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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 27, 2018

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 27, 2018
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 27, 2018

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today's highlights include actors from the Starkville High School production of "Little Shop of Horrors".

We hear -- gary new york city councilmen are working on a bill that gives workers the right to disconnect when they clock out.

And, we look at a study on sleep trackers.

Plus, a preview of the starkville high school theatre department's latest production.

Midmorning starts right now.

For for many americans, the work day never ends.

Employees are answering emails and texts from home, and never actually getting down-time.

Now a new york city bill is looking to change that- giving workers the right to disconnect.

Laura podesta reports.

William bell is a concierge at a busy new york city hotel.

Sometimes he gets work emails at 3 in the morning.

"i feel compelle to answer them, in order to do a good job.

I mean, 9 to 5 is good."

Bell could soon be protected by a "right t disconnect" legislation in new york city.

The bill would make it illegal for an employer with more than 10 workers to require employees to answer work communications outside of work hours.

New york city councilman rafael espinal introduced the bill &.hoping to draw a line between work and personal life.

12:43:21 "checkin our work email, waiting for an impending call from our bosses, and we live under that anxiety, never really taking a chance to decompress."

The law would fine employers who retaliate against workers who don't respond to emails and texts sent after hours.

"critics of thi bill say it won't work..

Since many businesses operate outside normal hours to give customers immediate assistance."

A law like this doesn't understand 2018.

A lot of businesses have to operate around the clock.

A recent study from us researchers found workers spend about 8 hours a week sending emails after work.

Councilman espinal says clear boundaries need to be set.

Sot: recharge and come back to work the next day at optimal level he says that's a win win for the employee..

And the employer.

Laura podesta, cbs news new york.

New york city's bill is modeled after a "right t disconnect" la passed in france last year.

A popular "personals website has been disconnected.

It all has to do with a concern about human trafficking.

Lindsey eaton has more.

On craigslist you can search for a job, a car or even a place to live---but the personal section on the site no longer exists "the first thing said was hooray, hooray."

Congress passed a bill called the fight online sex trafficking act.

It imposes tougher penalties for anyone who operates an online service that helps facilitate prostitution.

These new rules caused the classified site to pull its personal ads.

"it?s definitely good move for craigslist to take them down, thank god."

Suzanne bautista is the program director at hope center indy---a refuge center helping women who are escaping trafficking.

She says every one of the women currently staying here have been exploited online and that includes on craigslist.

"it exists here, i exists there it exits in your backyard, in your front yard."

Bautista says many times victims are forced to write their own online profiles so it looks like it wasn?t created by a sex trafficker.

"at the same tim we have to remember the woman and that are still out there and the children that are still out there because it?s just going to drive the traffickers underground."

In just the past year the number of trafficking cases reported to national helplines increased.

Under this new legislation--victi ms would be able to take legal action against the websites.

"if we can ge these blows one by one , chip away at it, it?s been going on a long time."

When you click on the personals section---you can see the statement craigslist posted - in part is says "any tool o service can be misused.

We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline.

Hopefully we can bring them back some day."

Women are serving-up change in the restaurant industry.

Laura podesta reports from new york city, where a food delivery service is helping customers support the push for equal opportunity.

- chef amanda cohen says she was at a disadvantage when she opened her acclaimed vegetarian restaurant dirt candy- in highly competitive new york city: the erwere there were also fewer women to mentor her.

Only 19% of chefs in the u.s. are women and just 7% are head chefs.

Cohen is in that minority.

She sits on the board of women chefs and restauranteurs, or wcr, an organization working to give more women a seat at the table.

"i feel responsibility to my staff and to other female chefs not to give up and to keep pushing and to keep talking because i think this is what's making a difference."

Now the delivery service grub hub is offering a way to serve women in the culinary industry.

"it's an initiativ to support restaurants across the nation.

Laura: restaurant her.

Rep: restaurant her is the name."

Grubhub is donating a dollar to wrc ...up to 100 thousand..for every person who pledges to support women- led restaurants on restauranther.c om in march.

The site features this interactive map to help find those restaurants.

Cohen says it's only one ingredient in the recipe for women's success.

"women stil aren't getting enough financial backing.

I still don't think our cooking is as valued as male cooking and i think we've seen some progress with cooking and awards, but these are baby steps."

The wcr is working to pick up the pace by providing guidance and support for women - following in the footsteps of the female chefs-and owners-who came before them.

