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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - July 18, 2019 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 18, 2019 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - July 18, 2019 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Originally aired June 19, 2019) Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, pediatrician Dr. Keith Watson joins us again to give us a warning about heat exhaustion in the blistering summer sun.

And the mystery of Stonehenge may soon be revealed as archeologists work to decode its history.

And Jacob Dickey is cooking up a storm again!

Today he makes Five Million Dollar Dip!

>> where are the that will do it for us.we ctinu we continue our conversation on summer safety with dr. keith watson.

That's just ahead.

And, he loves his diamond dogs.

A conversation with a 91-year- old fan in omaha.

Plus, we're in the kitchen with jacob dickey.

Midmorning starts right now.

Idays th friday is the first official day of summer.

We've been lucky so far, with cooler temperatures.

But, fun in the sun can quickly turn dangerous this year has already seen record heat in other areas of the country.

Jeremy roth explains how to avoid heat exhaustion and recognize the warning signs.

As the mercury begins to rise...the threat of heat- related illnesses rises with it.

Dr. holly phillips: it doesn't take much to become dehydrated.

So if the temperature is just approaching 80 degrees you can become significantly dehydrated in just 20 minutes.

Drink plenty of fluids.

If possible keep your outdoor activities to the cooler parts of the day and remember what you wear can make a difference.

Dr. ricardo martinez/ amer.

College of emerg.

Physicians: as your body gets hot, just like a car or computer, you want to dissipate heat.

So light colored, loose fitting, light-weight clothing helps keep you cool, helps you get rid of heat.

If you feel weak, a bit dizzy or out of breath this may be the first signs of heat stroke dr. holly phillips: it's when your body loses its ability to control its core temperature// people can actually stop sweating so their skin doesn't feel wet but rather really hot and dry.

If this happens... it's important to act fast.

Dr. holly phillips: make sure to call 9-1 right away and get them out of the sun into either the shade or ideally air conditioning.

For today's health minute... i'm jeremy roth.

We began a conversation on summer safety with pediatrician, dr. keith watson, when we was here for our last segment.

Staying safe in the heat is a good place to pick up the conversation.

Dr. watson joins us.

Extreme heat safety bicycle safety bug bite & sting safety anew andrew raborn >> father is more quickly and especially in sweats we sweat so much they can happen as the doctor said one of the things we often talk about a special retirement before work outside is to drink water not just after you've got hot but hydrate beforehand i said all the time my simple coach in college said this before during and after you got to be hydrated for stay hydrated while your afterwards as much the kids want to be outside some of them may be doing summer camps and things like that they would be outside the that also time you do and we haven't had the typical mississippi heat not yet but you want to try to avoid certain hours of the day you will be out in thengs and you want to be on the evenings if you want to be out during that hot part of the day you have to drink stay hydrated and go into an air- conditioned but building every 20 to 30 mass but on pricing is outside of my rollerskates over or five kids used to live on scooters and whip sticks so what's your advice and exhibited we live but it was probably the safest again as with swimming these kinds of activities left the love on safe didn't do anything beyond streams there is more than he is also your leg or arm as microsoft is there someone there to help us not by yourself respect to vehicles kids look for cars adults driving look for to pick sometimes kids are looking like we did when we were kids now quickly the other night and things are bound to happen i grew up in texas and didn't have the mosquito statistic is drives the great tree just before they go out something insect, trying to sort of become ... insect or the go out and make sure ... half the balance between showings and achievements as well.

It's better to sense were insane anything finds me to know and if they start looking ... like using a fixed infected and that's a question.the answer to one of history's great mysteries soon may be revealed.

That story ahead on mid morning.

Stonenge stonehenge in southern england is one of the most distinctive and mysterious monuments in the world, attracting about one and a half million visitors last year.

The prehistoric stone circle is thought to be up to five thousand years old.

The heaviest stone weighs 38 tons.

But no one really knows how the stones got there, or the reason they're laid out the way they are.

As ian lee reports, a piece removed from one of the stones ásix decades agoá could bring some answers.

There's a new dawn of discovery at stonehenge.

