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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 6, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 6, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 6, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

A new bundle of joy what to expect once everyone is home.

And a baby becomes the top student in a college class.

Plus five decades later a veteran returns home.

>>> we'll be right back.

Cle-up as clean-up continues in columbus, we continues in ingi bab bringing baby home.

A new little bundle of joy brings excitement and panic all at once for new moms and dads.

This morning our pediatrician dr. keith watson talks through some common concerns parents have about their new babies and eases some fears.

Andrew raborn >> a babies ... on our brain some common concerns one of those is excessive crying babies do cry all the time and to bed they can tell you why to decide which cries what they were many nights where we did why they were crying at the time so he said a difficult parents the trick is the minute they be made a noise prize little bit russian and maybe a babies make sometimes is not stress and pain ... sometimes, on it is okay to give them a few minutes what is frail ... and is a cute name that we give into ... the technical term ... typically if you don't do anything it'll eventually go away but it can be alarming for a new parent is the cutest thing to look at on a babies head so so shampoos i can for our parents at home selenium sell some blue shampoo or head and shoulders so harmless basically what's the concern with a soft spot is soft but it's just the area where the baby school is not yet grown up together.

A soft spot is just where there is the lines for the bones to ... there is an area where the bones don't clearly come together a physician for a soft spot as far as special care for those of you that you are is jaundice is a yellowing of the skin all newborn is he babies get this every baby gets it is not always a bad thing it is a normal condition typically this first week of life if they jaundice is too high set ... we checked ... sir ea lunes easy lunches for on the go.

That's what we're learning about on this week's mom to mom.

M2m salad jars 030319 script hey moms. today on mom to mom we've got a quick and easy lunch on the go.

This is so simple.

Yes it's perfect for busy moms on the go.


That are eating in their car, it's healthy.

Your not going through the drive through.

Yes yes.

Show i'll show you how to make it.

Yes, because we're always on the run.


Right, yeah and i love this because you can prep it in advance and it doesn't get soggy because we're going to put our dressing on the bottom.


So we're going to start with chcik peas on the bottom.


And we're going to go feta, tomatoes, cumbers, shallot and then top it with romaine and put our little lid on and fridge ready to go.

I mean so simple.

So lettuce now.

Yeah, you cold do that or feta cheese.


I mean it depends on what you want on your salad really.



You can get as creative as you want.

You can shredded chicken.

It's really what you enjoy.

But the big key is keeping the dressing on the bottom.


Then you just dump it out when you're ready to eat it.


That's perfect.

That's what i like.

That was so simple and i love that you can just take it with you on the go.

Yup it's perfect.

And you can make these for the whole week, yeah, and like i said with the lettuce at the top, yes, it doesn't get soggy and you just grap, put it in your bag and go.

I love it.

So perfect.

And it's healthy.

Yeah, because so often moms are just going through the drive thru.

It saves money and it's better for you.


Yeah i love these.

Okay moms connect me on facebook and i'll see you next week.

Mom to mom is brought to you by mom two be on wilkens wise road in columbus.

Wh we me when we come back, a college classroom photo goes viral - and all for a good reason.

Mid morning will be phottake a photo taken at morehouse college in atlanta last week has gone viral on twitter.

It shows a student's commitment, a teacher's compassion, and higher education at it's best.

It's a shot of a professor holding a baby girl while teaching class.

The infant was the daughter of a student preparing for midterm exams -- a young father who couldn't find a baby sitter.

Berndt petersen reports.

It's doctor nathan alexander's job --- to solve problems. dr. alexander: "math require is to think logically - and in steps."

And this morehouse college professor will take any steps --to help a student in need -- like senior wayne hayer.

Last friday, he was a little nervous about stepping into dr. alexander's algebra class.

Wayne hayer / student: "and s -- right when i was about to turn around -- i was like i'm not doing this, i'm going home.

And right when i was about to turn around dr. alexander told me 'no.


Come, come, come.'" wayne had his baby daughter asada with him.

His wife was out getting their child's birth certificate -- and they couldn't get a sitter.

Wayne: "he saw me with m book bag and baby backpack and said -- you know what -- you could take notes better if "i held her."

Dr. alexander: "oh, she was s sweet.

She had a pacifier there, and i ws rocking her as i was doing some of the equations."

Classmate nick vaughn took the pictures that have gone viral.

Nick vaughn / classmate: "man if i could show my mom this when i get home -- she won't believe it!"

Wayne says he'll never forget this act of kindness -- from a teacher he will always look up to.

Wayne: "we see you.

A youn father trying to do your thing, bringing your baby to class.

We're not here to judge you.

We're rooting for you., that was the most important part to me."

This week, we look at what motherhood means in different countries around the globe.

This morning, we take you to finland, which is consistently ranked one of the best places to be a mom.

The country is praised for its low infant and mother mortality rates, paid maternity leave and healthcare and daycare systems. as holly williams found out, the government of finland even gives new moms a big gift.

A woman in labour has gone into cardiac arrest&.these medics need to save her life and her baby.

But this patient is just a mannequin - here at helsinki university hospital - where they have emergency drills like this one once a week.

Finland's healthcare system has helped give it the lowest maternal death rate in the world - and it's available here to everyone for next to nothing.

Doctor aydin tekay is the chief physician on the labour ward.

Every mother here gets a private room&.and even the option of a water birth.

"100 euros yo will pay, and 50% you will get back as a reimbursement."

