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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - July 4, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 4, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - July 4, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, AAA is anticipating a record number of travelers for the Fourth of July holiday period.

We'll take a look at the numbers.

And a mail carrier in Las Vegas got the send-off of a lifetime when he announced his retirement.

And Amanda Gorman has become the first youth poet laureate.

Today we'll hear her recite a poem for the Fourth of July accompanied by the Boston Pops Orchestra!

>> back in a od ler a food lover's paradise.

We go inside the fancy food show in new york.

And, a meeting nearly 70 years in the making.

Plus, the work of a poet and the symphony meet.

We'll take a listen.

Midmorning starts right now.

Youre a if you are about to head out the door, you will not be alone.

Huge numbers of americans are traveling for the fourth of july holiday.

Kris van cleave looks at how they are getting there.

Be it by plane train or automobile.... triple a says holiday travelers can expect plenty of company.

Kris: "how bus of a 4th of july weekend is this going to be" tamra: "it is goin to be one for the record books, we are projecting that 49 million americans will be traveling this holiday season up about 4 percent from what we saw in 2018" the tsa anticipates screening more than 12 million people at its checkpoints between today and sunday, with sunday being the busiest day.

But most vacationers- more than 41 million-are expected to drive.... including carrie accardi..

Who got an early start.

09:29:50 i can already tell i'm not going to have a great ride, waze is telling me 3:15 minutes and i'm normally 2:45 new york, detroit, san francisco and l-a can expect the most traffic today.

Atlanta, boston, and chicago will see brake-lights build friday.

And dc drivers will experience the worst of it on the way home sunday.

The good news.... prices at the pump are cheaper.

The nationwide average is down 12 cents from 2018.

09:21:38 "w definitely seeing something unique this year with gas prices going down during the summer period which we don't typically see."

Now the best bet for missing traffic is to leave on the morning of july 4th, thursday morning.

Kris van cleave, cbs news, annandale, virginia.

The fourth of july is one of the deadliest weekends for drunk driving.

Police are urging people to wear their seat belt and don't drink and drive.

Independence day is one of our most patriotic holidays.

And a former u-s marine is showing áhisá love of country in a unique way.

As nikole killion explains, he's using dance to help veterans and military families heal after deployment "so we ca actually see it, here."

Roman baca has turned his experience in combat into choreography "i used to be marine in the war and now i run a dance company."

Roman started exit 12 after deploying to iraq... "the way we wer operating... it contributed to a bit of anger, a bit of depression."

....transitioning from the battlefield to ballet was a form of therapy.

"i know peopl who said i don't want to talk about my war experience...and i was like through dance we don't have to do that."

His repertoire reflects military experiences.

"we have a piec that talks about the interaction between the military individuals and the people on the ground.

We have another piece talking about the impact of war on families."

That piece was created by dancer taylor gordon whose brother committed suicide after two deployments to afghanistan.

"exit 12 is kind o my way of trying to navigate through dealing with those feelings."

Bruce smith served during vietnam and often performs with the company.

"this is part o healing those things i didn't even pay attention too."

"one, two... when roman and his ensemble aren't on stage, they also hold movement workshops for vets and military families... like this one for gold star mothers.

"at first i wa like i can't do this, i can't do it you know it's going to be..sometimes you just have to do that."

"do you see thi as another way to serve your country?"

"i think exit 12 i not only another way to serve my country but to serve the world."

Through a healing tour of duty..

One ádanceá step at a time.

Nikole killion.

Cbs news.

Arlington virginia.


The nfl is expanding its presence in the uk.

American football stars are in london scouting for british teenagers who might follow their path to fame.

Ian lee reports from london.

Nats..boyce traing 16 year old toshane boyce didn't know much about american football a few months ago...but now he's chasing his dream of becoming a wide receiver.

I really like the game, it's kinda similar to rugby in some ways.


He's one of more than 15-hundred british teens who applied for the uk's new 'nfl academy.'


Let's go!!

Much better!!

But only 80 of the strongest, fastest, most agile will win a spot at the elite school.

This is where like i get to show them what i can do.

If they me, they take me on board.

The academy hopes to give british kids not only a shot at the nfl&but a path to college as well.

That's what we're trying to mirror here - high school football, right down from academics to the high school environment. at nfl games its one more way the nfl is trying to grow the game across the pond.

Teams have been playing in front uk crowds for more than a decade.

Nats...efe with kids english nfl stars like efe obada are a big inspiration for these kids. clip four years ago, the carolina panthers defensive end had never played the sport.

He was homeless and caught up in gangs until football changed his life.

They just remind me of myself when i was younger!

Just to have someone that's so big and known out there that's done it and has experience helpin me - it's a big feeling - i feel happy.

A game changing experience..the nfl hopes will give kids a future both on and off the field.

Nats up...chant: finish!!!

Ian lee cbs news london.

The nfl hopes to expand its uk academy in the coming years and someday, see a show down between high school students in the us and uk.

This year's hottest specialty food trends were on display at the fancy food show in new york.

Hilary lane has more on the eats that are big on flavor and are making a big impact.

Decadent chocolate, award-winning olive oil, and west african grain..

