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Monday, August 15, 2022

100819 6 PM

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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100819 6 PM
100819 6 PM
100819 6 PM

A man accused of crashing his c1 3 into stalled traffic... while driving distracted.

L3: now at 6 white gas leak forces evacuations alexus sot tz l3: now at 6 white rupp arena upgrades finally finished and new chair backs are finally installed at rupp arena... which is also getting some new food options.

L3 veronica: white good evening... i'm glad you're here tonight... i'm veronica jean seltzer.

Tom kenny is off.

We're following breaking news right now... as the n-t-s-b releases a preliminary report of its investigation into the lincoln county gas pipeline explosion.

L3: breaking news red pipeline that exploded was installed 62 years ago lincoln county according to the report... the pipeline that exploded was put into service in 19-57... more than 60 years ago.

The report says enbridge... which operates the pipeline... did in-line inspections in 20-18 and 20-19... but investigators with the n-t-s-b are still reviewing that data.

The n-t-s-b also reports the same pipeline exploded back in 2003... about 78 miles north of the explosion site in lincoln county.

According to the n-t-s-b... investigators did not look into that explosion... and no injuries or deaths were reported.

We have a link to the full report on our website... now to our top story at 6... lexington saw its own gas line problem today... after a gas leak forced students and staff at a lexington high school out of the classroom.

And they weren't the only ones.... eighty people in homes and businesses nearby also had to evacuate.

Abc36's alexus larson reports even when they could finally come back...they still didn't have gas.

"a gas line was damaged and caused it to leak and that made several businesses in the area including crown foot and ankle center to evacuate."

"we heard a really loud noise like it sounded like something was running and then you could see the gas coming out from the corner of the street."

Victoria everman works right across the way from where firefighters say the leak started on rosemont garden and southland drive she says she started to smell something unusual... and others did too.

Firefighters say drivers made calls about the smell of natural gas.

"just smelled like straight propane gas.

We actually all started getting a little dizzy."

She says she could even see the gas.

"it was strange to look out the window and see that you could actually see the gas shooting out of the pipe."

Columbia gas says a contractor hit a line.

The fire department had to shut it down because it was seeping into underground storm drains.

Roads had to be closed and around eighty customers including lafayette high school had to evacuate.

"they said that we had to leave."

Columbia gas says through the end of september... it has responded to more than one hundred sixty gas line damages.

Firefighters say they've worked 325 this year.

You can be fined for damaging a gas line.

12-50 for your first offense, 2000 for your second, and 4,000 after.

Pause when the gas is shut off...columbia says it can't just flip it back on.

"we do go door to door and we will need access to the customers home to relight all of their appliances, test their internal house lines, and get the gas line service restored."

Reporting in lexington, alexus larson, abc36 news.

### the michigan man accused of causing a deadly crash last weekend on faces murder charges.

Abc 36's christy bollinger has been looking through court documents...she's is in the studio tonight.

Christy, state police say jerry elder jr...was watching a video on his phone...while driving.

Yes, troopers say he didn't realize traffic was slowing down because the video was distracting him.

45-year-old jerry elder junior, was previously charged with manslaughter..

Now, according to his indictment, that's been upgraded to murder.

He's accused of killing 61-year-old jeffrey curtis... who died as a result of the multi-vehicle crash on i-64 in franklin county.

According to troopers, elder was driving through a construction zone, but didn't slow down when other cars did.

The franklin county commonwealth's attorney says elder was watching a television show...on his phone...mounted on the dash.

Ksp says that's when.... in his fully- loaded tractor- trailer...he hit curtis' jeep., killing him..

Both the semi and jeep then hit an s- u-v..

State police say the passenger in the s-u-v was seriously injured.

Troopers also accuse elder of not wearing his prescription glasses, required by his commercial driver's license.

Elder's indictment shows he's also charged with assault..

And wanton endangerment.

In studio, christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

Overview: high pressure will provide us some beautiful fall weather for the next several days.

Our next rainmaker will arrive friday afternoon and evening ushering in a little cooler temperatures for the weekend.

Tonight: patchy fog and chilly with low around 50 wednesday: mostly sunny and mild with highs in the middle to upper 70s thursday: mostly sunny and warm with highs in the lower 80s friday: becoming partly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms developing late, highs in the low to middle 80s saturday: morning showers and cooler, breezy, highs around in the middle 60s sunday: mostly sunny and cool with highs in the middle to upper 60s.

Monday: mostly sunny and pleasant with highs in the lower 70s tuesday: becoming partly cloudy with highs in the lower 70s ams meteorologist george zabrecky a former unversity of kentucky student has been sentenced to prison c1 3 time... for making threats against a classroom building on campus, last year.

L3: white former student gets six months in prison for snapchat threat lexington you may remember hailey duval... who pleaded guilty this summer to using snapchat to threaten to blow up white hall on u-k's campus.

