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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 26, 2019 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 26, 2019 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 26, 2019 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Originally aired August 13, 2019) Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, financial adviser Rhonda Ferguson from Financial Concepts joins us to discuss being prepared for unexpected expenses such as illness or injury.

And there may be new hope for people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

And we'll introduce you to a reunion that was twenty years in the making!

Thank you, ppari preparing for the unexpected.

Our finacial advisor is here with some advice.

And, a new treatment for ocd patients could be life- changing.

We'll take a look.

Plus, dog and beer.

The go hand in hand.

We'll show you.

Midmorning starts right now.


It happens.

An illness.

An accident.


And sometimes it affects everything-- including your ability to work.

So what do you do?

Financial advisor rhonda ferguson from financial concepts joins us to discuss being prepared for the unexpected.

Preparing for the unexpected..

What if you can't work?

-who does what?

Andrew raborn >> you for that and send you is you and you and you like to mentally prepare handle down any remaing my doing is that this is who i am now and the person was the one who handled the house completely to as the day and take the user one person and more interest is important for everybody to know what's going on what's going on days sent is you is is just as bright as i can find you excellent waiting for the human ability wired you want to have a 92 i take a plan to do on data borrowing and the way to the many things i find largest intakes and disciplines of trying to do an emergency fund but it is something to keep in mind that you have a financial plan is contrary life as an unmarked vehicle when you're sitting down with your employer are you going to your insurance and you the options of short-term disability long- term do you want to do you want to buy you a return to injury on part of and for short-term work and implement it in your employer to health insurance i will expand the ability that is when your doctors is to go back to work while terminating that provision is made in the important statistics i will cling to be a block for a disability when were in our 40s and the only audit to hear a link to what i can't work nicely using you as the light turned on to it hardly compares to it to you that you can go back to work absolutely agreements and life insurance life insurance is preparing for the next day dl on the night the repair is dependent on in your life insurance and everything doesn't change the date while at the financial loss is about the going through a in morning is one thing and having to worry about them can be something to do the insurance insurance to go into a nursing time long- term care in your home and insurance consent is inthe cityisaboutand thousanddollarsincost cellularinsurance closetoperfectdollarsand duringyour5059/ you as you mentioned a nursing home at work if i can use that sort of insurance i wanted someone to come into my kind of coverage that while the plan the wind and to you how, and to update mysaveow.

Save now.

And, reap the benefits later.

That's the idea behind a new program in arkansas that is encouraging women to set aside 10 percent of their earnings.

Laura monteverdi explains.

37-year-old anna beth gorman is a busy mom of two.

"it's a lot of fu though."

She balances her personal life -- with her work life - while looking toward the future for her and her family.

"the best gif you can give yourself is the gift of savings."

It's that mindset that got her involved with helping other women look toward their futures.

Now she's part of raising awareness about a group that shares the same goal.

"save 10" w born out of the realization that a lot of women will start saving if they're just asked to do so."

Stephanie matthews is a volunteer for the save10 campaign -- empowering women across arkansas to save for life and retirement.

"i think for a lo of women, having conversations about money is really uncomfortable.

Its not something we were taught to talk about growing up."

So what's with the number 10?

The campaign urges women age 18-30, to save 10% for retirement.

The goal is to have 10,000 women committed to saving 10% by the official kick off event on october 10th.

10- 10 get it?

"we recogniz that everyone is different.

Maybe 10 percent is not doable right now but we think its important that women know sort of what to strive for so that as they think about what can i put in 401-k what can i do with my emergency savings account there a least sort of a guide."

Another part of the campaign is to get employers across the state on board.

"if they nee someone to speak to their employees about why save 10 then that's something we can do thru our network of volunteer speakers."

For anna beth -- learning how to save has changed her life now -- and for the future and is eager to teach other women how to do the same.

"we could be th state that is really changing this conversation for women .helping them understand what can you do for yourself today that benefits you tomorrow."

Whene co when we come back, a treatment that may change the lives of people with ocd.

