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Monday, March 1, 2021

WW music teacher award

Credit: KVEW
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WW music teacher award
WW music teacher award
Sharpstein elementary


A walla walla teacher has won an award for best music educator in the region.

Kapp kvews crystina lugo-beach went to sharpstein elementary earlier today and has more on her story.

Natslori parnicky has been learning about music since she was 6 years old.

Nats it was always a passion for her..

Natsand in college, she decided it was something she wanted to pass down to the younger generations with one goal in mind.

"to have really fundamentally sound learning and enable them to become musicians."parnicky has been the music teacher at sharpstein elementary for almost 20 years.

Natsshe teaches kindergarten through 5th grade and makes sure her classes are interactive...nats with the kids constantly moving around.

"they feel comfortable and engaged in the classroom and learn music in the process."

This special way of teaching earned her some recognition.

Without parnicky knowing- her supervisor nominated her for the columbia basin region music educator of the year... natsand she won.

"it's an honor."parnicky said shes thrilled to receive the award and be in a district where music is so highly thought of.

Nats and her happiness will always be with teaching her younger students the importance of music.

"it's crucial to being human."in walla walla, crystina lugo- beach for kapp kvew local news.

Parnicky will be receiving her award at the washington music educators association conference in february.

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