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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 6, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 6, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 6, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, we explore the higher rate of suicides for members of the Air Force and what they're doing about it.

And last week the FCC put new regulations into place to cut down on robocalls.

We'll see if these new measures have any bite.

And a tiny tyke in Kalamazoo, Michigan has become the unofficial coach of a local baseball team.

We'll meet the little fellow.

See you tomorrowment hea mental health awareness is so important.

In fact, we talk about that a lot here.

But we are learning that the air force is dealing with an epidemic of suicide.

So far this year, there have been 30 more suicides among airmen than there were by this time last year.

David martin now on what the air force is doing about it.

Wright: we lose more airmen to suicide than any other single enemy.

Even more than combat.

78 of our brothers and sisters have given up on life this year alone.

In an extraordinary video message, chief master sgt.

Kaleth wright explained why the air force is ordering a first ever suicide stand down -- a day off from training to focus on an epidemic of young people like airman xinhua mesenburg taking their own lives.

"the stres life has given me finally broke my will to live," h texted his parents just before he shot himself last january.

Wright: if we don't do something, we could lose up to 150, 160 airmen in 2019.

In the marines, 2018 was the worst year ever -- 77 suicides and 354 attempts.


Robert neller who recently retired as commandant wrote that in four years he had lost 224 marines to suicide and only four to combat.

He posted this message to facebook.

Neller: let us help.

// let us help each other.

In his letter neller speculated social media might have something to do with it.

But he walked away from his own use of social media looking discouraged.

What's happening in the military is also happening in the civilian world.

Suicide rates nationwide have gone up 31 per cent since 2001.

Among young people it is the second leading cause of death after accidents.

Sometimes a little support goes a long way.

That's what a texas man is hoping for.

He stood this week and the corner of a busy intersection, in his long sleeve shirt and tie, holding his resume, hoping to talk with someone who might hire him.

Nats - sot covered james smith "it's humbling bu sometimes you have to do what you have to do."

James smith is on a mission james smith "i just want an opportunity... he recently moved from houston to san antonio to be with his fiancee nats pop san antonio nice people but he says even with 18 years of experience in engineering and construction... as well as a degree from liberty university... he was having trouble getting an interview james smith "i've been looking for a job fo four months now."

Inspired by a man's story out of phoenix james smith "i thought if that guy can d that so can i."

James decided to take a chance james smith "i sat in the car this mornin for 45 mintues debating on whether i should do this or not but i just felt like i had to."

Standing on corner of leslie and bandera in helotes waiting for a window of opportunity james smith "i've handed out 60 resume but probably talked to 100 people today."

People kept offering him water and even money, but he wouldnt take it james smith but i said give that money to somebody that needs it."

Standing in blazing sun for hours james smith tells roxie "i'm glad your standing here i'm pretty sure he stopped because of you."

Hoping to get his resume in the right hands james smith "i just want an opportunity t work for a company to show them what i have and what i can contribute."

He says nothing will stop his determination to land a job... and start a new journey with his wife to be.

James smith "don't give up your dream g do whatever you have to do get that job james told me he was going to try another intersection tomorrow but researchers are calling the results of a new clinical trial on two drugs to treat leukemia "dramatic," a "practice changing."

The study found when used together - the drugs significantly increase survival for some leukemia patients.

Mary moloney has more.

A promising new study may help save the lives of some cancer patients.

It has to do with taking two medicines together: ibrutinib and rituximab.

According to the research -- patients suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia -- who take the drug combination -- reduce their risk of death by 83 percent.

That's compared to traditional chemotherapy.

The two medicines also lower the risk that the cancer will get worse.

Researchers say the drug combination doesn't attack the immune system like chemo.

The interim analysis of the clinical trial found that chemotherapy was better at reducing residual cancer cells in patients.

So the medications would have to be taken indefinitely.

The medicines also come with risks -- like irregular hear beat and high blood pressure.

And can be pretty pricey.

Still -- the findings -- pub in the new england journal of medicine -- are giving cancer patients new hope -- and potentially a new course of treatment.

For today's health minute -- i'm mary moloney.

Researchers also say they'll continue working on other drug combinations that could be a better alternative to chemotherapy, ideally one that won't have to be taken indefinitely there are more options for people who want to sell their homes.

But seller beware.

That story a little 's atory it's a story found in movies and television shows.

A worse case scenario where your child is in danger.

But some bad people are preying on those fears.

And, as one louisiana family found out, it is all a big scam.

ánatsá it's every parent's biggest fear - "hello?

