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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Midmorning With Aundrea - March 27, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 27, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 27, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, more and more robots are entering the workplace, and now they're even on the job in grocery stores!

We take a look.

And Disney maven Kelly McKellar joins us to discuss dining plans on your Disney vacation!

And we visit the Charles H.

Templeton Senior Music Museum on the campus of MSU with Chip Templeton to discuss the Ragtime Music Festival this Thursday through Saturday.

My producer, kara cordie, it's e last i the latest in smart technology for your home.

We'll take a look.

And, planning your disney dining experience.

Kelly is here.

Plus, a preview of the ragtime and jazz festival at msu.

Midmorning starts right now.

Re a mor more and more robots are being added to the workforce - carrying out tasks at warehouses and even hotels.

Now, they're even in grocery stores.

Kenneth craig got an up-close look.

There's a new employee at a supermarket near harrisburg, pennsylvania: this robot named marty who scans the aisles looking for spills and other possible hazards.

11:35:57 there are two million customers that shop in our 173 stores everywhere& we want to make sure they're safe and our associates are safe.

Nicholas bertram is the president of giant food stores which is in the process of deploying the googly-eyed gadget at all of its locations.

You can see there are actually cameras on this side, and on the other side identically cameras.

And on the back side you can see 1, 2, 3 cameras and the main one of course is right here and this is the oscillating camera all those cameras help marty spot items like this plastic we placed on the floor.

"caution hazar detected."

It even spotted a cookie crumb in the bakery.

Giant isn't alone... walmart has robots in at least 50 locations to make sure shelves are stocked.

Dozens of hotels are using them to deliver items to rooms. and 'knightscope' robots work as security guards.

As for marty - giant says its goal is ánotá to replace human workers, but to free them up to do other things.

Shoppers we talked to like the new technology.

Jl: definitely, this is the way everything is going now is with all technical things so i think it's great // i think the most important this is how helpful it can be.

"anothe customer" marty eventually will be able to do more complicated tasks... but for now it's attracting a lot of stares, and the occasional hug.

Kenneth craig, cbs news, enola pennsylvania analysts expect more than 23- thousand customer service robots will be deployed around the world by 20-22.

Make your smart home even smarter by plugging in a smart plug.

Pair it with your digital assistant like google home or amazon's alexa and there are endless ways to make your appliances and house do more work for you.

Cnet's kara tsuboi explains how it works.

A smart plug is an inexpensive and simple addition to your home or office that can help you automate your appliances.

They pop right into your regular outlets and then your appliances or electronics plug into them.

Download the corresponding apps that come with the plug onto your phone or tablet and you can begin programming your appliances.

For example, set your coffee maker to start brewing every morning at seven a-m.

Have the television automatically turn on or off at a preset time.

Even preheat your curling iron.

And if you forget to turn it off when you leave the house, you can do so through the app.

The most useful smart plugs come with features like scheduling or away mode so you can set your lamps and television to run while you're gone to keep any would-be- thieves away.

To get even more out of your smart plug, pair it with your smart speaker.

That way, you can use your voice commands through amazon alexa, google home or siri to activate your devices.

Smart plugs are widely available through amazon and start around thirteen dollars.

In san francisco, i'm kara tsuboi with cnet for cbs news.

Cbs this morning anchor norah o'donnell is recovering from an emergency appendectomy over the weekend.

Hilary lane has more on the warning signs.

Appendicitis is common, with about 300- thousand cases every year in the us.

Symptoms include abdominal pain that starts around the navel and then moves to lower right side, poor appetite, nausea and sometimes vomiting..

And fever.

The current treatment for adults is usually, laparoscopic surgery to remove the appendix.

The major risk of not having surgery from appendicitis is that it would continue to inflame and then rupture or burst .

And that can lead to a major abscess which can lead to severe sepsis , a protracted stay in the hospital and even death.

Diagnosing appendicitis can be difficult because the symptoms can be similar to other health issues so doctors usually have to rule out kidney stones, gall bladder problems and urinary tract infections.

Most patients leave the hospital a day or 2 after surgery and are back to normal activities in two to six weeks.

Researchers around the country are also currently studying using antibiotics versus surgery to treat appendicitis.


The results aren't in yet... it may show that antibiotics are just as effective at treating appendicitis.

While anyone can develop appendicitis, it most often occurs in people between the ages of 10 and 30.

Hilary lane, cbs news, new york.

Antibiotics for appendicitis may also be an option for children instead of surgery.

When we return, a look at what's on the menu at disney resorts.

Stay with us.

Mid morning the trac the attractions, the shows, the characters.

There's plenty to keep you entertained at disney.

And when it's time to eat, there's also plenty from which to choose.

Our travel expert, kelly mckellar, from magical moments is here to talk disney ding plans.

Disney ding plans who can have a ding plan?

Disney resort guests is it best to have a ding plan?

Makes your stay more all inclusive.

Saves you about 20% andrew raborn >> there are lots of vendors is still the part that's a cool is to part of the experience is getting the to do what you would do your family and a lot of the characters diner is disney dining definitely do i really need the ding can anybody dining you have to be sort of get usually saves us about 20% also makes it all in elusive so i don't have to plan for extra spending an extra cost as i've already paid for every what's the best type of plan to get eh each person gets the same thing and it her night stay is based on the number of makes ... g on as long as it's on the menu and not rush to you can includes wanting servicemen includes one character ding and you get a quick service to you all day we can have a nice table service meal for meals signature appetizer entre and dessert a full dessert by yourself so you don't have to share the it comes to snacks and user snacks wisely you can find is that actually would like a meal in itself and a lot of my guests to fill and maybe for lunch user snacks for the moment that he had lots of things left over and what do you do you don't want to leave credits on the table and tell my guests all the time don't leave him expiring on the night that you check out so that i like things to bring home the for later or to enjoy on the way home and you can also stop by guest services and health print you out a receipt that shows you how many credits you have so it's easy to on limited resource refills you can use them in the parts but you can't refill it unlimited coffee beverages when we return, how social media is influencing the styles you see in the store.