That story is next on mid morning.

Thercoul there could be new hope for people with obsessive compulsive disorder.

An estimated 2 percent of the population, or one in 50, has ocd.

Treatments currently available don't work well for many and often have side effects.

As stephanie stahl reports a new experimental drug could change that.

Every time he passes a door ted nicholas has to check that it's locked.

It's an irrational thought i know that i've locked the door but i just continue to check it anyway same thing with washing his hands- for no reason i feel dirty i have to wash really thoroughly not just like a one and done wash your hands i have to do it 3 times //it seems ridiculous but i can't stop ted has obsessive compulsive disorder ocd.

He gets fixated on something like locking the door then compulsively checks it.

My wife says you know what you're doing just stop i would if i could i really would but i can't traditional medications for ocd target brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine ..

But they've only been marginally helpful .

So a good percent of the patients do not get relief with the current medication psychiatrist dr shivkumar hatti is a principal investigator for an experimental ocd medication made by biohaven pharmaceuticals .

It targets a different brain chemical called glutamate.

The drug works on the symptoms of anxiety if the anxiety comes down compulsion to perform an activity will also come down limited early results have been positive it would dramatically change my life ted is thinking about enrolling in the trial to test the drug ..

Hoping for a more effective treatment for the disorder that interferes with his life every day.

Stephanie stahl, cbs news, philadelphia.

The pharmaceutical company is looking to enroll 226 people at 59 test centers around the country.

New details about a lethal and widespread outbreak of legionnaires disease.

One person has died and a dozen have tested positive for the bacteria, which can cause a severe form of pneumonia.

All were guests at the sheraton atlanta hotel.

Mark strassmann has more.

By the time guests evacuated the sheraton atlanta on july fifteenth, 49 year-old cameo garrett was already dead.

An autopsy showed she had coronary issues - and legionnaires disease.

Garrett went to a conference at the sheraton a week before she died - just like germany greer.

I couldn't sleep.

Didn't want to eat.

Couldn't drink because everything was horrible.

I was delirious.// did you know your own name?

It got to the point where i didn't.

Greer's a 67 year-old photographer.

He was hired to document the same hotel conference.

His fever hit 104- point 5.

Atlanta's piedmont hospital kept him for four days.

The doctor said we have had two other cases already before yours.

Legionnaires disease is a severe form of pneumonia.

People get sick inhaling microscopic water droplets containing the legionella bacteria.

It is not contagious.

This is one of those bugs that lives out in the environment amongst us.

And on occasion it gets into a man- made water system, contamiinates it, and it can be very hard to get rid of when that happens.

The cdc says one in ten legionnaire's victims will die.

In a statement, the hotel offered its "deepes sympathies to all those affected"&addi g "a thoroug cleaning of the hotel's entire water distribution system has been completed&inclu ding&scrubbing and chlorination."

Attorney chris stewart represent forty sheraton guests with confirmed or presumptive cases of legionnaires.

He says other guests scattered around the country may have the disease.

This is a massive nationwide problem.

People don't know they're sick yet with legionnaires disease.

The potential population of exposed people& &is in the hundreds.

Health officials looking at when people may have been exposed here are looking at a timeline that lasts more than a month.

This hotel will remain closed until at least through this wednesday.

Mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta.

The first lawsuit connected to the outbreak was filed monday morning.

Still to come on mid morning, a chance meeting brings a fan and a player together for memories and friendship.

Mas be man's best friend seems to go hand in hand with a lot of man's favorite drink: beer!

Amanda foster reports; "something about people wh like beer, or craft beer, and like dogs that venn diagram's like a circle."

In nort carolina breweries, the pooches have had to stay on the patio& "if you want t bring your dog it's kind of a bummer to hear you have to sit in the sun to do that."

An while enforced, people in the industry say, it hasn't always been áevenly across the county.

"we certainly hear from our guests, that, 'oh, i was just at such and such place and they allowed me to have my dog,' and we would always have to say, "oh, i' very sorry, we have to obey the rules as they are.'" nats "do you want to start a tab for many in the beer business ánatsá drawing a crowd can mean drawing out the dogs.