Laura podesta, cbs news, new york.

Chef amanda cohen is one of five finalists for the james beard award for best chef in nyc.

Three of those five finalists are women.

Still to come on mid morning, what's keeping you up at night.

Tracking your sleep just ahea.d a visit to the barber usually just means a trim ... maybe a shave ... and some conversation.

Well, dr. jon lapook takes us to a barber shop where customers are also getting much needed medical checkups.

: i came in one day at 6 o'clock - and they were here already.

Mark sims was in for his weekly morning cut when barber eric muhammad and a medical team ambushed him with a blood pressure monitor.

I set him up.

A: yeah he set me up.

Sims was startled by the reading.

It was sky high.

175 over 125, which is stroke bound.

Sims was part of a study that turned barber shops into de facto clinics, and barbers into health advocates.

It's a win if we could just save one life clients diagnosed with hypertension were prescribed medication ... and follow-up with pharmacists.

Muhammad helped recruit other barbers and is listed as a study co-author, the pharmacist made it really convenient by bringing medical care that is both rigorous and convenient to the barber shop so it was really one stop shopping after six months, men saw their blood pressure drop nearly 30 points.

Natpop ravenell doctor joseph ravenell runs a health screening program for nyu langone at new york city barber shops like harlem masters.

"there's a ches set , cushy chairs, and friendly faces& a lot less intimidating than a typical doctors office.

"this is definitel higher than we would like to see" 65 year old john dais is a regular.

"thank you s much and i look forward to seeing you in the office.

- you got it.

While the doc was in, owner polo greene sat him down for a shave and haircut.

Ravenell: black men in particular are really under represented in primary health care settings for a whole number of reasons including access, including medical mistrust.

So they may not necessarily trust the system but they trust polo.

Polo: i'm considered a head doctor.

You're the head doc right here.

A: and i get in their head while they're getting their hair cut and you know we generally start a good conversation about health.

533 i give them that push that encouragement that it's ok to go see the doctor..

Narration: the next move for ravenell and his team is to spread the word on colon cancer screening.

Dr jon lapook cbs news new york it's an incredible place with a very odd name -- and it might just change your thinking about the concept -- of a retirement home.

Sue calberg' has the story from texas.

So the name of this place is our exit strategy.

" "people who hear it for th first time go 'it sounds like a suicide cult."

Far from it!

"i arrive here and it's like, feel like i breathe a big sigh.

I'm home.

I can relax."

Four life-long friends came to the llano river not to die, but to live their best life in retirement, in four tiny cottages, all in a row.

"and the nice thing is the there are people to support you when you have a problem."

"happy birthday to you!

They all wanted private space, but fun, fellowship and community resources, so there's a big common house too.

"we don't all need big kitchens we don't all need washers and dryers."

The best part?

The partners aren't here all the time, so... "we do rent out the compoun on airbnb and home away.

" if you're looking for a pristine party place... "so being out here, not just i nature, but in silence, it's just such a treat!"

At kens 5 dot com, you'll find a link.

On the llano river, sue calberg kens 5 eyewitness news.

More and more people are using their phone to track their sleep habits.

Nikki battiste has the findings of a new study.

Getting a good night's sleep used to be a challenge for sarah collier nats: but the 42 year old says once she started monitoring her sleep with her fitbit six years ago&she's had more restful nights.

Sot: //i have to be much more routine based.

Take the dog for a walk--and try to be in bed by 9:30--and then with the idea of being asleep by 10.

And then waking up by 6:30.

Now a new study from nyu school of medicine looks at using popular phone apps that track sleep.

The study found that sleep tracking is a constellation of other healthy habits.

People who reported sleep tracking also reported really good nutrition and regular exercise habits.

Dr. rebecca robbins is the author of the study which also shows men are more likely than women to track their sleep.

The most popular apps for sleep tracking in the study were fit it bit, lose it and apple health.

People really liking the ability to collect data about their behaviors from a day to day to basis and then improve those behaviors.

Tracking her sleep led sara to make some big changes.

I've discovered that i need to turn off all screens an hour before i actually think i'm going to go to sleep.

// //i've noticed that having drinks at night--unfortuna tely--affects my sleep.

I've noticed having caffeine after 4pm affects my sleep she says she's now averaging a good 8 hours of sleep a night.

Nb, cbs news, new york.

Dr. robbins cautions more study is needed to see how effectively apps measure sleep and how those measurements can be used to gauge changes in sleep patterns.

