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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Music Monday: The Beautiful Distortion

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
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Music Monday:  The Beautiful Distortion
Music Monday: The Beautiful Distortion
Music Monday: The Beautiful Distortion

Distortion combines stellar vocals and harmonies with the to?notch musicianship of some of eastern pennsylvania's best rockers.

And we're so glad to have the group join us on this music monday!

Dave, karen, amy, chris, jeremy and tim 830 am news 830 am news >>>eve russo: it's another cold one out there today... and these belo?average temperatures won't be going away anytime soon.

Here's a live frigid look over downtown allentown.

>>>jaciel cordoba: today on 69 news at sunrise..

The southeast deals with a winter storm... we're learning more about the murder of a saudi journalist... >>>eve russo: plus...if you're having trouble remembering your dreams, there's an app for that.

>>>jaciel cordoba: good morning, i'm jaciel cordoba.

>>>eve russo: and i'm eve russo.

Those stories and more in a moment.

>>>jaciel cordoba: first, let's take a look at the roads with steve mittman in the 69 news traffic center.

>>>steve mittman: >>>jaciel cordoba: first at sunrise..

The south has been hit with a dose of winter..

Which may look pretty to some, but is causing a number of problems. >>eve russo: wfmz's alexandra hogan is joining us live in the studio with more..


>>>alexandra hogan: some of these places saw an entire winter average in one day.

Hundreds of thousands of people are starting this week without power georgia, tennessee, the carolinas, and virginia are some of the hardes?hit places by the snow an ice..

It's causing chaos on the roads as officials responded to hundreds of crashes and even more calls for service.

In a suburb of charlotte, north carolina one person died after a tree fell on a car.

The weather even grounded more than a thousand flights yesterday out of charlotte douglas international airport, affecting some here in the lehigh valley.

Different governors declared states of emergency and today many schools are closed.

>> p?01su snow and ice can make the scene outside your window look like a holiday card, but don't be fooled.

This storm is treacherous especially if you try to drive in it.

.>>alexandra hogan: part of texas saw 10 inches of snow.

North carolina received more than 14 inches.

Officials are urging people to stay off the icy roads... but some people did take the weekend to enjoy the unusual winter wonderland..

These people were sledding and cross country skiing in charlottesville, virginia and the north carolina zoo even posted a photo of nikita, a polar bear making tracks enjoying the snow.

>>alexandra hogan: some cities were hit with rain causing flooding.

The national weather service warns that that could continue through the end of the day.

>>>jaciel cordoba: new at sunrise?

A massive ?alarm fire is now under control after ripping through an apartment complex in the overbrook section of philadelphia.

It took nearly 200 firefighters and six hours to put out the flames.

Officials believe it started on the fourth floor of the apartment complex around 2:15 this morning in the 900 block of north 63rd street.

At least 50 people inside have been evacuated.

There's no word on if any of them were injured or if everyone got out.

Two firefighters were being treated after suffering minor burns.

>>>eve russo: the incoming chairman of the house judiciary committee says president trump could be impeached because of recentl?

Revealed allegations from the 2?16 campaign.

On friday, federal prosecutors wrote that michael cohen acted on trump's orders when cohen made payments to two women who claimed to have had affairs with trump.

New york representative jerry nadler says those allegations?

If proven true?

Are impeachable offenses.

But he says it's unclear whether that alone would justify congress launching impeachment proceedings.

The president had denied any wrongdoing.

>>>jaciel cordoba: new information about washington post columnist jamal khashoggi's murder has been unveiled.

>>>eve russo: we know how his life ended... and there are details of a link between the saudi crown prince and a member of the trump administration.

Correspondent john lorinc has more.

Moments after saudi journalist jamal khashoggi entered the consulate of saudi arabia in istanbul.... khashoggi was surrounded by his executioners.

Aaron miller/global affairs analyst "this was a pr?

Meditated act of willful murder, it was not a rendition."

A source briefed on the investigation into khashoggi's murder says that after a struggle, khashoggi repeated the phrase "i can't breathe."

A transcript of the incident notes screams and gasping.

And then the sound of khashoggi's body being dismembered with a saw.

Many in washington ?c, including reportedly the ??a, believe saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the kill.


Marco rubio/?

Florida "there is no way that 17 people close to him got on a charter plane, flew to a third country, went into a consulate, killed and chopped up a man, and flew back, and he didn't know about it, much less order it."

The trump administration says there's no smoking gun that links the crown prince to the killing..... and the new york times reports jared kushner, president trump's so?i?

Law and senior adviser, maintained regular talks with the prince after the murder?

Including advice on how to get past the fallout.

Mark mazzetti/new >>>eve russo: french president emmanuel macron is ready to address the nation after more than a week of public silence.

Macron is meeting with leaders to hear their concerns after four weeks of protests.

After that, he'll give a national televised address in which he's expected to propose potential solutions.

Finance experts have said the fallout from the protests could cost the economy poin?one percent of gross domestic product.

Protesters have called for end to some taxes, a rise in the minimum wage?

And macron's resignation.

>>>jaciel cordoba: british prime minister theresa may is warning lawmakers not to reject her brexit deal.

A crucial vote in parliament is scheduled for tomorrow.

May says if lawmakers vote against her divorce deal with the european union, they could take britain into "uncharted waters" and trigger a general election.

She's fighting to save the unpopular brexit plan and her job?

Ahead of the showdown in parliament.

Britain voted in 2?16 to leave the ?u, triggering a tw?year exit process.