Mid morning someajor some major retailers are turning toward social media influencers after a tough few years for traditional chains.

Big name brands like brookstone, sears, payless, david's bridal and gymboree are seeking bankruptcy protection.

Some analysts are calling it a áretail apocalypseá.

Michelle miller looks at how nordstrom and other traditional names are modernizing their marketing strategies.

If you're wondering who influences arielle charnas most, look no further than her 1.2 million instagram followers.

I get a lot of it from the girls who follow me.

I mean, i don't think i'd be able to come up with this without them it's a brand she launched a decade ago when she started posting some of her daily looks on her blog something navy& i've just pretty much been putting together looks, documenting them, sharing-- the best places to shop, where to get affordable pieces-- charnas's trendsetting recommendation s on her blog and now instagram have generated a young and enthusiastic fanbase.

Now followers, hoping to copy her style, have a new way to connect.

This is something navy...a clothing and accessories line designed by charnas exclusively for nordstrom.

Michelle miller sot how do you go from being a curator to a designer?

13:48:45;17 so what was great for me and, well, what's great for influencers, in general, is that we get that feedback from our followers that brands don't.

// i can see what, you know, they are-- they gravitate towards when i post.

So, you know, if it's a bright pink sweater instead of a beige sweater i know i need to make more bright pink sweaters.// i know the girl that follows me.

I know she loves fashion but i also know that she still wants to look pretty and sexy.

Charnas bares it all on instagram... posting not only her fashion but seemingly intimate moments with her husband and daughters.

You know, you're putting all of yourself kind of out there.

Arielle charnas: 13:59:30;03 yes.

// 13:59:48;21 --that's what has-- created my-- my following is because nothing's edited.

Everything's super real and authentic.

I-- you know, i draw the line when it comes to certain things with my kids.

// 14:00:10;13 but // my job is to share my-- my journey and my life.

That journey now includes five collections with nordstrom since the partnership began last year from swimwear to basics to shoes and jewelry ... each collection taylored to her followers tastes.

And for nordstrom&som ething navy has given them something to talk about.

The first two launches were the biggest in the company's history.

They literally sold out in 24 hours one time.

Another time they crashed the website within one hour.

They made a million dollars in one day.

So she is bringing in followers of hers.

She's bringing in shoppers.

And she's bringing in dollars.

Usa today national business correspondent charisse jones says nordstrom is cashing in on charnas's relatability.

They find her both accessible and aspirational, right?

// influencers are the new authorities.

// and so for an old-school retailer like a nordstrom // to partner with a social media influencer, is really important themselves to a new audience, // and still survive at a time when old-school retailers are really struggling.

We're live guys!!

Giggling for the first time this month, the something navy collection includes children's clothing and accessories..

Charnas's daughters are both her muses and models.

Is it safe to say you're the retail industry's safe bet?

Or would you say are you saving retail for the long run?

I think we're definitely saving it.

// i think influencers are the best way to keep retail alive.

We are headed to pre-cord pre-recorded age i organized and she gave order to give you a little bit of touring around seattle is year now believe that such a salvage flag jazz music only 20 what is the inspiration and my father loved of you called in the business of music and its more of business collection but that all the various things it has to do with that manufacturing of the instruments the recordings worth of the recording industry so in your house music is the entertainment it was a little bit of education to it was part of our language it's an evolving process so over the course of the next several days thursday to saturday what are people going to experience at this ragtime festival for the americas music started with the ragtime festival ... jazz blues and others to have swing music for the first time this year is replication claire had were now introducing a little bit of jerry lee lewis's type of music will be illustrated they've been told not to terrify steinway piano organ at the right still little bit of everything ragtime music was started by the wonderful african-american musician be on the miniconference there will be some symposium opportunities mccomas on same people both nights but different set of music but here in the library in the room to our right is going to be fired many concerts will have some one-on-one time to tell their story i'll be getting them program she is just a variety of things play along with the silent movies because when those came out there was no score you had to play in life the students on campus will also be involved in the kickoff that gatsby gala feature clothing made by design students on the campus the fashion merchandising all of his phone that will be connected to this congress of sheet music will have fashion on it to get this about 30 students that have studied and now model them and for the fashion show to be familiar with our deck were in the library is a wonderful staircase of our ragtime jazz music playing in the background really enjoying all has been done also we have our department of is a cure on this is also involved to ... thon the one time we don't have to be quiet in the library will be thursday night this is a wonderful place to just come in and have a great time music sports bring people together and that's what it's all about another part of the week fantastic museums is a preview we have a fairly large room to seek different things it's a collection of different areas so that might be a musical instrument invention from the 1970s and you see all the varieties used for entertainment to see some player pianos so if you know how to play the piano you learned: have sheet music displayed in the of recordings you name it you'll see a business of music some really wonderful chat that your families can ragtime music festival it's working on thursday and saturday.

This is a campus that people can find a more the cost to attend on the website msu students can bring their id and their many other so much for having usthatnd m that and more on the

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