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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 17, 2018

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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 17, 2018
Midmorning With Aundrea - July 17, 2018

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, we take a hard look at the lawsuits surrounding Johnson & Johnson's baby powder widely believed to have a link to ovarian cancer.

Also, if you'd like a simpler and less stressful way of raising your kids, you might want to check out "minimalist parenting".

And finally, we take a look at a flying car developed in Silicon Valley that may represent the future of transportation.

This mornimorehan more than 4- billion dollars.

More on the lawsuit involving johnson and johnson.

And, surving road trips.

Some tips in today's "mom to mom.

Plus, students give their former music teacher the gift of a lifetime.

Midmorning starts right now.

We hear a lot about opiods from medical experts.

They are talking about pain pills.

Pain medication can be highly addictive.

And patients can find themselves hooked before they know it.

Now a team of researchers in north carolina hope they may have an answer - to providing pain relief and eliminating addiction.

Dr. bryan roth has studied opioids for 33 years, paying close attention to the epidemic taking hold across the nation.

"it's basically, i would say, health crisis of catastrophic proportions," roth said.

"in t last year, more than 50,000 people died from opioid overdoses in the u.s., which is more than the number of americans that died during all the years in the vietnam war.

And this year, it's even going to be more."

But this year, the pharmacology professor and other scientists at the university of north carolina's school of medicine have made a discovery looking at how opioids react with the brain.

He and others at his lab hope to develop a different kind of medicine.

One, roth said, would be designed to treat pain without possibly causing it.

"these new medications woul be safer," he said.

"th wouldn't kill people when they take overdoses, and hopefully they would be non- addictive as well."

Roth said he and his team made findings back in january.

That includes a diagram showing an opioid, and how it binds with the receptor of the brain.

He says this discovery allows scientists to have a clear vision to develop a new kind of opioid with fewer side effects and has led his team to start recent testing in mice with a new drug.

"it's very effective at relievin pain," roth said.

"it does n appear to have any addictive properties.

It does not cause dependence, and does not cause overdose."

He and others hope to eventually see a drug for ma hans tt humans that could be a cure to help the country.

"i qui c "i'm quite confident th someone will basically find the magic key here," he said.

" may be my lab.

It may be another lab.

But i think that we have the structure is the key thing that's pushing it all forward."

Roth mentioned he hopes to see testing in humans starting in the next two years.

A jury in st.

Louis has awarded nearly four- point-seven billion dollars in damages to a group of women who said "johnson an johnson" talcu products caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

As jericka duncan reports -- the company is still battling thousands of cases involving its baby powder.

Correspondent: jericka duncan restrictions: -this story contains 3rd party material from the following sources: --aptn .

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-- -- ---- ------ suggested intro: a jury in st.

Louis has awarded nearly four-point-seven billion dollars in damages to a group of women who said "johnson an johnson" talcu products caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

As jericka duncan reports -- the company is still battling thousands of cases involving its baby powder.

Script: i hope it sends a message to johnson & johnson 61-year-old toni roberts believes johnson & johnson talcum powder products caused her ovarian cancer.

And a jury in missouri agrees.

Yesterday it ordered johnson & johnson to pay roberts and 21 other plaintiffs nearly 4 point 7 billion in damages.

Their attorneys argued the pharmaceutical company sold and potentially ?still?

Sells talc products- like baby powder - contaminated with asbestos - a mineral found in talc that has been linked to lung cancer.

Roberts says she began using johnson & johnson powder products as a teen, for feminine hygiene purposes and was diagnosed with cancer in 2014.

I was surprised when i developed some indigestion.

And within a matter of a week or so i was told i had ovarian cancer.

But the science linking johnson and johnson's products to cancer is mixed.

The american cancer society says, "there i very little evidence at this time that any other forms of cancer are linked with consumer use of talcum powder."

In a statement, johnson & johnson said they were deeply disappointed in the verdict, and the company "&remain confident that its products do not contain asbestos and do not cause ovarian cancer and intends to pursue all available appellate remedies."

In some previous cases the company has successfully appealed.

Cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman johnson & johnson is very confident that this will be reduced by the judge or reversed on appeal toni roberts says she may not live to see what happens next.

Her cancer is now terminal.

14;14;09;13 this is not how i wanted to live out my life.

I wanted to spend time with my sons, i wanted to spend time with my grandchildren.

Icki to sticking to certain foods and a healthy diet isn't just good for your physical health, it can also have a positive impact on your mental state.

Kenneth craig spoke with a massachusetts woman who has experienced promising results with what's called nutritional psychiatry.

Shannon drenick battled anxiety and depression for years.

But today, she's not dependent on any medicines and she credits her strict, nutrient- rich diet.

Dark leafy greens, the protein, and then the healthy fats it was her doctor's recommendation and shannon says it's significantly improved her ?mental health.

I honestly think it was a game changer for me with her.

Kenneth: a game changer?

Shannon: ya.


There is emerging research and evidence that nutritional psychiatry - or using diet to treat mood disorders, such as depression - is beneficial.

