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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 23, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 23, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 23, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, we explore the dangers of pain killer addiction after surgery.

And travel maven Kelly McKellar tells us ways to save money when booking flights for your vacation.

And we meet this week's Educator of the Week!

>> it's rolling, i see it.helpng k helping kids deal with stress.

Some advice just ahead.

And, our travel expert kelly mckellar is here with advice if you're taking the plane.

Plus, meet our educator of the week.

Midmorning starts right now.

A w wain a new warning about painkiller addiction and how it can start after a common surgery.

About five million americans choose to have their wisdom teeth removed every year.

Meg oliver is here with what patients áandá parents need to know, to avoid the dangers of addiction.

Ellen earley's daughter saige was a young mother doting on her 16-month- old son julian.

In 2017 the 22- year-old needed to have her wisdom teeth removed.

Mo: the dentist prescribed the opioids.

Did he give any warning?"

Ee: "no.

N warning, no nothing.

In fact he said you know i think they gave her a five day supply and he said if you need more just let me know.

Just give a call."

Saige quickly became dependent..

Getting several refills before she found something else: mo: how quickly did it go from opioids to heroin?

Ee: i'm thinking probably almost immediately.

Just 15 months after having her wisdom teeth removed...saige overdosed and died in an airport bathroom on her way to a fourth round of rehab.

It was shocking.

I mean, because we have this ... she was gone.

But mostly gone from julian was-- that was the shocking part.

Dr. chad brummett studies pain at the university of michigan.

He says despite research showing that a combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen is superior to treat pain, dentists are still prescribing too many opioids to young adults.

These kids tend to be generally healthy, and for many, dental care, such as wisdom teeth extraction is the first opioid exposure.

So if we were to do some back of the envelope math, it could be like 50 thousand kids each year becoming new chronic opioid users after something simple like wisdom tooth extraction."

Dr. brummet's research found that simply áfillingá an opioid prescription after wisdom tooth surgery more than ádoubledá the odds of continued use among patients who had never used those painkillers before.

In light of the epidemic, the american dental association has released updated guidelines recommending use of alterative pain relievers and a maximum 7- day supply when opioids áareá necessary.

Track 9: ellen earley hopes more families learn about the alternatives to opioids after dental surgery.

Almost a year after saige's death, her grandson keeps asking when his mom is coming back.

Ellen earley " he will take me into her room and he'll say let's just wait.

Let's just wait for mama."

Mo: "to com home.

That must break your heart."

Ee: "o absolutely.


Julian is now three and will start preschool this fall.

Dr. brummett, the university of michigan researcher, told me it's still common practice for oral surgeons to write that "backup prescription, but he says it's misguided and potentially detrimental.

Meg oliver, cbs news, ny.

Contact lenses have long offered dozens of benefits for near and far sighted folks.

But getting complacent when it comes to contact care can lead to eye infections or worse.

That's why the c- d-c has declared it contact lens health week.

Mary moloney has the do's and don'ts in this report.

Contact care is all about protecting your eyes.

A common mistake... ádon'tá sleep wearing your contacts dr. david ross/optometrist: the cornea requires oxygen.

When we close our eyes at night to sleep less air gets through because the eyelids are closed.

Now we place a piece of plastic on top of the cornea... even less oxygen gets through.

ádoá wash your hands with soap and water before handling... but ádon'tá let water touch the lens dr. david ross/optometrist: acanthamoeba keratitis is a very serious infection that can occur when handling lenses with tap water... when swimming in a lake or even pools.

ádoá replace contacts as often as your doctor recommends ádontá mix fresh contact lens solution with old or used solution dr. david ross/optometrist: if you've had a case sitting around 3 or 4 months... especially if you're just topping off solution... the potential for bacterial contamination grows every day.

And despite what you might've heard... ádon'tá use saliva in place of solution dr. david ross/optometrist: there is such a tremendous bacterial load in the mouth..

It's fine in the mouth... but in the eye it can be horrifically dangerous.

For today's health minute... i'm mary moloney one final do for you... ádoá always carry a backup pair of glasses with a current prescription the bookbags are packed -- your child is ready to learn -- and experts say back to school is a perfect time to teach some important life lessons.

Mandy gaither explains.

It's that time again -- dr. stephanie walsh/children's healthcare of atlanta: "bac to school is stressful because things are new and ii think we forget how stressful it was for us when we were doing it" doctor stephanie walsh with childrens healthcare of atlanta says -- stress may manifest itself as a stomach or headache in children and teens -- but trouble with sleep is usually the first sign something is wrong.

