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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Midmorning With Aundrea - February 22, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - February 22, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - February 22, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, a panel of our own movie savvy production crew at WCBI joins us to give their picks for this week's Academy Awards!

The website the webkeing keeping your family safe.

There's an app for your smart device for that.

We'll take a look.

And, we preview the oscars and look at movies and stars nominated.

Midmorning starts right now.

Mo thaa more than a billion smartphones were sold last year globally.

The world's top phone seller is out with a new device they hope consumers will flip for.

Chris martinez reports from los angeles.

This isn't your father's flip phone.

"i can unfold i and instantly see the map on the big screen."

Samsung unveilled a new device called the galaxy fold... a phone and tablet in one.

"coming the company showed off its new twist on the smartphone at an event in san francisco.

The device can use multiple apps at the same time.

"this is reall the future of where our devices are going."

Cnet senior reporter shara tibken says this is the first major redesign of the smartphone in years.... right now several phone makers are working on their own versions.

In november a small chinese company introduced a device that bends.

"this i something that not everyone is going to buy right away but i think eventually we're going to see all of our devices have flexible screens that you could fold up and put in your pocket."

But the new tech comes at a cost..

Prices start at nearly 2-thousand dollars.

The fold will have similar features as samsung's lastest update to its regular galaxy phone.

"the galaxy s10.

The s10 has an improved camera and a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built right into the screen.

There's also a 5- g model - which is expected to be up to 20 times faster than today's phones.

But right now 5g is only available in a few major cities.

"people in rura areas or less densely populated may not get 5g for a couple of years."

The galaxy s10 goes on sale march 8th..

The fold will be available april 26th.

Chris martinez, cbs news.

Samsung doesn't have a specific release date for 5g version but says it will be available in the coming months.

Sometimes we worry that our phones know too much.

But here's an app that encourages personal knowledge.

It's an app designed to keep you safe and let you family and friends know how to find you in an emergency.

Coming into contact with strangers can be a pretty common thing-- whether you're going on a date with someone you met online, showing up to do a job for a new client, or taking an uber.

Entrepreneur sheldon early wants to give people going into situations like those a way to let their loved ones know they're okay-- and alert them when they're not.

Sheldon early/ creator, location lockbox app 51:00 it was designed initially to target realtors and people using dating sites, college students traveling abroad, and 51:08 basically a check-in app.

His app "location lockbox became available in the app store and google play eight weeks ago.

Here's how it works-- you enter an "event" in the pho when you're going into a potentially risky situation--- you can say who you're with and where you're going.

Then at a certain time, you'll get a notification from the app checking in on you-- you'll type in a "safe" code everything's okay.

If it's not-- you type in your "panic" cod 52:11 when you put in your panic code, a text message then goes to your emergency contact that says 52:16 you were out with this person, are you at this location, and here's where your phone is at this given time.

If you don't respond when the app checks in on you, it will alert your emergency contact.

But the app only shows your location if you are not okay.

Erin spaulding / location lockbox user 14:46 it's still very private.

14:47 so it only allows people to know where you are in case it's an emergency early says that discretion is what makes location lockbox different from other safety apps.

New research in the new england journal of medicine is adding to the growing conversation about when older drivers should consider handing over the keys to the car.

More than 41- million drivers over the age of 65 are on the road today.

Vladimir duthiers looks at the struggle between independence and safety.

86-year-old joan mastrianni has been driving around albany, new york since the eisenhower administration -- when she was in her early 20's.

And while she still hits the road with her 89 year old husband anthony to run simple errands - it worries daughter kathy and her siblings, who wonder if mom should lock the keys away.

Ctm elderly drivers intv albany ny rem63 17:27:05 "&you don't wan to wait until an accident to make that decision.

You want to be able to make that decision on your own&" ctm elderly drivers intv albany ny rem63 "&we're no going that far, but to be able to go to the library and to church and the grocery store is important&" deciding áwhená to give up the keys is a personal matter that experts say should not be taken lightly& ctm duthiers elderly drivers guest iso cr471 14;22;01;25 "&when we get driver's license it's considered a big part of becoming an adult, so losing your driver's license feels like the opposite of that&" at this class on long island, new york -- senior citizens like lois and murray schnipper are brushing up on their skills& the educational course gives them a refresher on the rules of the road -- like stopping for three seconds - checking your shoulder -- and keeping their eyes on the road.