Delicious foods with a social conscience.

At the 2019 fancy food show in new york companies with a mission to give back are trending.

"we try to brin together arab and jewish women to create a better society."

Hadas lahav's company sindyanna of galilee partners arabs and israelis to produce olive oil and other products.

From job opportunities for arab women and work with arabs farmers..

To the bottle artwork created by arab and israeli children..

They want to be an example of how arab and jewish people can live in peace.

"we think this i better for the future of our children and this will be better for both sides."

Specialty foods is a 150 billion dollar industry, largely driven by millennials.

Denise purcell of the specialty food association says young people want the companies they buy from to share their values.

They are becoming more interested in what the company is about.

Not just how the product us made, but the people behind it, what they stand for.

"our purpose i to increase per capita income in west africa" philip teverow partnered with chef pierre thaim to found yole, a company that sells fonio, an ancient grain grown by small farmers in west africa.

The company is creating jobs with a processing facility in the region and introducing more consumers to fonio.

: "people ar ready for the new tastes and they haven't experienced that west african taste, by and large."

And they're eager to try new products..

That are trying to make the world a better place.

Hilary lane, cbs news, new york.

When we come back, sibling bonds.

That story ahead on mid morning.

Ma of h many of us have the best of intentions.

But when it comes down to it, how many of us really follow through.

Well, as mola lenghi reports, good deeds can be contagious.

Sisters bethany and hannah goralski lost their father, mark, last year from kidney failure... nearly a decade after receiving a kidney transplant from his son, josh bethany was ready to donate another kidney to her dad... but mark died before she had the chance.

I felt guilty when he died.

I felt like i couldn't save him.

Despite all they lost, bethany and hannah's instinct was to give.

If not to their dad... then to a stranger.

We had known what organ donation could do for people and how much of a miracle it was and we didn't want someone else to go through what we did.

The sisters stuck together... their surgeries were performed a day apart in march - and that set off a chain reaction.

10 donors and recipients met for the first time this week at northwestern memorial hospital.

Are we using gfx here to show the connections to make everything crystal clear?

I don't have 100% confidence the video will do it justice.


Hannah goralski's kidney went to julia bauchwitz..

Her friend kathryn motti donated to michael apa.

His daughter michelle's kidney went to luis sandoval... the next day, bethany's kidney went to melanie mavec whose father richard pollack paid it forward, donating a kidney to christopher heitz.... that probably was the biggest smile on my 10 year olds face - that i could go in the yard again and play catch with him 17:03:36 what a great thing you did.

I mean really -awesome it kind of puts an image to what i did, like, i wasn't able to save my dad but i was able to save someone else // // l i think even more important is knowing what they are doing with this extra borrowed time because those were such precious years to us it seems some, like julia bauchwitz, got more than just a kidney.

17:04:22 did you used to like sweets because i never had a sweet tooth before but after surgery - sweets is my middle name but all of them got a second chance.

17:04:02 it's great to have a life back.

It's been a long time ml.

Cbs news.


These stories are so fascinating.

Dna testing is changing the makeup of families and reuniting long lost relatives.

In boston, it was a meeting nearly 70 years in the making -- that was made possible through the help of d-n-a.

Two sisters met face-to-face for the first time earlier this week.

As liam martin reports... they had a lot of catching up to do.

It was an overwhelming moment -- captured on grainy cell phone video at logan this morning... as 71-year old cori rowe from lynn meets the sister she never knew she had.

Cori rowe: "i've finally met my siste after seventy one years -- which i never thought would happen in my life."

Cori was born in california and was just two when she became a ward of the state.

She was eventually adopted by a couple in lynn.

Sixty-seven year old fonda hunt grew up knowing she had a sister named corliss, but never dreamed she would find her -- until this.

Both women took d-n-a tests and bingo....fonda found the match that led her to her sister.

Fonda hunt: "i think there's my sister and i' gonna find her!"

She made contact but it wasn't easy for cori.

Cori rowe: "for a long time i didn't cal her.

I was angry at myself -- because i didn't know how i felt."

Fonda hunt: "i can understand that.

But today it all became real.

Fonda hunt: "i told her i would know he when i saw her..and i saw her....and i knew her."

Nats "this is our grandfather yours and mine."

At the beginning of a week long visit, they spent some time together exploring old photos.

For the first time, cori saw a picture of her biological mother.

Cori rowe: "this is something tha wouldn't happen to too many people, you know.

And i'm just glad it happened to me."

Fonda hunt: "just to get to know eac other .

I mean, we never had that chance, and it's our chance now."

Nats "l love you.

"i love you too sweetheart."

Fonda hunt said their mother did try and find cori... but she wasn't able to.

Just ahead, how do you say no to a sweet puppy?

Your dog may be playing you.

That story when mid morning returns.

En side when residents of a las vegas neighborhood learned their beloved, long- time letter carrier was retiring, they knew just what to do: give him a send- off that showed how much they appreciate him.

Leah pezzetti has the story.

Leah pezzetti/las vegas: "i might be dubbed snail mail but one carrier here in henderson is taking his duties to the next level, not only delivering great service but doing it with a smile."

