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Thursday, August 11, 2022

091119 11 pm

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091119 11 pm
091119 11 pm
091119 11 pm

C1 3 inside to show you what else they did in honor of those who lost their lives.

L3: now at 11 white fighting an increase in child sex crimes "the evil that i have to see and i have to deal with it is difficult.

Especially on a mental scale."

Meet the state police investigators putting child sex abusers behind bars.

L3: now at 11 white report: justify shouldn't have been eligible for triple crown and bad news for triple crown winner justify... a new report says he shouldn't have been running to begin with.

Good evening and welcome in... i'm tom kenny.

And i'm veronica jean seltzer.

Tonight... eastern kentucky university's army rotc program joined together with the university's student life office... to do something in honor of those who lost their lives in the september 11-th attacks.

And they are the only campus in kentucky to host an event like this ... abc 36's alex king joined the long climb up their tallest dorm... to experience it for herself.

"not only did people gather here for a ceremony and to climb 16 flights of stairs multiple times... but a piece of 9-11 was here inside keene hall as well.."" eastern kentucky university's campus was gifted a piece of the twin towers... it was guarded by cadets throughout the day.

Every year the eku army rotc program gets together with student life to host a 9-11 ceremony and a stair climb.

"we're here todday to honor the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, civilians that lost their lives on 9-11."

Those who signed up to participate climbed the sixteen flights of stairs inside of keene hall... multiple times... to replicate the exhaustion of that day.

"not going to lie it was pretty bad but worth it."

Students in rotc wore ruck sacks with 35 pounds and the fire and safety students wore full firefighter gear while climbing the stairs.

One person i spoke to remembers 9-11 well... "i was in middle school when 9-11 happened and i grew up, joined the military, it really impacted my life a lot.

We're just here to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and continue to pay the ultimate sacrifice with all the sicknesses going on so we're here for them.

It's not for us, it's for all the heros that day."

In richmond, alex king, abc 36 news.

L3: white honoring 9/11 victims kroger field and these are pictures from a similar event tonight at kroger field.

Those in attendance climbed the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs to honor and remember the 403 firefighters and police officers killed during the 9- 11 attacks.

Lexington police and fire..

As well as first responders from around the region participated in the climb.

Weather animation short weather we reported earlier tonight that an anderson county teenager had died c1 3 teenager had died from injuries caused by a crash last friday.

Now... state police have corrected that... saying she has not died... but is on life support... pending organ donation.

Full mug:teenager dies from injuries after wreck anderson county jill hurst hurst.jpg <none> <none> <none> the anderson county news says jill hurst was leaving the high school's football game last friday... when the car she was in... was hit.

Hurst.... who was a recent graduate of anderson county high school... was one of three people in the car.

State police say the driver of the other car.... david henderson... was running from police when he slammed into that car... at an intersection on highway 62.

Right now... henderson is charged with assault/ richmond police are asking for help tracking down a man they say is a suspect in a death investigation.

They say they are looking for this man... 45-year-old ronald doug crawley.

Crawley is a suspect in the death of april arnett... whose body was found on the side of the road in madison county last month.

Police say crawley... who is from lexington... is considered armed and dangerous.

Funeral services today for two sisters killed in another accident police say was caused by a drunk driver running from police.

26-year-old taylor blevins, and 20- year-old caitlyn bailey were killed.... when police say their car was hit by tammy rodriguez.

This happened a week ago at the i-64 i-75 split in lexington.

Investigators say rodriguez was running from winchester police when she made an abrupt u-turn and began driving the wrong way on i-75 north.

Her truck hit head-on with the car blevins and bailey were in.

Rodriguez then struck a jeep, causing it to rollover.

Rodriguez remains in the hospital.

A somerset man is facing several charges for a hit and run accident monday.

The pulaski county sheriff's office says 35-year-old marlon jones was arrested after they responded to a report of an overturned car monday on east frog hollow road.

Deputies say jones smelled of alcohol... and... when they ran a check on him... discovered he was involved in a hit and run earlier.

Police say... in that case... jones rammed the back of a car repeatedly... running the driver off the road.

A man is arrested in laurel county.... accused of calling police about an armed robbery and kidnapping that never happened.

The laurel county sheriff's office says they got a call tuesday morning from a man who claimed he was at a gas station off west cumberland gap road when he was robbed a gunpoint... tied up... and brought to another location.... where his truck was then stolen.

Deputies spotted the truck.... and pulled the driver over off american greeeting card road.

They say a passenger in the truck... 39-year-old jerry lee smith... was the one who called police.