Illuminating mysteries concealed for thousands of years.

At first glance though, you might find 'the discovery', this cylinder of rock, unremarkable.

But for lewis and robin phillips it meant one thing ... their dad, robert.

Il: when you come back here do you have that connection with your father?

Lp: yes, very much so.

He talked about it and it was a very important work that he did.

In 1958, robert phillips worked on a major restoration project.... ... commissioned by the british government to make the monument safer and help historians better understand what stonehenge was and why it was there.

They drilled through the largest of the sarcen rocks, removing three stone cores lp: you can see one just there ... robert phillips was gifted one as a souvenir.

The other two - it's thought - were discarded.

Il: that core sample that you guys brought back, at the time, back in the 50s, it was just a piece... lp: of waste material.

Il: waste material, it didn't have, it wasn't perceived to have that kind of historical value?

Rp: i think that the standards of the day were a bit different too, in conservation, were a bit different to what they are now.

Fast forward six decades, phillips, now in his 90s - asked his sons to return the 'waste material' ... what came next wasnt your typical homecoming ..

"for geologists this is the holy grail really for stonehenge."

What had become a family heirloom for the phillips was - for susan greaney, an archeologist at english heritage - a key to unlock history.

"when th phillips got in touch with this, we had no idea that this even existed...'

In 1958, samples like this couldn't say much& but today it can tell a life- story& il: "and when yo learn where they're from, then what does that tell you?"

Sg: well that helps us understand the method, how they were transported, the routes that they were transported/// so it opens up a lot of new questions for us to go ahead and answer."

For archeologists there remains one question - likely as old as the stones themselves ... il: why move all these rocks to this one location?

Sg: we don't know, simple answer.

We don't know.

We think it was a prehistoric temple.

It's aligned with the movement of the sun so we think its some kind of ceremonial space/// but exactly what the stones mean/// why they built them in this way and set them up in the way we see today, there are lots of mysteries about stonehenge that we have yet to get to the bottom of.

Who knows, maybe something seemingly unremarkable, could solve the most remarkable mystery of all for cbs this morning, ian lee, stonehenge, england when we come back, a local man has followed his team for decades.

His story ahead on mmerme summertime means baseball.

From the college world series to little league fields, families are watching - and playing.

But the heavy rains this spring ruined a ball field in topeka, kansas.

So, one police officer rallied his team to give kids a place to play.

It says coach on his shirt, and he sounds like a coach, but by day robby sachs is a school resource officer with the topeka police department.

"he has taught us how we ge our leadoff of the bases and he had also taught us that we step into the throwing," sai one day baseball star, braylon wilson.

"there's a lot of life lesson that can be learned from baseball," sachs said sachs teamed up with the boys and girls club bring the topeka police athletic league back to the diamonds.

"it's been several years sinc we've had a baseball and softball team.

So, this is the first year and i just felt it was very important to get going on the right foot," sach explained.

Before the season could start, they ran into a problem.

They couldn't play on the ball field.

That's because rains destroyed the field.

So he and the pd went to work.

"it's not very easy, it's no very feasible to get them from here over to a practice location off site.

So, it was just very important for us to have a place here that we could practice on every day," sachs said while looking over the field.

With the community's help, they found equipment and resources to rebuild the infield.

Now, with sachs and fellow officers as volunteers, it's play ball!

"i feel like it's kind of m opportunity now to pass down some of that knowledge and to give the kids an opportunity to show how important it is to them," he said with pride the work isn't done.

They need to remove a lot of rocks from the donated dirt, and they are lacking bases.

But once they field is up to snuff, they hope more kids will hit it out of the park.

"i think it's very good becaus people are actually getting to do something in their life," said wilson.

Shawn wheat, 13 news.

Young baseball players dream of becoming professional baseball players.

And one catcher is on his way.

Brian vance is playing in a summer baseball league in wisconsin.

And, as you will see, he is becoming well known for keeping it loose.

His reputation precedes him.

"leadoff hitter steps into th box and says 'brian vance, i can't believe i'm in the box with a legend."

Kenosha kingfish catcher brian vance isn't a baseball legend yet, but his hobby&that's another story "we're now all watching bria vance dance in the bullpen."