"i have you daughter.

We are going to hurt her" your daughter calls in the middle of the night - "it was about oclock in the morning" but it's not her voice on the other end 0.10-0.00÷l3 primary 2ln÷none÷simone boustead÷'virtua l kidnapping' warning÷- ÷÷0,0÷xms:: 0.10-0.00÷l3 1l÷none÷'virtual kidnapping' warning÷- ÷÷0,0÷xms:: "a kidnappe called him, he heard whimpering in the background" in may - an apparent kidnapper called simone boustead's parents - using her cell phone number "when it wasn her voice, i said who is this" the scammer demanded money "they said the were going to hurt me unless he wired a certain sum of money into their account" 0.10-0.00÷l3 primary 2ln÷none÷yvonne bacchus÷boustea d's mom÷'virtual kidnapping' warning÷- ÷÷0,0÷xms:: 0.10-0.00÷l3 1l÷none÷'virtual kidnapping' warning÷- ÷÷0,0÷xms:: "i was goin through my head what am i going to do i was getting dressed as i was speaking to him on the phone" the whole time - she was asleep in her metairie home.

Boustead's dad didn't send money - instead he called police - who woke her up with a knock on the door.

I could hear the fear in his voice and he was like are you alright are you alright i was like yea im fine, im in my pajamas on the porch at 2 am but other than that im alright" "i was just s happy that she was fine and my granddaughter was fine" the fbi calls this 'virtual kidnapping' and it's been happening for years.

Only now - the scammers are getting smarter.

They research people on social media to find information about them - then spoof a number so it appears to be your loved one calling.

"it looked like legitimate phone call" 0.10-0.00÷l3 primary 2ln÷none÷erika ferrando÷@erika ferrandotv÷'virt ual kidnapping' warning÷- ÷÷0,0÷xms:: 0.10-0.00÷l3 1l÷none÷'virtual kidnapping' warning÷- ÷÷0,0÷xms:: they often ask for a couple thousand dollars.

The fbi says dont send them money.

Slow the situation down - while you verify your loved one is actually okay.

Call them from another phone and ask for proof that the caller has them - before you become a victim.

"im sure a lot o people will.

It sounded legitimate.

There was wimp crying in the background and it sounded like me.

When its your baby youre going to do what you can to save them" it's a relief to boustead's parents this was just a scam.

And she hopes her story saves parents and grandparents from becoming victims. in metairie - erika ferrando eyewitness news it's estimated americans receive around 150 million robocalls every day.

The fcc implemented new measures last week in an attempt to crack down on them.

Experts say it will help but won't put an end to those unwanted calls.

Lisa mateo reports.

Robocalls are a daily annoyance.

"i got 14 phon calls, 14."

And all those calls to patricia juhasz were spoofed.

"all from a 21 phone number which is our area code so it looks like a local number."

If the calls weren't bad enough, earlier this year juhasz also received a series of robo texts promising cash loans.

"what are yo doing, take me off this."

"the measure i passed."

In an effort to crack down on the messages the f-c-c approved new rules that ban spoofed texts and spoofed calls that originate from outside the u-s.

"with thes changes the fcc will be able to go after bad actors that spoof and those overseas that pray on consumers in this country."

The f-c-c has been stepping up efforts to stop unwanted calls.

In june the agency gave phone providers new power to block robocalls before they reach our devices.

"it's really a ste in the right direction."

Roger cheng is the executive editor at cnet news.

"the additiona enforcement can only help but with that said these scammers, these robocall folks are they are smart people and they've been able to continuously advance and upgrade their game.

So this isn't the end of robocalls by any measure."

But it's hoped the new measures can significantly decrease the number we get.

Phone companies are expected to implement new technology by the end of the year called stir/shaken.

It requires all calls carry an authentic digital signature.... ensuring that the number you see in the caller id is legitimate and not spoofed.

Lisa mateo, cbs news, new york.

In june the federal trade commission announced millions of dollars in fines against several robocall companies.

Want to sell your home -- instantly?

More companies are offering homeowners cash on the spot.

But as laura podesta reports, this supposedly stress-free option still comes at a cost.

Recently retired, and widowed... linda fraley wanted to sell her home -- fast.

"i needed t downsize."

"this home wa great when we had big family gatherings, now it's just kind of me."

But the idea of cleaning and fixing up her house, finding a real estate agent, and waiting weeks -- if not months -- for a buyer, was too stressful.

She turned to the real estate website zillow, which offered to purchase her home directly - for cash.