They determined his truck was not stolen.... and he had not been robbed and kidnapped.

He was arrested.... along with two other people in the truck.

A new york times report could rock the horse racing world tonight.

L3: white report: justify failed drug test before kentucky derby the times reports 2018 triple crown winner 'justify' failed a drug test last year about a month before the derby and shouldn't have been allowed to run...if the sport's rules were followed.

The article claims the justify had an illegal performing enhancing drug in his system...but that it took the california horse racing board more than a month to confirm the results...then four months later the board reportedly dropped it altogether during a closed-door executive session.

The times says trainer bob baffert didn't respond to multiple attempts seeking comment on the story.

The story does say the times couldn't find any evidence of pressure or tampering by justify's owners.

Solid blue fans knew they had a big play guy in lynn bowden junior...but another cat has emerged and is leaving opponents in a puff of smoke.

Kavosiey smoke has two touchdowns this season as a cat.

The first was a 40 yard touchdown run against toledo.

Last saturday, he had a 32 yard run he took the house against eastern michigan.

Mark stoops says it's a mix of several skills smoke is showing off.

A staggering record was set at the keeneland september sale c1 3 today.

We break it down coming up later in sports.

Tom and v-j back to you.

Coming up later... as people spend more and more of their time online... internet crimes are skyrocketing.

We'll introduce you to the state police unit... dedicated to getting justice for children victimized online.

Weather reopen toss to weather at the desk.

There's ways to prevent pulling a muscle and those aching knees.

Tomorrow at 5 a- m..why you should be working on your flexibility.

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C1 3 ad-libbing after weather.

C1 3 this lights up but we did you audience has a what he does was area so you think that you thin cool, yes you will will will in fact this is i like it hot to g wrong.

Nobody degrees at 11 at 1112 on wednesday night is is pushing it a bit.

Don't you think it, feels like 82 not muc went out there make you feel will but better out there, so they very very muggy does upward think life is camera looking at him bronchitis is the lights twinkling a little bit and as because there's a lot of moisture out in the atmosphere and is causing it to to do that.

So yes i the why we had this morning expect tomorrow morning.

He is the director the number two can we get three and as possible 74 this morning all.

Boy was that mug you know there is a few light showers around a most was a not said were down for the month of for the her first member how what was in th spring newsom that ran because about you but my grassy lick yo around certainly will crunchy walk and rest my you know what i'm talking about.

I not everyone here we had 900 heat moorehead in the heartland what you had to cool spots if you want to call niobe cool your today but again it was very very uncomfortable throughout the area unwarranted you would again for your thursday temperatures right now the 1780s the negativ part here is a can drop much more will be downloaded and 70s.

By the time you had a the work tomorrow morning skies are clea is that's pretty good right now what you know what were everybody in heat right now it's inching its way towards us, but notice we up to the north are some showers and other forms of their is a cool front and i mean cool front and of little sense you made it was a little relieved as we head on into you friday tomorrow morning.

You will need your sunglasses once again will see clear skies assigned will cook the atmosphere make a little unstable see some dotted showers out if you get one.

Congratulations i will cool you off just a little bit will disappear like you did today.

Tomorrow night you go on and friday a little more ministers will see a few more but here's cool front up to the north end of report think is going be oka and then it really explores lat friday night on a saturday morning.

The good news is look what happens here on saturday.

Most if not all is well off to the subject will be in great shape for the big game took office 7 pm on the on saturday video the part about that is commute had cooler mean ted will be down into the 80s was you make it great.

I mean great for tailgating in for the big game.

The heat is on.

Take a look loo at your cost.

Is a little balderson cooler most of it will be sent will topic little bit o that there on friday night moves out sunday said monday started building back up again.

So just a short reprieve for tonight though, 71, mostly clear tomorrow.

Background mid 90s 95 we hit 97 that will be a new record for the date isolated shower will be out there is your seven-day forecast and the were seeing the hot temperatures coming back in but notice saturday over 10% just think of can be very early in the morning and i will you be in pretty good shape at that point, so that you stay cool think coo c1 3 are is as i coleman: imagine he y and the lights are turned off... coleman: imagine he y forever.

That could happen with .


Andy and i went to kentucky pub.

I went right here.

Andy and i went to kentucky pub.

Thanks for having us.

We're here to listen.

Thanks for having us.

School funding isn't a buzzword.

It affects books and sports.

School funding isn't a buzzword.

Youn .

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Our schools are our future.

Beshear: we'll put our people first.

C1 3 third democratic debate right here on abc36... from 8 to 11.