When we come back, the story of a boy, a girl and a plant.

Little shop of horrors ahead on it 's aunky it's a funky rock musical and its coming to a stage near you soon.

Starkville high school drama students are rehearsing little shop of horrors.

Senior noah knox and sophomore elizabeth balzli are taking on the lead roles of seymour and audrey.


Shs auditorium april 5, 6, 7, at 7:30 april 8 at 2:30 tickets are $7 at the door e the second time someone hires on little shop of horrors is the aggregate and is well with you and tuesday through friday weekend is a popular musical is a little bit of the plot of the shop is as follows mike is try to get us get rolled that family lives a process is that feed blood flow to the things happening in his life by the same time doing more and you will you will you silly little music dance numbers what your favorite part of the musical production opening night rehearsal really fun for me to believe in singing the longtime is exciting to see how the other musical and legally blonde my freshman i don't i have done and alice wonderland.

Was i to say the last when the seal is the road runs and six and seven runs and six and 77seven 730 april 8 and will be there when i was a 20 odd years ago we had greensboro center can be cast for not having a little over 20 maybe 30 in time cast will take a lot of hard preparation of the one thing that happened to look out for what it musical number is number over the was establish a more and has there are you trying to invite alumni at the high school that the first production year by the please come back and see it coming up on april 5 six and is the h annow - and now to the n- c-aa basketball tournament's "final four.

We're over the moon that our lady dawgs are going back.

But the big story this year for the men's teams is the loyola of chicago ramblers.

If you haven't heard by now -- the star of the team is their chaplain -- sister jean.

Meg oliver has more on the 98 year old nun who's stealing the show.

As the celebration for loyola chicago exploded with confetti, cheers and players cutting pieces of net.

Their secret weapon soaked it in with that angelic smile on the sideline.

Sot/nats 98-year-old sister jean has reached celebrity status.

Nats/prayers known for her prayers before the game... nats/hugging after and infamous hugs after... the team chaplain has guided loyola in a blessed turn of events.

Nats//20180324 - sat0100 1:08 "here' custer- the catch- the shoot it's good!"

The ramblers run to the final four came out of nowhere.

The last time the team made the tournament was 1985.

Nats/20180324 - sat0100 :54 "richardso and he hits it!

And a chance at a four point play!!!"

On the attack from the start saturday loyola chicago came out strong sinking shot after shot.

Nats/20180324 - sat0100 :09 "williamson hits it- foul!"

The ramblers dominated against ninth seed kansas state.

In the end they crushed the wildcats 78- 62.

They are the last double digit seed team left in the tournament.

Sot/coach media id 20180324 - sat0101 1:33 "you have t have high character guys that believe."

A historic run that have some believing in divine intervention.

Sot/sister jean " have loyola going to the sweet 16.

But i have a second bracket, which i call the cinderella dream bracket, where i have them going to the final game."

Loyola chicago will try to become the lowest seeded team to win a national championship.

Meg oliver cbs news new york.

If you are a fan of the young and the restless, you probably know this already.

There have been a lot of stars who have appeared on the show.

As the young and the restless marks its 45th anniversary this week, take a look back at 45 famous alums of television's most-watched daytime drama.

From actors who were full- fledged cast members like eva longoria, shemar moore, justin hartley and the late paul walker, to bold- faced names who dropped by for buzzworthy guest appearances, genoa city has had no shortage of a-list visitors through the years!

Here's the list of 45 stars who have appeared on the young & the restless: ?tom selleck ?katy perry ?eva longoria ?pat benatar ?vivica a.

Fox ?wayne gretzky ?enrique iglesias ?jewel ?little richard ?shemar moore ?tara lipinski ?paul walker ?david hasselhoff ?george takei ?lionel richie ?smokey robinson ?justin hartley ?eddie cibrian ?jesse ventura ?penn badgley ?trace adkins ?corbin bernsen ?meredith baxter ?justin baldoni ?julie chen ?adam brody ?bronson pinchot ?michael gross ?erika girardi ?sally kellerman ?ray wise ?sheryl underwood ?wayne brady ?catherine bach ?john o'hurley ?diana degarmo ?eva marcille ?phil morris ?il divo ?della reese ?nichelle nichols ?josh gracin ?susan olsen ?colby donaldson ?jerri manthey the young and the restless airs weekdays here on wcbi at 11:00 a.m.

That and more on the next midmorning.

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