"we had santa claus d pictures with pups, and costume contests at halloween."

The ban on animal inside has come with its price.

"it did effect our business, i did effect some of the interactions."

It's why thes breweries are celebrating the passing of a new bill&turning this around.

So, they'll no longer have to banish fido, out the front door.

"you kin of felt like you were being the police when it didn't feel super necessary."

In charlott af wbtv oys.

A baseball fan in massachusetts got the surprise of her life when she realized her new job at an assisted living facility... had her caring for her childhood idol.

They became fast friends... and that friendship soon blossomed into a league of its own.

Katie thompson explains.

When karen reeney started her job at d'youville life and wellness community last year - the first resident she met was marie mansfield.

Karen reeney "the director introduced u and we were having conversation and she said oh marie was a baseball player back in the day and i said oh, like league of their own baseball player?"

A little background on karen - a league of their own is her favorite movie.

She says she's watched the 1992 classic no less than 100 times.

So it was a natural follow up question...but she didn't expect the response.

Karen reeney "and she says, as a matter o fact, yes!"

Indeed - from 1950 to 1954 marie "boston" mansfield played pitcher for the rockford peaches.

The very team that inspired the film.

Marie mansfield "yeah, that's who i was mari mansfield kelley rockford peaches."

Karen reeney "right then my thoughts wen right back to my dad and the baseball he gave me."

This story gets even more incredible you see years ago karen's father waited hours in line to get an autograph for his daughter from a player on her favorite team.

And wouldn't you know that player was marie mansfield.

Karen reeney "to me that was a messag from my dad that yeah you are in the right place so it was quite the emotional moment."//"20 years you we hanging out with me and we had no idea."

At 88 years old, marie's memory is starting to fade... but her pitch is as strong as her legacy.

She's been inducted into the baseball hall of fame and this sunday she'll throw the first pitch at fenway park.

And the bond she now shares with karen... is one that can only be explained as fate.

Nats "aw, marie!

Look at you!

Karen reeney "to meet her and her be th first person i met walking in here 1856 it was amazing, amazing."

In lowell katie thompson wcvb newscenter 5 when we come back, after a lifetime apart, sisters find each other.é their story next on mid morning.

This s this sounds like a story that ends up on a television show or even a movie.

A reunion 20 years in the making.

It involves a baby, a kidnapping and an fbi agent who wouldn't give up.

Gabriella pag?n reports.

Special agent troy sowers/ fbi knoxville office: "for me it was all brand new but this is the stories you hear about the fbi that we're going out there working kidnapping cases and trying to find the kidnapped person - the victim.

So i was very excited about being part of it."

Agent sowers was a young agent - barely 2 months in the field - when he was working a lead on that kidnapping - interviewing someone who had been pulled over - deciding to take a look at the suspect's house.

Special agent troy sowers/ fbi knoxville office: "she still had not confesse to kidnapping the baby in her house we found some indications that she was maybe part of the kidnapping.

We went and talked to her 13- year-old stepdaughter, the 13- year-old stepdaughter started crying and said that she didn't know where the baby was at."

Now knowing they had the right person - sowers hopped in a police car to be taken to where the kidnapped baby was being held.

Special agent troy sowers/ fbi knoxville office: "over my 22-year career whe people ask me highlights of my career i would always mention this, that i pulled a baby out of a box but never really focused on it because it's just one of the things we do."

Until it came time for retirement and sowers' daughters began looking for that baby from the box..

Who is now a corporal with the united states marine core.

Special agent troy sowers/ fbi knoxville office: "i did not know it at all, wanted something simple, i asked for coffee and doughnuts."

"so we thought this would be pretty special end to your career to hear a little bit about him and see a picture of him.

But oh, by the way, he's actually here to thank you today.

So troy sowers i would like you to meet corporal stewart rembert."