Murray: "&w sort of warn each other about certain things now like i say lois, you shouldn't be talking with your hands while you're driving ctm duthiers elderly drivers guest iso cr471 14;34;15;11 vlad: could taking away the keys away from someone who is older, be detrimental to the health of someone&" dr. aronson: "&it's absolutel detrimental, and that's proven.

It decreases ability to get to work, to have fulfilling social lives ..

Older adults who are socially isolated have huge health risks.

The mastrianni's don't want to give up driving just yet&but have a back-up plan for when they put the car in park for good.

17;15;07;24 anthony mastrianni we have uber around here and all, if we have to ultimately do that.

When it's time to talk to a loved one about possibly giving up their keys, here are a few tips: check if permanent medical conditions are preventing them from safely driving..

Such as dementia..

Have them take a driving test..

Or enroll them in driver safety courses.

Vladimir duthiers, cbs news, new york.

When we come back, we're talking hollywood and the big awards show.

It's all about the oscars next on mid morning.

Ey he ro they have rolled out the red carpet.

Final preparations are underway for this year's oscars, also known as the academy awards.

Along with the red carpet roll out, lights are going up, crews are building the set and the bleachers that will surround the entrance to the dolby theatre.


And the oscar goes to... we'll find out soon enough.

But in case you never made it to the movie theater, these guys did.

Normally behind the scenes, this morning our movie panel includes wcbi lead director shane reese, production assistant andrew raborn, and creative services photographer and editor tyler fleming lackanth "black panther "blackkklansma " "bohemia rhapsody" "the favourite "green book "roma "a star is born ice" "vice rebecca hall >> in much of hisseco hired in our they probably would have asked him to resign as oscars in you is where the oscars whoopi goldberg open eyes everyone maybe even alan ... crystal showed up the real real stars are the movie and everyone stated that till midnight the head start with the black and marble stairs big and it was being remarkable is in.

Do you have the chance of winning i don't think the nomination by it the music is that all popular blockbuster movies don't usually when you want to he is everywhere black plans and is a great movie is a true story about the first african- american.

It's funny and also have been .

... and and movie i have stopped musical numbers transitions movie 21.

Time to another man in a word for sound design .

... the favor this year's oscars, but special nominations is the favorite family is not the favorite of this panel is a very interesting movie with an interesting director.

Peace about it and that dad namicis ours our comedy is funny moments when and is losing her mindui very i the cinematography usually use the camera corner the three shots looks really cool especially by talking point of the movie will hard the green book for police the man about is my pick for best picture alamosa women has my vote i want to twice the true story ... sleep good piano player.

For in the deep south in 19 fifties placed tony's driver easily to protect them stefanos the movie ... with the book is very interesting identity that existed very interesting movie window seat with the south was 19 fifties ... better bypass just to feel safe there will get up train, business is groundbreaking yes it was sort going to be nominated lisa kilometers eventually and probably will st.

Peter's much like last thing i don't know was really good reling relaxing way to have the money is like anyway is a boisterous sure there was a job floodgates who was on tri-star netflix ... the panel type of movies some nations a star is born is a very good ... bradley cooper lady gaga simulates moving her lips emily it ... she's a great talent though she's super good though ... vice final one this red bikini is on artifacts ... he also the sword is the same thing but the cheney ... this man seemed was ... kristen bell again the bodies down this method acting is ridiculous he despised in here just for the role ld lead actor nominees ... program alike as freddie mercury and christabel is dick cheney ... misogyny thoughtfully well with ray still to this day the entire story this year when there i think you when it via mortensen riley cooper ... you actually are dicaprio ... columbia when glenn close here interesting thing we can close to nominated most donations never one must partly lady gaga i think she's going to become one of the favorite phrase was severe mental issues perfectly ... is the director ... typos during the break likely the ones list was the picture that i may was likely ... this weird category quality over quantity never nominated here is consummation good stuff for capacities cameras are

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