Doctor eva selhub has been treating shannon for the past 14 years.

Kenneth: how do the foods we eat affect our brains?

Eva: in many, many different ways.

Remember your brain needs fuel, and even though it's a very small part of your body - it takes 20 percent of your fuel doctor selhub says that fuel & directly affects the structure and function of your brain, and ultimately your mood.

She also prescribes fermented foods and probiotics for gut benefits, which she says can reduce anxiety levels and stress.

And a mediterranean or japenese diet.

... which is high in fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds, and proteins and fats& we see that depression is alleviated, we have more energy we're happier.

Shannon's typical lunch includes kale, chicken and avacado.

She exercises regularly and says she hasn't had a panic attack in years.

I feel healthy, happy.

She says it takes discipline to stick to the plan - but when she's on track she's never felt better.

Kenneth craig, cbs news, natick, massachusetts.

Some of the fermented foods dr. selhub prescribes include kimchi, miso, sauerkraut, pickles, and kombucha.

Having a morning cup of java -- and another and another -- might prolong your life.

James dinan has more.

Looking for another reason to enjoy that cup of joe throughout your day?

Well, look no further.

A new study published in the 'journal of the american medical association' shows that drinking several cups of your favorite coffee a day could be associated with a lower risk of early death.

According to the lead researcher, erikka loftfield& an epidemiologist at the national cancer institute who spoke with online news outlet "health day"& any benefi aren't from the caffeine itself... those who drank decaf also saw a lower risk.

There are many other non- caffeine components in coffee that might play a role.

The study collected data from more than 500-thousand people over a 10-year period...and researchers found that individuals who drank eight or more cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of dying by nearly 15-percent.

And for the people who drank slightly fewer cups a day... the risk was cut by 16-percent.

While having your daily javamight offer some moderate health benefits, a nutritionist at new york university who also spoke to "health day"... warns coff alone can't balance outunhealthy habits like smoking or eating processed foods.

For today's health minute, i'm james dinan.

Slow down.

When we come back, a new movement to get back to the basics.

Mid morning will be we he th we have those conversations from time to time - with family and friends.

Talks about the good old days, when life was simpler.

We had less and did more together - as a family.

There's a name for that now.

It's called being a minimalist parent.

Here's that story.

Mom reading to kids parenting is a beautiful thing.

Nat sound kids but it can get a little crazy sometimes.

Jessica jones-parent: right before my second child was born i started to realize that i just felt overwhelmed by things.

Jessica jones mom of two kids, full time artist, and one of the many moms now embracing minimalist parenting.

22:21:20 it feels kind of freeing.

Amanda: in your description what is minimalist parenting?

Koh: its not about living with one toy and one chair and one roll of toilet paper its more about shifting your mindset and implenti implementing practical tactics to try to reduce wherever your level of crazy is christina koh helped to write the book on minimalist parenting - a book that gained acclaim by parents all over the world.

1:30 anytime we would venture into this space of okay we don't have to be on this stressed parenting hamster wheel there's a different way to do it anytime we posted something like that, ??people responded saying oh i feel that way too the book focuses on managing time, decluttering the home space, simplifying mealtimes, streamling recreation, and prioritizing self-care.

The real goal is to identify what is important to you and what is important to the people in your family and gradually trimming way that noise.

This is the cabinet that has all the plates all the cup everything we use in one cabinet.

For jones, she's gradually minimizing her space.

I had like 30 boxes of clothes that i went and paired down i have a box for each season each side that's just like 10 shirts 10 pants butto i just gave the rest away to the salvation army.

And maximizing her time.

Picking a few activities that you enjoy without being so overburdened by them that you're not losing quality of life she's cut internet and some cutting down on technology as well.

Sometimes its hard when my daughter is like everyone that i know has an ipad and i want one but its like i don't know if that's something that we need for jones ..

Minimalism is far from easy ..

But it's been worth it.

Minimalism is a journey and you may never feel like you've arrived there but those things are still worth while sometimes you need a few tricks up your sleeve before heading out in the car on vacation - or even to grandma's house.

Here's some ideas in this weeks mom to mom.

Welcome to mom to mom.

Today we are talking about summer road trips, and how we can make them a little bit easier on rsels.


Summer is here, and we've got vacations.

As we all know, road trips and kids do not go hand in hand.

It's more the parents asking "are we ther yet?"

Than the kids.

So let' just jump into what i have found works for my road trips.

The first thing that i have found that works really well with our road trips is this little lego box.

It's a little tin lunchbox that you fill with legos, and everything that you see here can be fit inside this little lunchbox.

Keeps your car a little bit cleaner, you won't have toys strewn out all over the place, and on the road trips they just take out their little baseplate here and they can take out their legos and create and use their imagination.

The second thing is this little baking sheet, and this can be used for all sorts of different things.

Not only can they eat on it if you're eating in the car.

They can use it as a tray, or you can also use it with a magnet for their coloring.

That way it's not shifting all over their lap.

And you can also use this as a dry erase board.