In the fountains neighborhood in henderson... no font provided: "john is lik the best mailman i've ever had in my entire life."

One man is a letter-carrying legend.

No font provided: "john' reputation is phenomenal."

Cindy noorda/resident: "everyone in thi neighborhood feels like we were given a gift to have john as a mailman."

No font provided: "w definitely have the best mailman in the world, i am pretty sure about that."

John silva been with the postal service for 34 years and almost all of that time took the same path.

Cindy noorda/resident: "w know that having somebody for 26 years in the same neighborhood is not common."

Through 26 years in the fountains - he says he's been able to witness children grow up - create friendships - and even deliver important mail like college acceptances.

John silva/retiring mail carrier: "i liked it when i wa bringing stuff people were looking forward to finding in the mail and you had it and they were waiting on this."

So it came as a shock when a letter appeared in all of their mailboxes.

No font provided: "to m customers, hi this is john your mailman."

No font provided: "i hav written to express with sincere appreciation what a privilege it has been to serve you."

No font provided: "and wit that i have decided it is my time to retire."

Times changing... john moving on to retirement.

Cindy noorda/resident: "w couldn't have asked for a better mailman.

We'll remember him forever."

And they showed that love through big surprises on his last day.

More than 200 cards ... plus balloons and signs throughout his final route.

Cindy noorda/resident: "i kno that he did a job worthy of that and i wanted him to know how much we appreciated him and all that he did."

Saying thank you for 26 years of not just carrying mail... but caring about mail.

For now - stewart is handling delivering duties... door close nat but whoever takes over permanently... be warned.

No font provided: "nobody' going to replace john, they're going to take his job but they'll never replace him."

Care and love like this can never be replicated.

Leah pezzetti 13 action news.

New research finds 'puppy dog eyes' are an evolutionary trick that dogs use to get what they want.

Gwen baumgardner shows us how us and british scientists are teaming up to better understand our relationship with dogs.


Any dog owner can confirm, four legged friends are masters of manipulation.

''most of the time he's looking at me with his big eyes asking for food.'' but scientists say it's more than the prospect of a treat that leads to those puppy- dog-eyes.... it's evolution.

That sad puppy dog expression must have come into play sometime after the first dogs were domesticated.

Nats... researchers in the us and britain compared the anatomy and behavior of dogs to wolves and found that over thousands of years - dogs developed a distinct eyebrow movement that wolves don't have.

That eyebrow movement hijacks our emotions, triggers some kind of nurturing or caregiving response like what you see in human parents paying attention to their own infants.

Nats... experts says it makes their eyes appear a baby..creating what scientists call a 'cute factor.'

Nat sot dog owner.....- he's good with his eyes..aren't you rolly...??

Researchers agree, saying it's a dog's face that helps bond them to their owners, even more than a loveable tail wag.

Gwen baumgardner, cbs news london.

: in a prior study, researchers found that puppy dogs eyes are so effective, that dogs with more expressive faces often get adopted faster from shelters.

Fireworks are fun and exciting for many people, but they can frighten your pets.

Animal care workers suggest bringing your pets inside once the fireworks start lighting up.

Also have a picture of your pet and make sure the information on their collars are up to date.

Many humane society organizations say july 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters.

If your pet goes missing, you can call your local shelter and also use social media to help find your furry family member.

When we return, matching words and music.

The story ahead on mid morning.

Old amda gma amanda gorman is the first áyouthá poet laureate of the united states,.

Cbs asked her to write a poem for the fourth of july.

The boston pops orchestra, conducted by keith lockhart, performs one of the most famous july fourth concerts each year.

We asked them to bring music to her composition, "believer's hym for the republic."

They performed the original collaboration in boston's symphony hall.

Title: believer's hymn for the republic 12 score and 3 years ago, to be ext, exact, our founders dared to declare the world's most revolutionary act: a pact sworn for liberty and equality.

Out of many, was born one people; a teeming nation made of nations, at its very foundation a dream for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today, we gather so that our founders' words do not go diminished.

But also so that the work does not go unfinished.

For its not just in a declaration of independence but the everyday declaration of its descendants that make a people equal.

It is our right and our role to rember these words scratched on a scroll, so we may live them and heal our nation whole.

We roll up our sleeves, we believe in the dream, and these american stories, in the glory of the struggle, for it is from our struggle that comes our nation's strength, for the lengths that we fight for what is right is the fullest measure of our country's might.

And while we cannot shake or cast aside our past, every day we write the future.

Together we sign it, together we declare it, we share it, for this truth marches on inside each of us: americans know one another by our love of liberty.

Wh in ct when in fact, we are liberated by our love for one another.

We understand that a house divided cannot stand.

So let us make a pact to be the country that acts as compassionate as we are courageous.

Inhe dla in the declaration's pages, we write a new order for the ages, where out of many, we are one, bright as a sun, and bold as an eagle, a nation of all people, by all people, for all people.

Let this fourth of july move forth our cry to redeem the dream.

As we remember those words forever ignited that we the people have so long heard and recited.

That we are right to stand but are revolutionary when we stand united.

We'lbe r we'll be right back to wrap things up.

Th andor that and more on the next midmorning.

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