The field of candidates will be much thinner this time... and as ines de la cuetara reports... current front-runner joe biden may be target.

L3: nation view white democratic debate tomorrow on abc 36 l3: nation view white rick klein abc news political director l3: nation view white democratic debate tomorrow on abc 36 l3: nation view white andrew yang (d) presidential candidate l3: nation view white democratic debate tomorrow on abc 36 it'll be the first time the top ten democratic candidates will be facing off on the same stage--on the same night.

Former vice president joe biden will take center stage-bident remains the frontrunner.

But, this time, senator elizabeth warren will be right by his side--as she's been gaining in the polls.

Rick klein: i think seeing seeing biden and warren and bernie frankly on the same stage - the three of them represent a large chuck of the electorate the abc news democratic debate coming as a new abc news/washington post poll shows the top 5 candidates- biden, warren, harris, sanders, and buttigieg-all beating trump in one on one matchups.

The president's approval rating is down 6 points--from his all-time high of 44 % in july..

To 38% now.

Trump's handling of the economy is also down 5 percent among registered voters.

The president--calling the findings "phony" on twitter-- the front-running candidates spending wednesday preparing for the big day--none of them holding any campaign events today..

Andrew yang- choosing instead to let loose with a round of basketball.

Yang: it's one of my favorite things to do on the road because it gets the blood flowing it makes you get a sweat.

He's one of several candidates in need of a jolt-- hoping tomorrow night's debate will upend the race.

Ines de la cuetara abc news, washington.

Next... the tough job of investigating child sex crimes.

You'll meet an investigator... and hear how he stays strong after seeing unspeakable cases.

Hardly a day goes by..

When we don't report on someone being arrested for c1 3 child pornography.

And there's a reason for that...kentucky state police say it is seeing a rise in cases.

And as abc36's christy bollinger found out... it's an investigative team of only eight that uses technology to find people sharing child porn.

Typing a quick search of child pornography on our website... and you can see just how many arrests we report on across the state.

Anyone from convicted felons to school principals.

'this kind of evil knows no boundaries and it effects all walks of life all of those arrests...the kentucky state police electronic crime branch has had a major role in.

A member of the small team...detective zack morris says in a year alone... he personally works almost a hundred different cases.

'it seems like each year the number of child pornography complaints is going up."

His reason for that...the internet.

He says people aren't sharing these images from a particular's from all over...made easier online.

"we see the same ones circulated.

However, we do come across daily images, files whatever it may be of stuff we've never seen before."

He says most arrests are made when someone shares child porn.

It isn't all people in their you might think.

It's even illegal when a teen consensually sends a nude.

"with today's digital world all you have to do is click the send button and it's out there it's out there forever."

Morris says as part of his work he has to look at these images.

'to actually see children getting sexually abused and in the most horrific ways it is it's horrible."

"being a father myself and having young children it can definitely take a toll."

But, he says someone has to work to identify the kids in the try to get them out of a dangerous environment.

"i'm able to help these children.

Whose gonna do it ya know?"

Detective morris has found ways of coping, particularly through his faith.

"i pray daily and i ask him to remove those horrible images."

He takes comfort...knowing he has purpose in the pain.

"i like to think i've been put in this position to shine a little light where dark prevails."

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

Turning to sports... the wildcats are starting a new quarterback this week... but how will the offense change?

Up next... hear why mark stoops says... it won't.

While the football cats have lost terry wilson for the entire season, both c1 3 mark stoops and eddie gran have said their offense will not change going forward.

With sawyer smith now leading the offense, they expect him to pick up right where wilson left off.

They obviously have different skill sets, but nothing will change, which also means another thing..florida knows what's coming.

The gators go into saturday's game 2 and oh.

They defeated miami 24 to 20 in that week 0 c1 3 game before pretty much anyone was playing ball.

Last weekend they took down u-t martin 45 to nothing.

Head coach dan mullen knows things get much more difficult as they travel to kroger field to kick off s-e-c play.

If you know anything about the horse business, you know a lot of money is thrown around at the keeneland c1 3 september sale, but on wednesday...that was taken to another level.

A filly by triple crown winner 'american pharoah' becoems the highest priced filly ever sold at this auction the filly went for 8-point-2 million dollars wednesday afternoon to mandy pope's whisper hill farm.

Clarkland farm con-signed her.

Thanks to t-v-g and keeneland, here is one of the owners of clarkland farms, fred mitchell, trying to put into words what this sale means.

Humorous, informative sports banter.

Final weather anchors ad-lib goodbyes

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