controversy as austin dillon stays aggressive ... taps the back of eric al-muh-rola ... and he goes into the wall.

With nobody left in front of him ... dillon takes the checkered flag ... and wins the daytona 500.

An emotional bubba wallace finished second in the race ... and perhaps his reaction was even better than the winner's.

"" "... i'm proud to be a part of it and make some history here tonight."

Back here in evansville ... it's one of the biggest games of the year for purple aces men's basketball.

The first place team in the missouri valley is in the house.

And despite the recent struggles ... u-e was keeping up with the ramblers.

This is ryan taylor with the bucket ... part of a 27 point night for the aces leading scorer.

However ... even with it being a three-point game with four-24 to play ... evansville didn't have enough left in the tank.

Not sure if it's being shorthanded or overall fatigue ... but loyola outscored evansville 16 to nine down the stretch ... and wins by 10.

76 to 66 is the final.

That's three in a row now ... and losses in four of the last five conference games.

The boys basketball playoffs in indiana are right around the corner ... and if it isn't sinking in yet ... how about we go through some of the sectional pairings.

We start in 4-a ... the north sectional features a first round bye for castle and reitz.

The knights play the winner of harrison jasper ... and the panthers play the winner of north and central.

Quickly moving to three-a ... tough matchup for princeton and vincennes lincoln in the first round ... playing each other for a date with washington.

Then at the boonville sectional ... bosse and memorial are at opposite ends of the bracket and may be on a collision course.

In 2-a the tecumseh sectional played at castle.

A loaded day one ... with perry central the only team on a bye.

Meanwhile in 1-a ... rivet takes on washington catholic with the winner facing host loogootee.

And finally ... wood memorial and northeast dubois have a play-in game to face cannelton.

I know those were quick so if you want a better look head to wevv dot com.

Eldorado basketball has been making a splash on the illinois side ... and with most of the team on their last ride ... they are hoping it doesn't end anytime soon.

27 and two on the year after a win over edwards county ... and a lot of it is thanks to the eldorado way.

It's a blue collar town ... and that means the players on the court have a gritty attitude.

Even if they are outmatched on the floor in terms of talent ... they will never be outworked.

"" "" "... if you don't like it oh well."

And while eldor-ay-doh has found its montra ... union county girls basketball is still working out the kinks.

With plenty of underclassmen getting quality minutes ... it's been a learning season for the bravettes.

However ... things seem to be coming together at the right time ... and u-c-h-s is ready for its first postseason game against webster county.

"" "... so i'm looking forward to the district tournament."

And still to come in sports ... that same union county celebrated a third straight wrestling state title.

That's right around the corner on 44news at nine.


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Union county and wrestling state titles seem to go hand-in-hand.

Over the last 12 years ... they have seven state championships ... and if you go back a little further ... the team has won 15 straight regional titles.

But the braves fans will never stop coming out to celebrate when u-c-h-s bring home another trophy.

Union county secured the 2018 title saturday ... and showed it off to the community at a pep rally.

Senior saul ervin and sophomore matthias ervin both won state titles ... as the braves won a third straight championship.

The success the program has ahd over the years shows what a good community ... and solid work ethic can do for a sport.

"" "" "... i think what helps drive them."

Believe it or not it is baseball season ... and the university of evansville had a tough matchup against kentucky.

The wildcats win this one eight to four ... but sophomores craig shepherd and kenton crews each had two hits on the day.

Meanwhile ... k-w-c lost a double-header against u-indy ... nine to seven and three to four.

That drops them to two and three on the year.

As for the evansville thunderbolts ... they try to avoid 11 straight losses ... on the road against the huntsville havoc.

But instead ... the free fall continues.

This time a six to one loss.

At one time second in the league ... the skid has the thunderbolts in eighth place.

Next up are two home games against the macon mayhem and peoria rivermen.

There you go!


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