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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 8, 2019 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 8, 2019 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 8, 2019 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2.

Originally aired September 27, 2019) Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, hackers are beginning to target medical facilities to retrieve sensitive personal information about patients.

And The Beatles' legendary album "Abbey Road" is turning 50.

We take a look at a newly remastered deluxe edition that is being released.

And we get a sneak peek at Disney's upcoming "Frozen 2"!

Her reactionthe cret the secret to looking and feeling younger.

Stay tuned.

And, breaking patients hand over some of their most sensitive personal information when they visit the doctor.

And that's why hackers are targeting medical facilities.

Ris martinez explains.

In june the lab testing company quest diagnostics revealed hackers got access to the personal information of some 12 million patients.

Days later another testing company, labcorp, announced nearly eight million of its customers' records were exposed.

The department of health and human services tracks health data breaches and almost weekly multiple hacks are reported..

Targeting everything from hospitals to insurance providers to device manufacturers.

"unfortunatel it's a huge problem.

The theft of medical data is just growing."

Eva velasquez from the identity theft resource center says the number of medical records stolen has tripled in the past year.

04:24 what that means is the thieves are getting better at getting the right data during each incident, each attack a new study in the annals of internal medicine found more than 13-hundred medical related outlets were breached in the past 10 years compromising 169 million patient records.

Researchers at michigan state university say most of the time criminals are getting access to sensitive information.

"their driver' license number, social security number address, names, email address, phone number."

Velasquez says that info is a goldmine for crooks because it can be used to open up credit cards and other accounts in your name.

She says think twice before sharing your personal informationk .

"08:16 whe they're asking for your social security number, and sensitive data ask them why do they need it, leave it blank say you refuse to provide it."

Unfortunately, that's not always an option because some facilities require it..

Forcing patients to make a difficult choice.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

Researchers say medical facilities should be storing patient's financial and personal data separate from their main networ..

So private information can remain private.

It's almost time for fall and that means it's also almost time for those pesky seasonal allergies to kick in.

Here's some advice in the latest installment of "mom to mom.

Sarah: it's fall y'all and we're going to allergy proof your house.

Fall is on its way and i'm trying to allergy proof my house.

My son has terrible seasonal allergies and i'm trying to make it a little bit better for him.

The one major things that we all have to rember is dust.

That is the source of indoor seasonal allergies.

What i always forget to do is change the filters.

So i've made it on every first day of summer, fall, sprint or winter i change my filters.

The other thing is you want to dust your house really good.

Start from top to bottom, that way the dust falls and then you want to vacuum it up real good.

You don't want to leave it laying around in the carpet especially.

While you're vacuuming and dusting, a good thing to do is to open your windows.

That lets some fresh air in, get a good cross breeze going.

But make sure you do this before allergy season is in full gear and the trees and the grass aren't drying out because that just puts everything right back in your home.

Another thing that i have invested in are mattress covers and pillow covers.

They keep the allergens inside.

The cool thing is you can wash the covers.

It's an easy fix, you take it off, plop it in the washer and dryer and it's ready to go clean.

So moms, if i've missed anything i would love to hear what you guys do to allergy proof your home for fall.

So go to the mom to mom facebook page and put your comment in.

I'll see y'all next week.

Caer aos cancer almost put a halt on her college plans... now one iowa teenager says fighting the disease helped inspire her future career path.

Marcus mcintosh has her inspiring story.

---nats-- natalie waugamon: my first question was am i going to die.

That's what natalie waugaman asked herself in july of 2017 after being diagnosed with stage three birkitts lymphoma... she was hospitalized and started treatment the day she was diagnosed.

For her mother becky that was a long july day... natalie waugamon: it's that moment as a parent it sounds cliche...if you could take thier place.

But she couldnt... so, she turned her attention to being the rock she knew her daughter needed.

I've got to be the one that carries hope and encouragement..and really believe gods got this and natalie's got this and we are going to get to the other side.