Dr. stephanie walsh/children's healthcare of atlanta: "copin skills need to be learned when they're not stressed because when you're stressed that's when you need to use them ... not when you need to learn them.

So taking some time with your kids in a nice, quiet environment and saying, 'hey when i'm nervous i do some extra deep breathing can i talk to you about this'" walsh says teaching your child how to handle life's ups and downs now can set them up for success later in life.

Dr. stephanie walsh/children's healthcare of atlanta: "ou kids tend to be so hard on themselves and it's really important to let them figure out how to accept themselves, appreciate the fact that they were really brave in a situation where they tried and that they did their best" letting children know it's okay to fail can also help shed some stress.

In today's health minute, i'm mandy gaither.

Making sure your child gets plenty of physical activity also helps children and teens deal with stress.

When we come back - the best time to buy an airline yomay av you may travel for business or pleasure.

Sometimes flying is the only way - or the best way to get to your destination.

Our travel agent kelly mckellar is here this morning to talk airfare and tsa regulations.

How to save: where to fly from- usually less to travel from a hub or large airport- like atlanta when to book- book when the prices come out.

That date is different for each airline.

It is rare these days that prices go down closer to travel!

How to book- book with a supplier through a ta or book on your own.

Inside tip- many times it is cheaper to book on your own!!

Travel agents have to up charge the air price if booked outside of a supplier.

What airline- allegiant and frontier are discount airlines.

Prices may be cheaper but keep in mind that if all seats are not sold out for a particular flight, the airline can and often does delay the flight so that it flies full.

Allow extra time to travel if you use those airline.

Travel protection- best to have travel protection that covers your whole trip.

Some airlines sell tp but you pay more if you just purchase for the air portion of your trip new tsa requirements: by october 1, 20 , you must have a real id ,if not using a passport!, to fly on commercial airlines!

- this will require a complaint license - check with your state's driver's license agency for the new star identification what do you need in msed in ms to get the new real id - certified birth certificate or passport - proof of social security number - proof residence- mortgage, utility bill, rental agreement or bill yomay av you may travel 2 o 2 by october 1, 2020 , you must have a real id ,if not using a passport!, to fly on commercial airlines!

- this will require a complaint it may look like junk, but one man is using items he finds to tell the story of his neighborhood.

Ere'that there's that saying about one person's trash is another's treasures.

One man has changed everything for his detroit neighborhood using - found items. it is a project, like the area it represents, constantly in transition.

Adriana diaz has the story.

If junar if a junkyard had a fever dream, it might look something like this .... ..scatre ... scattered in empty lots among the few remaining homes on this two- block stretch of heidelberg street are seemingly random objects that might make more sense áinsideá those homes.

But making sense seems to be the last thing on the mind of artist tyree guyton.

"peopl probably will come here and think it looks like a junkyard."



"and that's oka with you?"

"that's okay guyton grew up on this street with three generations of his family, through the rise, fall and now-renaissance of the city around it -- detroit.

"m grandfather, he was my best friend i was nine years of age when he gave me a paintbrush and told me to paint and said that the world was my canvas."

But that world imploded in 1967 when racial tensions and post-war urban decline sparked five days of deadly riots in their own backyard.

"oh, i though the world was comin' to an end in the 1967 riots.

I was 12 and that area was hit hard" "so the riots an the aftermath led to the emptying out of this neighborhood?"


"and that' really driven you ... " " ... oh yes ... " ... to brin people, bring the focus back?"

"someone had t do it, and so why not me?

"... i can see th ghosts of the people who used to live here ..."

When those people moved out, they left behind the objects that once filled their lives.

"so i decided t gather those things up and to create this magic."

"so you'r making a statement with the things that are left behind are still valuable?"

"absolutely you make it valuable."

Valuable because today, guyton's so- called heidelberg project attracts an estimated 200 thousand visitors a year from all over the world, adding more than 3 million dollars annually to the local economy.

"i just like th oddity of it all ..."

"this is a grea way to put this area on the map ..."

"it's bringing th neighborhood back to the neighborhood it's really interesting."

It also brought controversy to the neighborhood.

Some residents complained about traffic and code violations, and the city even bulldozed parts of it twice.

"i don't min getting in trouble first and apologizing later if necessary."

The heidelberg project is now working with the city to address those concerns, a task that falls to its president jenenne whitfield.

"it's like an other family, you got sisters and brothers that don't get along, but we never stop trying!"