"i thought, hm!

Have nothing to lose."

Zillow, redfin, and opendoor are just some of the companies buying up homes in more than a dozen u-s cities.

"is redfin no the uber of real estate?"

"you can look a it that way."

Glenn kelman is the ceo of redfin.

He acknowledges convenience comes at a cost.

And offers are often below market value.

"whether it' zillow or redfin now, when we make an instant offer we charge a premium for that service."

The national association of realtors says that premium -- is too costly for sellers.

"they would los out on the price.

The business model is they are buying on the cheap.

It could be 10% below market price, or in some cases 15%."

Linda says she's happy with the process, and the ability to move so quickly.

"i'm so relieve i'm so happy with y'all."

Zillow is now fixing up her old house, and preparing to re-sell it, for more money.

Laura podesta cbs news, new york when we come back.

Some heroes do wear capes.

And, jackets.

And sweaters.

Fighting crime with fashion ahead form gan a former gang member is using fashion to fight crime&opening up a clothing store to help at risk young people.

Cindy pom has the story.

Nats: sifting through a clothing rack he may be selling clothes now.

But a decade ago&.mubarak mohamud&or "mo as he's known&.was in a very different business.

The former gang member sold drugs under the name "moneydoublez a few of my friends got murdered on the streets, made me think that i need to make a decision.

He decided to change his life by starting a clothing line...using money from his university loan.

Two years ago - mo opened up this shop in north london's area with high crime.

I have to ask you about the name of the store.

Why clime-it brothers?

So clime-it brothers is the idea of people coming from the bottom and trying to climb up the ladder of success.

Getting young people involved in crime off the street&and into the shop.

Not only does darlnel saunders doesn't like to talk about his past involvement with gangs.

Work here..

The 20 year old and others like him are also getting an education&upsta irs.

What do you reckon one pair will cost?

They're getting lessons on business and language.

After almost a year here&saunders is áreflectingá on his new life.

If it weren't for this guy, i would most probably be dead or in prison now.

I see their potential.

It's about showing the world that we're all humans and we need that guidance.

Mo is hoping to expand his business...and help more kids.

Cindy pom, cbs news, london.

Mo says over a hundred young people have come through the shop.

He's hoping to open up a production center in london this fall.

Brothers share a talent in the kitchen.

Their six-ar- a six-year- old assistant baseball coach, known as "coac drake" is quickl becoming a fan favorite and internet sensation.

Adorable videos show drake livingston giving pep talks to players and arguing with an umpire at kalamazoo, michigan growlers games.

Vladimir duthiers has the story from the ball field.

21;04;17;00 go growlers!

Six-year-old drake livingston has become an internet sensation 21;01;43;24 dl: i'm the pitching coach.

& with his look of determination and trademark march to the mound.

00;00;04;06 coach drake's gonna come out talking a little bit of strategy here just trying to figure out how they're gonna keep this defense they had... 21;11;26;16 bc: first people didn't know if it was a joke, what was going on quick wave of the cap &but it wasn't long before coach drake became a ástapleá at growlers games 21;08;41;05 bc: he's a serious kid.

// he wants the players to play the game the right way // and he wants the guys first and foremost to have fun, for the fans that are there to enjoy the show.

00;00;02;00 hey baby ooh ah!

He'll dance on the dugout and take pictures with fans& but like most six year olds& he's also known to throw the occasional tantrum& 00;00;03;25 out comes coach drake, he did not like the last call oh his signature move, he might get tossed... and he's gone oh no!!

Did he just say i'll be right back?

Was that the i'll be right back finger?

Drake will argue with umpires over "bad calls with the passion of a major league manager& throwing bats... and even ádumpingá buckets of balls on the field.

He holds the record for ámost ejectionsá in the northwoods league.

00;01;09;24 this is the most anger i have ever seen out of a six year old.

Spiking his hat on home plate, the ultimate sign of disrespect!

20;52;52;13 dl: drake is a very passionate kid, and there have been a few instances where his passionate is overwhelming but drake's dad cody says it's all in good fun& and for the love of the game.

20;51;21;21 dl: he's really been great with the guys and the team atmosphere of it has really been important from him.// 20;53;54;12 dl: so being around the guys, just doing anything he can for the team, has been just a godsend for him.

21;02;28;05 dl: i want to play baseball forever 21;10;38;21 bc: he brings a joy to our clubhouse and to our fanbase.

He gives more than he takes, and if you can do that in life, we'll all be in a better place.

