Mt. Pleasant's history

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Mt. Pleasant's history
historical significance of the burning of mt. pleasant church

History went up in flames.

Take a look.

[take pkg outcue:take their future duration:1:31{ááápkgáá} 2:10 some of the people buried in the back were former slaves that's how old the church is (pastor) this is what's left of the historic mt.

Pleasant baptist church.

A place that started as a place for former slaves to worship, go to school and be laid to rest.

11:12 i was just in conversation with a young man mr. huval about his grandfather tax davis that is buried at mt.

Pleasant and a week later i see in the news the church burned down i mean i was at a loss for words and now part of the history is gone (historian) a gem where family history was still being made centuries later.

3:15 it's a lot of history of people actually going to school here a lot of christenings here a lot of marriages here we have had people who planned their marriages to be here (pastor) even pastor touissant's family history.his father pastored here for 21 years then he was elected as pastor.

4:15 that's just 34 years of just our family here so it's a lot of history a lot of connections because my dad married a lot of them and i come back and married the younger generation (pastor)and while this fire did take away a building--the historic gravesite are still there and their stories will forever live on.

2:58 whoever did this they ruined a lot of people's past and 3:04 they might have took their past but they didn't take their future (pastor) 3 3 [take :megan] ááámeganáá}investigators have not confirmed whether these baptist church fires are considered arson or if they're

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