That's under 60 dollars to have a baby&.compared with the us where the average natural birth costs over 12 thousand dollars&.and insurance doresn't cover all of it.

Holly: can what finland is doing be replicated in a country like the us?

Doctor: definitely.

Holly : there's no reason that the us can't achieve this?

Doctor: no - no reason - but just purely politics i think.

Politics, yeah.

The maternal death rate in the us has nearly doubled over the last three decades - in finland they've cut it in half.

At a play group in helsinki we met laura smith from detroit - who's living here with her finnish husband&.and their ten month old baby ella maternal death rates are even higher for african american women - one of the reasons laura chose to have ella in finland instead of back home.

My concerns mattered, my voice mattered.

They saw me, they took care of me no matter what i look like.

And that's something i couldn't be certain about in the states.

Mother and baby are also entitled to free checkups&.

&and when ella goes to day care - that'll cost less than a hundred dollars a week.

It's all paid for with tax dollars&the wealthy hand over much more in finland than the us.

: we are collecting a lot of taxes, but if you go and ask the finns "ar you ok with that?// saying yes.

We have got used with that system.

The system began in the 1930s when finland started handing out free baby boxes to new families, filled with basic necessities& &they're still giving them out today & ..the box doubles as a makeshift cot.

The government also wants parents to spend time with their babies.

In finland you're guaranteed around four months paid maternity leave by law.

And parents can then split another six months paid parental leave - though not at the same time.

For elenita and julien that's more time spent with their three daughters.

Holly: in a lot of parts of the us, there is no guaranteed paid maternity leave// of the us you have no paid maternity leave.

8 elena: well how do you do then?

The long, frozen winter in finland is hard - but this is one country where they're trying to make parenthood easier.

We'll be gi sco girl scout cookies have arrived.

Proceeds from sales fund troop activities, camping, travel, and other programs. just as important, the experience of selling cookies give these young ladies real-life work experience and a chance to develop skills like goal setting, decision making, money management and people skills.

Take a look.

Jennjone jenny jones is with the girl scouts heart of the south.

She is here this morning.

More importantly the selling of the quirkiest what it means for these straws is such as still illiterates the whole key program it teaches the important skills that so many women that lead fortune 500 companies are able to do that because of the competence still building that will start provided for them and just learning to talk to people yourself out there and get to hear that competence out there as you know sometimes those life lessons learning how to deal with people customer service is so important in adult life but at the time my incentive was physically on the prize box for me it was always early enough to summercamp and my mother i had a deal that abides old enough to do one week and should buy me a second week of summer camp for goal setting is a big deal if you reach those goals will by now.

Already in order to anybody seen him into the abyss cells do just as well as ordering we always did the first customer make it hard for the way in a great way to get the girls out the walmart paragraph making a two have to find something when he saw just as many if not more cookies during cells as they do his personal cells or increase else all the time your meeting people they don't know that while this te this teaches them how to approach people that are not familiar with under adult supervision and learning to be brave about that learning the sales pitch thing exchange is gone to college.

Actually i see online and i die and you can and order from a girl her parents have to write delivery to the order and have them shipped to the 11 their daughters have gotten very creative social media and ways the seller cookies is their new cookie this year.

This year last year's mowers were new is the second year is resource faded gray the unsecured ocular and so you have for all four dollars the parts and is we went to the top seller i've been asked nicely in men's the council's first molars will in this you are unloading that he is uncomfortable be sent coming will be right thparts the party's over.

The streets of new orleans were filled tuesday with excited parade goers catching beads from kids atop ladders to tourists ling the parade routes.

Fat tuesday or mardi gras marked the final day of the carnival season, which began on january 6.

The weather was a little cold but sunny.

Festivities began early in the morning and lasted until midnight.

The party officially ended at midnight, when police on horseback ride down bourbon street to ceremonially "clear" t street a symbol meant to mark the end of the carnival season.

This is the beginning of lent, which for many christians is a period of fasting and reflection ahead of easter.

What do you get the woman who has everything for your second anniversary as a couple?

If you're alex rodriguez, you get jennifer lopez something money can't buy.

He arranged for h-g-t-v star joanna gaines to renovate her malibu home.

J-lo told ellen degeneres last week she really wanted the star of renovation show "fixe upper" to wor on her six-point- six million dollar beach house.

The problem is, gaines works exclusively in waco, texas.

Well... a-rod made it happen for her.

Gaines and lopez have been seen checking out the beach house as a renovation is planned.

But don't worry -- she's still jenny from the block.

The block is now just the beach.

In malibu.

Tennessee has paid tribute to someone who went to war in vietnam-- and is finally home.

Jeff glor has the update.

Script: nats it was a homecoming... 51 years and one day since rich "tito lannom's plane disappeared.

Nats/funeral the 27-year-old navy navigator went missing march 1, 1968.

Finally, last september, an excavation team discovered his remains on the remote island of tra ban, off the north vietnam coast, as the colonel who led the recovery told us in hanoi last week.

Saturday marked the end of a long journey, not only for tito, but for his wife at the time, charlotte shaw.

She was among those who welcomed lannom back to his hometown of union city, tennessee,... where he was laid to rest in a graveside service with full military honors... nats lannom would have been 78 years old.

In some ways, it's been hard the last-- few weeks, some of the people calling and telling me things i didn't know.

Sweet things, you know, it's like-- time was too short.

I wish i'd known more.

We'll be th andor that and more on the next midmorning.

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