Stewart rembert/ united states marine corps: "very stoic, like, i thought h was going to cry but he kept it in there.

Just a big ole thank you for everything that he's done, and without him i wouldn't be where i am today - a united states marine."

An alabama woman has found an entirely new family - all thanks to an online dna test.

Four sisters, given up for adoption separately, spent their lives not knowing about each other.

Now they are making up for lost time.

Vince gerasole reports.

"we keep pinching each othe because we can't believe it."

The ladies in this quartet "we don't like shoes.

Are a brand new sister act.

When you see that they look like you, there's no denying they're your sisters."

Though they've been around for decades.

"all tan..

Always wondered.

They're amazed by their many similarities.

"we both have scoliosis w both had both of our knees replaced and we have identical bunions."

You see, each was put up for adoption at birth -- never knowing the others existed.

"this is my first time i meetin my sisters in seven years."

"it shows close matches.

An online dna test brought them together in just the past few months.

"there's another match.

And though jennifer tomsovic from nearby st.

John jody ruble-castle from tampa florida.

Tammi harris from scottsdale arizona and fran whiddon from cedar bluff alabama have a lot in common, look closely and you'll notice a big difference.

It's their ages.

Standup: "jennifer is 53.

Jodie i 55.

Tammy is 69 and fran is 70.

Their birth parents apparently never married and had an on again off again relationship that lasted four years."

Joseph barba and helen wirzbiki may have had as many as eight children together each given up for adoption.

"i get a call from jodie and sh goes i'm your sister don't hang up."

The women have identified another sister sandra who died in texas 30 years ago and a brother craig dube zach, now 63 and living in hawaii.

"he says it's a good thing moved out of highland indiana when i was 17.

I could have been dating one of my sisters."

They were all born in northwest indiana, most growing up just a few miles apart.

Jody and jennifer even went to the same beauty school.

"we remember the sam professors."

Learning they were polish.

A visit to pierogi fest was a must.

"we have our siste bracelets."

They read 'a sister is god's way of making sure we never walk alone.

Jennifer who recently lost a son is finding that out.

"i don't have time to cry when cry.

They just pick up the pieces."

A sentiment that now runs in the family.

"blessed not alone in lif anymore."

The sisters are searching for the rest of their family - hoping d- n-a tests will bring them into contact with their other two siblings.

This may have happened to you.

The grass gets too tall.

The yard is a mess.

It happened to one woman in pinson, alabama.

She got a nasty note complaining about her property.

The note got the job done, but in a most unexpected way.

When randa ragland read the annoymous note last month there was no mistaking the author's judgement i opened it and it was pretty much them shaming me for my yard the sender, who addressed randa as neighbor called her home an eyesore affecting the resale value of other homes and closed by saying, "do better at first i felt a little angry but so much had been going on with us and our family.

I just didn't have the energy to be negative.

Instead, her focus has been on her family, especially her son, three-year- old jaxen he's autistic and he's non-verbal but a few days before his third birthday is when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma stage four cancer.

Ragland says jaxen has been hospitalized over 20 times and has had 7 surgeries.

She wanted people to know, so she shared his story, and the note, on facebook my whole point was to show people you don't know what somebody's going through.

Kindness goes such a long way.

Gratitude goes such a long way as word spread, an army of strangers mobilized to help.

A local lawncare service came to cut her grass, and dozens of volunteers tackeled everything, from picking up supplies for the family, to clearing away brush in her yard.

Look at this.

This is love.

This is love for a stranger.

We don't even know these people.

But joey harding understands the family's struggle.

Just weeks ago, his daughter lulu died.

She was six, and had the same kind of cancer as jaxen.

Words can't describe what this means to me right now.

It's helping me.

It's helping me cope with losing my daughter.

To help another family in need the group now calls itself jaxen's army for justice and its mission has rallied strangers from all over the world.

I'm in amazement i'm still in shock.

I don't have a large family.

My mom is gone, my dad is gone, my brother is gone so this means a lot.

We'll be right back to th andor that and more

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