According to prosecutors... she even reported the threats she made, herself... to campus police and media outlets.

Under federal law... duval must serve 85-percent of her prison sentence... and will be on probation for three years..

.including 6 months on house arrest.

Now in your health... the latest on the investigation into health problems caused by vaping... which has become a national concern.

Now we're getting more information about cases in kentucky.

L3: your health white 25 vaping-related cases under investigation in ky right now... the state department for public health is cautioning anyone against vaping any kind of e-cigarette or other vaping product.

Health officials say they are investigating 25 separate cases of severe lung injuries related to vaping.

They say one confirmed case of vaping related illness involves a man in his 30's... who reported only using nicotine vaping products.

So far... there have been 18 confirmed vaping deaths across the country... in 15 states.

State officials are now taking the next step to issuing real id-compliant drivers licenses.

According to the transportation cabinet.... voluntary travel id's... are now available for people who live in anderson county.... but they'll have to go to the transportation cabinet headquarters, in frankfort, to get them.

Officials say this process will model their plan to distribute the licenses at regional offices.

The deadline is next october to bring the state into compliance with the real-i.d.

Act... before kentucky licenses won't allow people into military bases or on domestic flights.

During the bye week, while coach mark stoops and his staff made sure to prepare his current team for arkansas..they also hit the recruiting trail.

Recruit and develop.

It is the motto of kentucky football and that first part...recruiting...h as never looked better than it does right now.

Both rivals and 24-7 sports have the cats 2020 class ranked in the top 25.

For stoops...was it invigorating to get out on the road and talk to some of these hopefully future cats?

How has e-j montgomery looked as he begins his sophomore season?

Hear from coach cal later in sports c1 3 as he begins his sophomore season?

Hear from coach cal later in sports v-j back to you.

At kentucky children's hospital today... there was a special homecoming parade.

U-k football players held the parade this morning... surprising the kids with games and prizes.

Players say they hope their visit makes a difference for the young patients receiving treatment there.

We are given so much and have so much already and a lot of these kids don't have those things and maybe right now they can't see that everything's gonna be okay or and we know it's gonna be okay.

Today's parade at the hospital.... just one of the many activities sceduled as part of u-k's homecoming week.

Coming up a little later... why impeachment testimony on capitol hill was delayed, today.

L3: coming up white impeachment testimony blocked we'll tell you why house democrats are now issuing a subpoena... to override the state department.

Weather reopen overview: high press c1 3 george i can ago what you ask reassigning him well you did wanted a better mood in a better mid-know is you is you i can to and of course you always in a very good mood so unique we did notice you change at all, but this just came out today really you day of the infected you you can't get a much better quality than what we had on me was apsley gorgeous out there is so lifeport makes skyview of a hamburger course points west when you little windex we a couple little three spots there are lens right now but they is still pretty nice out there 710 with go sunny skies here in lexington.

Not everyone though has a are sunny skies week two minorities breezy 14 right now makes her will is for a plane a kite or to you want to head out there but the notice to dewpoint of 43 so which means attempters going to drop pretty quick.

As soon as the sun sets the last 2- hour temperature change notice in the will the 70 chicago running up was just resold and 70's again today.

Didn't do much shame but notice here.

This is the corridor we are in yesterda with all those clausen all that much needed rain we had yesterday kept us in the 50s an 60s today low the sun just warmed us up beautifully around the area.

Now, unfortunately, as i just mentioned, not everyone has sunshine person bird sorry jackson, harlan and i did even urban you have some clouds overhead not as sick as they are in our south eastern counties, so the sun couldn't penetrate the clouds you are in fact just a little bit cooler the rest of us though open our wellies again just another beautiful day of course i will bring rain 500 will be the overnight low source can be a bit chilly again at the bus stop so make sure the kids are will little bit and we could see had lived a little bit more patchy fog out there not like the was this morning but do watch out of for that in here on satalite radar their ecology and you see them there does come haying around we are on your hand had the what i'll call severely clear skies.

It was gorgeous here those calls are still hanging around out in that area now here's future cassis to set up why do we have a pretty nice day we are high-pressure pretty much overhead.

Why do we have some clouds in southeastern counties of that guy right ther through future clouds stop sure you're lexington but nevertheless is up with this in a motion for tomorrow high- pressure's from so we have another beautiful day for us tomorrow but notice the system up to the north.

The winters on the way up there blizzard like conditions very cold temperatures lots of snow north of the: up in the northern rockies moisture starts moving on and from the gulf of mexico search streaming up ahead of this next system this is on thursday friday rather you can see the rain getting close budd night with ball it's going to be close for us there noticed the cold air still to north lots of snow there but here we go on saturday to from last through saturday morning julio fell through behind it.

The snow nicole stays well up to our north.

The bottom line is you going to the big game saturday night.