Vd, cbs news, nyc it's worth noting the team would ánotá tell us exactly how much of coach drake's performance is an act.

But drake's dad did say they've watched baseball games together since he was a baby... so he picked up some moves that way.

The team's g-m says the next step is getting "coach drake" meet the "rea sometimes a photograph can capture pure joy.

... joy you can see on the face of a very special little boy.

Mireya villarreal has the photo and the story behind it.


Is it carson?


Hi buddy!

What are you doing?

These are the moments... every parent lives for.

The moment your child feels the same&even though he's different colleen tidd it's been a blessing for us to have someone like carson and her family with us, i mean, there are a lot of unknowns with joseph joseph was born without a left hand& one of around 2,250 babies with limb differences born in the u-s each year,according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

I got a call and she said hey we noticed something we don't see his hand and i cried, i instantly cried, but honestly i don't know why i worried, look at carson, look at joseph, they're perfect joseph's parents constantly remind their son... that his limb difference makes him unique but that he's not alone pickett plays defense for the semi-pro orlando pride... and is one of joseph's favorite players.

Carson: it's great having him in the stands, and his family// i think he's probably one of my biggest fans ct: we have gone to a couple of the games and everytime, we'll cheer on carson and she always can hear us, and she came over in that instance and we were able to take that picture this photo was snapped of the two arm-bumping after a recent game.

Q:why do you think this resonated with so may people?

A:just the look on my face it was authentic it wasn't made up i didn't plan it this photo&.

Proof... that the smallest moments can have make a huge impact.

I think/// we're so much alike and it really doesn't matter what the age difference is and that's really special to me, because he is my friend now.

A sml te a small texas baking business is generating buzz outside houston this summer -- thanks to the creative duo behind the recipes.

The mushambi brothers may only be in middle school -- but as omar villafranca shows us -- it's not just what they're whipping up.

It's how they're giving back.

Nigel mushambi // founder, 2 bros.

In the kitchen time: 38-41, 103-108 shane mushambi // founder, 2 bros.

In the kitchen time: 133-136 dr. alanna bree // pediatric dermatologist time: 228-234 ctm script: when nigel and shane mushambi are in the game room -- they're typical 12 and 13 year olds& but when they step into the kitchen -- they're a talented team& of bakers& he's probably the better baker, i'm probably the better icing man.

Yeah, it's not really a baker&it's just at decorating, i'm better at baking.

I'm better at making new recipes so it's basically roles, the pair started a baking business called " brothers in the kitchen" -- passion they've shared since they were toddlers.

Many of their recipes come from&who else?...grandma.

Omar: what is it about grandma's recipes that make it so much better they have a lot of freetime that means they have a lot of time to perfect the recipes.

Omar: is it the ingredients, is the timing, what is it?

It's just they know everything.

Their business is growing so fast -- the formal dining room has been transformed into a prep kitchen to finish all the new orders& using their love of science and math -- they cook up delicious desserts& oh, my science is really the math side.

You have to calculate the surface area of your cake, or how much flour you roll out.

The baking brothers aren't just making cookies and cupcakes& they're whipping up professional looking pastries -- like this last minute wedding cake& shane; that was a lot of trust.

Was that a lot of pressure?

Nigel: no&pffft&not too much.


Nigel; all i had to do was like bake six cakes and make icing and not play video games.

The sweetest part of their business is not what they pull out of the oven -- but what they give back to others& 45:03 "&people hav been really kind to us, with helping us bake.

// so we decided since people have been so supportive of us, we should support others&" the brothers are looking beyond the kitchen -- and helping their community& "beyond th kitchen" i actually the name of their new book.

For every book sold, they're donating one dollar to charity.

So far -- the mushambi brothers have donated áalmostá two-thousand dollars in baking profits, which includes their book donations, to various charities.

From buying school supplies for underprivileged kids -- to prison ministries.

Shane, who has a skin condition called vitiligo, which causes loss of skin color -- just recently helped out doctor alanna bree at " children's house" -- houston non- profit that helps kids with skin conditions feel comfortable in their áowná skin.

2310 "&well it touche my heart.ááááof course, i mean the fact that these boys are so selfless and so willing to make the world a better place especially for their peers um, other children that are suffering i think it's just incredible&" the mushambi brothers are saving money to upgrade their supplies -- but they don't plan to cut back on their benevolent baking& 2155 the other day someone said that you inspire me..that, that was good.

Omar: how did that hit you?

That was a good day for cbs this morning -- omar villafranca -- missouri city on the next

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