You can take the dry erase marker and write on it, draw on it, use their imagination, and it just wipes off super easy, and it keeps your car clean.

We've got a couple road trips planned, my family and i, this summer.

And i'm always looking for new ideas.

So moms, use your call to action.

Go to the mom to mom facebook page and let me know how you guys handle your road trips.

Could it be?

Is it possible?

A look into the future - and the fastest way to travel ahead on mid morning.

Er sce c ever since cars were invented, people have tried to make them fly.

Some dreamed of traveling from home to the office in minutes.

Others imagined flying vehicles that didn't look ?anything?

Like a car.

But now the dream may be ?closer?

To reality than ever.

Developers have worked on it quietly for nine years in a secret silicon valley location.

John blackstone has more.

Marcus leng willie turner, hiller aviation museum alan eustace, former vice president of knowledge at google, is on blackfly's the board of directors marcus leng calls his invention "a personal aviatio vehicle": an electric aircraft - so easy to fly you, don't need a pilot's license.

13:47:37 when you press the thumb stick to climb with this you have absolute full control leng gave cbs this morning a first look at the secret silicon valley facility where the craft he calls "blackfly" being built.

His breakthrough invention& "what we'r gonna do is just gonna run this."

&is a small but extremely powerful electric motor.

"this ca produce&" leng claims the eight-motor, single-seat aircraft can fly itself, like a drone, that's how it was tested before anybody got on board.

13:45:51 we first flew 10,000 miles.

We did a thousand plus flights // q: all autonomous a: autonomous.// 13:58:06 q: so what are the safety features?

A: well first of all we have to start off with the technology you have to employ things like triple modular redundancy, folk tolerant designs and some magic buttons like a return to home button for people who fly for the first time.

For decades flying cars have been part of a future that has never arrived.


: "this was "t commuter" - thi would have been in everybody's garage."

The hiller aviation museum in silicon valley displays several flying cars that just didn't get oue off the ground.

: thtech : the technology wasn't there.

// because they didn't have the computers.

And now the computers can actually manipulate the controls now companies around the world are developing flying cars.

Google co- founder larry page is supporting two flying car projects.

Uber is working on flying taxis.

Marcus leng wants "blackfly to be on sale next year so anyone can buy it: 13:53:17 jb q: are we talking price of a luxury mercedes?

A: price of an suv.

Q: price of an suv.

14:16:31 jb q: how long will it take to learn to fly one of these you know?

: in the simulator in five minutes.

Alan eustace, former vice president of knowledge at google, is on blackfly's the board of directors and knows about flight.

He carried by balloon into the stratosphere then parachuted nearly 136,000 feet breaking a world altitude record in 2014.

He's almost as excited about blackfly: 14:09: i've noticed in my career that things go from impossible to inevitable in a very short period of time.

It's no longer technology standing in the way he says, but rather regulations governing flight.

14:21:20 there's regulatory issues to deal with but if we could get through // you could take this vehicle you could put it out here you could fly to san francisco //and you could be there in eight minutes.

Under current federal regulations blackfly is classified as an ultralight aircraft meaning it can't fly at night or over urban areas.

It can travel just 25 miles on its electric batteries.

But the joy of flight seems unlimited.

13:48: 25: "they'r just fun to fly.

They're just incredibly fun to fly.

Instant gratification" when we come when we come back, a thank you to wonderful teachers everywhere.

Mid morning will be right back.

R 30ears for 30 years high school music teacher robert moore directed one of the greatest high school choral groups in the country, the ponca city chorale, of ponca city, oklahoma.

Now retired, moore would love nothing more than a repeat performance.

Unknown to moore, that is precisely what his former students arranged to surprise their mentor.

In a story that first ran on cbs sunday morning, here's steve hartman.

On quiet days, which they all are now, retired high school music teacher robert moore likes to pore over the list: the names of all 900 of his former students.

He spent 30 years directing one of the greatest high school choral groups in the country - the ponca city chorale of ponca city, oklahoma.

"wouldn't it be great to ge those kids back together," h said.

Unbeknownst to mr. moore, a small group of students have been plotting a surprise for the past year.

They lured him out to the country, and then hit him with the greatest gift a teacher can receive.

From across america and three foreign countries, robert moore's former students returned, nearly 300 of them, all to tell him the huge difference he made in their lives.

Many went into education.

Many more pursued music, including john atkins, who graduated in 1976.

"i had a 25 year career singin with the la opera and all around the country and it wouldn't have happened without you," john said to repay their debt of gratitude, the students rented out the old poncan theatre and put on one last how for their mentor.

Their harmonic voices, and their cumulative success, are no doubt a testament to what a good teacher can accomplish in a career.

I say good teacher, which is different from a likable teacher.

Former students said "discipline was huge," and m moore was "not warm an fuzzy."

But they said the would do anything they could to please him, and on that night, they did just that.

Tough teachers often go unappreciated for years.

But if they're good, eventually the thanks do come thundering - giving the teacher an opportunity, at last, to show his students how he felt all alg.


We'll be right back to wrap things up.

At a mor that and more on the next midmorning.

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