That viral video changed his life "put it on sportscenter.

"it kept going and going an going.

It's up to 5 million, 6 million."

"beyonce would be proud.

Now there's new in game competitions "when i'm take c new rivals "guy catches a ball, i'm ou then i hear chirps from the other dugout 'yeah i can dance too buddy.'" even new fans "a mom comes up to me an shes' being super quiet and says my son is pitching in the next game, he's starting.

But can you please sign this ball?'

I'm like 'lady jeez i don't want your son to kill me."

What hasn't changed is brian's attitude "it's a way to have fun with th game.

People were responding to the video 'i love this it's why baseball is awesome.

People having fun, having a good time.'

That's the person and player i am.

I like keeping it loose."

The kingfish play 74 games in 76 days this season.

That grind can wear anyone down but brian hopes staying loose is one way his dancing hobby can help him build a successful baseball career.

Scott grodsky cbs 58 sports.

Our favorite baseball fan this morning is a little closer to home.

Like many of the mississippi state faithful, for this noxubee county man hope springs eternal.

Wcbi's courtney robb visited with johnny heard this weekend in omaha.

Johnny heard is a mississippi state bulldog through and through.

At 91 years old, the brooksville native attends every baseball game at dudy noble not wanting to miss a moment in diamond dawg history.

That's why he's traveled 846 miles to omaha for his seventh college world series.

This time, hopefull it's the one he sees a state championship win.

Johnny heard: "i believe w have more hustle this year than we've ever had before.

I just enjoy seeing all of them play.

I love to see jake, he hustles, rowdey hustles, all of them hustle.

We've got some boys that can hum the ball.

They're going to win this thing."

Heard has cheered his dawgs on for fourty years, thirty as a season ticket holder.

Often fond of the ron polk years at the old dude.

Johnny heard: "that was th best team that's been up here and didn't win a world series."

Scott heard: "polk was his gu and has been his guy ever since.

He loves allll these folks.

He loves lemonis, he loves cohen.

He loved all these folks, even butch thompson and these other assistants.

Ron polk and the way he carried himself smoking his cigar up in the press box.

They came up together."

He couldn't support his chosen team without his family.

The heard's always make sure he can attend every single game.

Scott: "if we didn't want to g to the game we wouldn't bring him.

I know if we had not come up here he would have been devastated.

There was no telling him no.

Somebody had to get him here."

As the years go by, johnny has been a constant at mississippi state games all throughout the country, each year being more amazed than the one before.

Johnny: "it's just unbelievabl that a little ol' team down in starkville, mississippi can play with folks like these other schools.

I'm proud of the fact that they've been here.

How many folks in the united states can say they've been to seven world series with their team?"

Courtney robb: "not many.

Johnny: "that's right, but yo have to live a long time too."

álaughterá jacob joins us from the kitchen.

We are cooking up a storm next on mid morning.

Ma dicy ma dickey calls it 5 million dollar dip because it takes just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to make!

Ingredients: 5 green onions, chopped 8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded 1.5 c mayonnaise 1/2 c bacon bits 1/2 cup sliced/crushed almonds directions 1.

Add all ingredients into a bowl 2.

Mix until combined 3.

Chill at least 2 hours.


Serve with crackers .


The holy house in the next three to's chop them up for his good will try i used sliced on the yeah slivers and the magic here is just meant is this mom's recipe while she went to a friend and she was raving about it she told me for there are no spices that you have to add honestly just the way it is ... usually refrigerated before you serve it yes and mayonnaise after several hours you might not want to after couple hours ... it doesn't taste like a streetcars man silly mix it up and give it some nice consistency and if you want to make something last-minute for a party to be a big head and i've got some ritz crackers and some other crime.

The previous this or you can smear it on bread ... his will for tapes in ways that you can keep this here is a lot of dips honestly is the brand land really easy great to come back will be right al already have another wonder what it $5 million in unison favorite crackers you like mayonnaise.

I like ... that's a good ... that flavor really some courses always whatever entire recipe and you can go on and see us make it in if you want

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