Make sure you later up it is going to be a bit chilly out there 77 for tomorrow another you to full day and of course here's our scratch off as it compares toat rupp arena... andd be a little more comfortable.

Turning to sports... some big changes are finally finished at rupp arena... and fans should be a little more comfortable.

Up next... we'll take you inside the arena to see the new look.

On saturday, the 2 and 3 kentucky football team will host c1 3 arkansas.

Will it be a make or break game?

To answer that you'd have to define what "make or break" really means.

When it comes to making a's a big one.

If the cats lose, they will have to win 4 of their last 6 to become bowl eligible.

As a reminder, one of those is between the hedges next week against georgia.

Here's what stoops had to say on the importance of this game.

During the offseason, e-j montgomery was the final cat to test the c1 3 n-b-a waters, but ultimately decide to return to kentucky.

He now enters his sophomore year.

A top-ranked recruit...deciding to stay for another year...he's a big...kinda reminds solid blue fans of p-j washington, right?

Washington was considered a second-round pick, he came back and ended up being a lottery pick.

There's no better example of what returning can do right?

That's why coach cal is using p-j as an example.

Solid blue fans spoke...and u-k athletics and the lexington center c1 3 listened.

When solid fans enter for madness...this is what they will be met with.

Those old...let's be honest...unbelievab ley uncomfortable bleachers in the upper level have been replaced with seats with backs, arm rests, and cup holders..

Creating more leg room and easier access to the seats and aisles.

Sports banter, toss to break break 3 illegal immigration is hurting america.

The crime, the cost.

Gov't .

Bevin says no to sanctuary cities.

But, andy beshear would allow illegal immigrants to swarm our state.

Beshear would take kentucky backwards.

While president trump and governor bevin crack down on illegal immigration... liberal andh .

Side with kentucky.

Side with governor matt bevin.

C1 3 house democrats were supposed to interview the u-s ambassador to the european union this morning... but that didn't end up happening... after it was blocked by the state department.

Now... as mona kosar abdi reports... they are issuing a subpoena to hear from him.

L3: nation view white impeachment testimony blocked by state department l3: nation view white rep.

Adam schiff (d-ca) chairman, house intelligence committee l3: nation view white impeachment testimony blocked by state department l3: nation view white rep.

Matt gaetz (r) florida l3: nation view white impeachment testimony blocked by state department l3: nation view white mona kosar abdi abc news today - house democrats' key witness in the impeachment probe..

A no show on capitol hill.

Nats - schiff the state department blocking the u.s. ambassador to the european union..gordon sondland from testifying before a closed door session-- involving three house committees leading the investigation.

A decision--house intellegence committee chairman adam schiff now says will be viewed as obstruction.

Sot - schiff "the failure to produce this witness, the failure to produce these documents, we consider yet additional strong evidence of obstruction of the constitutional functions of congress - a co-equal branch of government," sondland is a central witness in the impeachment investigation -- who reportedly worked behind the scenes to help carry out trump's wishes in ukraine... a country that isn't in the eu.

And this morning -- schiff revealing new details about the text exchange involving sondland and several others.

Sot - schiff "we know from the text messages that ambassador sondland was in discussion with ukrainian counterparts, with fellow diplomatic personnel, and the president, and at least one us senator, about the course of events we are investigating."

Schiff also says those messages were from a "personal device" sondland turned over to the state department.

House democrats say they will now issue are issuing a subpoena for sondland's testimony and his documents.

Meanwhile president trump and other republicans blasted schiff's handling of the investigation... sot - rep.

Gaetz: "what we see in this impeachment is a kangaroo court and chairmanship is acting like a malicious captain kangaroo."

And this morning -- senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham on twitter suggested starting a new probe..

This one -- about corruption and other improprieties involving ukraine, alleged by the president's personal attorney rudy guiliani tag: graham then offered giuliani the opportunity to inform the committee about his concerns.

A suggestion minority leader chuck schumer welcomed..

Stressing that his testimony - however - must be under oath.

Mona kosar abdi abc news washington a last check of your forecast... next.

Break 4 that's all the time we have world news tonight with david muir is c1 3 next.

Have a good evening.

A semi driver accused of >>> tonight, breaking news as we come on the air.

The white house, the letter they just sent to speaker pelosi.

Late today, they raised the stakes.

They're refusal, now, to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry.

And the witness blocked from answering questions today.

And today, we have new reporting here, the person on the inside.

The white house official on that call with ukraine.

The whistle-blower saying that person then spoke with him, describing the president's call as, quote, crazy and frightening.

>>> also tonight, troop movement already as president trump defends his sudden decision to withdraw u.s. troops from a key part of syria.

And tonight, turkey's president now signaling an attack against the kurds, our u.s. allies in fighting isis.

>>> the headline late today.

The first mother and father sentenced together in the college admissions cheating scandal.

How long they'll serve now in federal prison.

And after felicity huffman,

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