But the bloc's top court has ruled that britain can change its mind.

>>>eve russo: the jury that convicted a man of firs?degree murder for driving his car through counte?

Protesters in virginia last year will now decide his punishment.

Jurors will reconvene today to decide james alex fields junior's sentencing.

They'll hear additional evidence and come up with a recommendation for the judge on murder and other charges.

Fields was convicted in the death of heather heyer friday.

She was part of a group who showed up to protest against white nationalists last year.

Several others were hurt.

>>>jaciel cordoba: young environmentalists are putting the pressure on potential 2020 candidates.

>>>eve russo: ahead on the news at sunrise why some people say their goals are unrealistic.

>>>jaciel cordoba: plus..

Raw cookie dough may be delicious, but the cdc wants you to say 'no.'

Details on their latest warning..

When we come back >>>eve russo: do you ever wake up in the morning, trying to remember the details of what you dreamed that night?

>>>jaciel cordoba: millions of people*d* remember, and they're learning something about themselves.

Our consumer tech reporter jamey tucker has found an app that helps you not only remember your dreams... but*contro* what you dream.

Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were in a dream?

You could choose how your dream would go?

You could control what was happening.

That's called "lucid dreaming".

And if you've experienced it, you know how awesome that can be.

This app called luci, claims to be able to train you how to remember dreams and experience more lucid dreaming.

It does this by helping you keep a record of each dream.

Since your phone is right by your bed, you wake up and jot down what you remember, and why you think you may have dreamed it.

So last night i dreamed brad paisley and i were at a club watching carrie underwood perform standup comedy.

She was great by the way, but i don't remember the jokes.

You record in the app how clear the dream was and how much you remember and if you suspect why you had the dream.

As you use the app more and more, you have a complete record of every dream you remember, which is pretty cool in itself.

All those records will, after a while, train your brain to have more lucid dreams. maybe a few times each week.

Luci is an android only app and can be found in the google play store.

Sweet dreams...i'm jamey tucker and luci is the app of the day.

>>>jaciel cordoba: prosecutors in japan have added to charges against nissan's former chairman.

They say carlos ghosn is suspected of underreporting his income by 4?millio?

Dollars over five years.

The fresh allegations allow them to extend his detention following his arrest last month.


The securities and exchange commission has also filed criminal complaints against ghosn .and another nissan executive greg kelly.

Nissan and kelly are suspected of collaborating with ghosn .

>>>eve russo: the detention of a top chinese executive in canada has forced british columbia to cancel its trade mission to china, the province says the decision was made because of the ongoing judicial process involving huawei ?

?o meng wanzhou .

She was arrested last week while changing flights in vancouver and is awaiting possible extradition to the ?s.

The ?s claims huawei used a hong kong shell company to evade ?s trade curbs on iran.

The arrest has threatened to increase trade tensions between the ?s and china.

>>>jaciel cordoba: a swedish think tank says russia has emerged as the world's secon?largest arms producer, after the ?s.

Russia passed britain, which had held the spot since 2002.

The think tank's report says the combined arm sales of russian companies amounted to 3?poin??billion dollars in 2?17.

The ?s continued to dominate the list with 42 companies accounting for 5?

Percent of total sales.

That includes the world's largest arms producer, lockheed martin.

>>>eve russo: hundreds of big investors are calling on governments to phase out coa?fired power plants, and put a price on carbon.

More than 450 asset managers?

With over 3?trillion dollars in assets?

Issued their appeal this morning, as ministers gathered in poland for the second week of a ?n climate summit.

Burning fossil fuels, like coal, is a major source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Scientists say it needs to end by the middle of the century to keep global warming below the paris climate accord's goal of ?

Poin??degrees fahrenheit.

The ?s has announced plans to pull out of the 2?15 agreement.

>>>eve russo: hundreds of young environmental activists will take to capitol hill to build support for the fight against climate change.

They're hoping to pressure 2020 presidential hopefuls to make it a top issue in their campaigns.

The group is aiming for a nationwide transition to 10?percent power from renewable sources within as little as 10 years.

No leading democratic presidential contender has signed on.

However, vermont senator bernie sanders is preparing a proposal that would broadly align with the group's goals.

>>>jaciel cordoba: blindsided general motors employees met to discuss the company's latest round of layoffs.

Workers and community leaders are demanding answers following the big layoff announcement two weeks ago.

Thousands of employees will be out of a job..

And up to five u.s. plants will close.

That decision prompted outrage from employees and lawmakers.

It's all part of a broader shift to new tech and away from traditional car production.

>>>eve russo: the ??c wants you to say "no"... to raw cookie dough.

This holiday season, you might find yourself whipping up a batch of cookies in the kitchen.

But you may want to think twice before reaching for a taste of that raw dough.

The ??c is using this holiday season to remind all the bakers out there that eating or tasting unbaked products can make you sick.

Flour and raw eggs can contain bacteria and salmonella.

So, it's better for your health to wait until the treats are fully cooked.

>>>jaciel cordoba: time to get a look at our forecast.

>>>eve russo: meteorologist matt broderick is in the weather center.

>>>matt broderick: >>>steve mittman: >>>eve russo: they are a si?piece band that delivers hoo?driven, harmon?

Heavy melodic rock, pulling from diverse styles and influences.

We're so excited to have dave, karen, amy, chris, jeremy and tim from the beautiful distortion join us live on this music monday.

>>>jaciel cordoba: >>>eve russo: it's time now to see what you thought about today's

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