A former banker, she made a wrong turn down heidelberg 26 years ago and met guyton sitting on a curb.

Today, she's also his wife.

"do you fee that your work has followed the rise and fall and rise of detroit?

"i definitely do, think it is the greatest symbol ... and as the city of detroit is kind of having this new life, so to speak, so is the heidelberg project."

Ironically, that new life means dismantling some of the installations and moving them to galleries around the world.

They have a proposal at city hall to turn this once blighted neighborhood into a vibrant artists village, with live-work studios, an arts academy and businesses that cater to them.

They've even trademarked their own school of art.

"we called i heidelbergology " "what is you definition of heidelbergology ?"

"it is the stud of found materials incorporated into the fabric and structure of an urban community and the effects on that community."

"you've pu heidelberg, this neighborhood, on the map and now you wanna take it to the next level?"

"that's why i ca walk away.

I've done it."

As this neighborhood's profile has risen, so has guyton's.

He's now represented by an art gallery in new york and other cities have asked him to create works of art to revitalize their neighborhoods.

So it seems the philosophy of heidelbergology is spreading.


And, you'll miss it.

A full circle moment for one young man - and me too.

That's next on tehers teachers' assistants are often the back bone of the classroom, and help keep things running smoothly..

In this educator of the week...we learn how the teacher with the smallest presence...can make the biggest impact.

Here's renae skinner.

Track: double the number of educators inside a 5th grade classroom... and you'll get a group of students ....who are just as vibrant ..

As their shoes... track: on top of assitant the background... sot--geneva rowe/eow: "i lov working with kids and i love to see kids succeed" track: always there to give the students..

An extra nudge..

Sot--geneva rowe/eow: "if child is struggling in a certain area then that teacher's assistant is able to pull that child, one on one and work with that child" track: at belle shivers middle school, misses geneva rowe, says in 5th grade's all about those three digit numbers... sot-- geneva rowe/eow: "they're learnin multiplications, decimals...z' track: and place values..

Sot--geneva rowe/eow: " on number in the ones place...and then if you have two numbers you go to the tens place...and then three numbers you go to the hundreds place'."

Track: plus... a lot of reviewing ...after that...binders away... and let the games begin...the students are given cards with big numbers on them..

Track: they must line up in order...without..

Making a sound..

Track: just like our educator of the week..who makes a difference...mor e so by her presence..quite gestures...and love sot--geneva row/eow: "the want that hug everyday and i'm looking forward to getting that hug everyday...i just love kids and i just love being around kids."

If you want to nominate an educator...visit wcbi dot com.

This is one of those full circle moments.

Back in 2002, our cameras documented a starkville kindergarten student's first day of school.

That story was my assignment.

I caught with the little boy who is now a senior at mississippi state university, but still living off the lessons he learned in kindergarten.

Take a look.

Mississippi state architect student daniel ruff is preparing for his first day co- oping with a firm in texas.

"i'll be working there for year; just gaining some experience.

Rewind 17 years.

"well, we're gonna glue som stuff and we're gonna eat lunch."

We were also there when daniel was preparing for his áfirstá day of kindergarten.

"that was like the big joke o the video.

So here i am still gluing stuff."

Daniel doesn't rember our cameras being at his house or following him to sudduth elementary that morning, but he's says his family has watched the story a time or two over the years.

We always get a crack out of it.

My siblings will hold it against my whole life probably.

But it's funny."

Also funny and prophetic even: the supplies daniel told us he bought to get ready for kindergarten.

"pencils and pens and marker and glue and scissors."

Those supplies are still in his backpack as an architect student.

They just get a little bit more expensive once you come to architecture school.

But pretty much the same stuff; just fancier glue, fancier pencils.

Alexis gregory is one of his professors.

He has some very beautiful models- conceptual models that he's made last year in the studio that i taught him in, so he's definitely gotten really good at gluing over the years."

Daniel says he at first had big dreams of designing skyscrapers in big cities.

But his experiences in the program have reshaped his goals.

I've kinda realized like ecological architecture...stuff like that; helping the environment."

"that's what we love to hear.

Dr. angi bourgeois is the dean of msu's college of architecture, art, and design.

She says daniel's growth and passsion show in his work.

"it's not just the aesthetics it's not just the process of design, but it's the making a positive impact on people because our environments are very powerful ways to change the world."

So everything you need to know you really do learn in kindergarten?

Pretty much.

I still use that coming here."

After his year- long co-op, daniel will return to finish up his fifth year, then hopefully get a job with an architecture firm.

That and more on the next midmorning.

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