They fought together... at the time natalie was a high school junior in high school... a year she will not forget because she started the school year in a hospital bed.

Natalie waugamon: i was actually really sad i was not able to go to school...because that feels like something normal routine... the hospital was home for natalie for about 4 months... she was declared cancer free in october of 201.

Natalie waugamon: there is no victory like that natalie was not sure what her life would be like being cancer free... but she did know she wanted to be a child life specialist.

A career path she decided upon while she was in the hospital... she graduated on time in may from high school...and feels better very day.

Natalie waugamon: i feel good...i still have some stamina issues but overall my health is a lot better.

After almost two years being cancer free the rest of her life is a reality.

Natalie is taking this semester off.

She plans to start college in january -- to pursue her dream.

Sometimes things just aren't as they seem.

That story still to come iencfict science fiction is starting to become a reality.

From cars that drive themselves to robots that learn on their own.

Spurring these innovations are new improvements in artificial intelligence.

Lisa mateo reports.

This robot can walk or roll in every direction.

It also has brain power - thanks to artificial intelligence or a-i.

Swiss engineers programmed ceratin movements - but eventually the robot taught itself to do this rollerblading motion.

That ability to learn and react could lead to a host of possibilities.

"at some poin you might just want to say: 'here's a package, please deliver it to this door' and the robot needs to figure out then based on the stairs that it might have to climb, or the grass that it might have to walk over exactly how to achieve this goal."

In brooklyn, new york the company optimus ride is launching self driving vehicles that can transport workers at an office park.

The cars use sensors and cameras to navigate the road.

"all of th technology that we're developing utilizes artificial intelligence.// that's allowed us to process a lot of things about predicting how people behave, predicting how pedestrians walk, predicting how bicyclists will maneuver in a lane."

It's not just self driving cars - a-i could one day lead to autonomous flying machines and submarines.

Optimus ceo ryan chin says advances still need to be made.

Right now autonomous vehicles work well in a controlled environment but... "our view is tha self-driving is going to be very difficult in places like driving around in times square, for example, in a snowstorm" "how much of reality are autonomous vehicles, can we see that really happening."

"autonomou vehicles are coming."

Syracuse university assistant professor ingrid erickson says the technology in self driving cars has a ways to go before it can make the judgement calls people do.

08:09:20 "and tha needs to be tested and tested and tested again to make sure there are no error rates" that testing is underway.

And as these machines become smarter, we get closer to a day when robots take the wheel.

Lisa mateo, cbs news, new york.

A woman rescues a kitten in chattanooga, but it turns out to be not what she thought.

Robyn estabrook has the details.

Pkg script: while driving down graysville road, jill hicks recently saw a kitten darting across it.

Jill hicks/sot "i pulled over o the side of the road, got out, got it.

It did run a little bit, but not fast and not far.

I crouched down.

I picked it up.

I put it in the car with me.

It climbed all over me."

Later after consulting with neighbors, she realized what she rescued was actually a bobcat.

Jill hicks/sot "i was going t go home from dinner, give her a bath, put her in the bed with me and when we decided she was a bobcat, i was like i probably better not do all of that."

Hicks took her to for fox sake wildlife rescue.

She was named arwen.

Rehabilitator juniper russo says there are ways to tell the difference between kittens and young bobcats.

Juniper russo/sot "bobca kittens always have spots in some form or another, wheras actual spotted markings are really rare in domestic cats and a bobcat kitten will sometimes, but not always have black tuffs on the ears, which are also possible in domestic cats, but pretty rare."

She says bobcats can be dangerous.

Juniper russo/sot "as they ge older they will become more and more agressive and a male bobcat especially can be about twice the size of a typical domestic cat and also very unpredictable in its behavior."

Russo hopes to have arwen until march.

She says the bobcat will be released in a protected area close to where she was found.

As for hicks, she says she wouldn't have done anything differently.

Jill hicks/sot "even though thought she was a kitten, had i known she was a bobcat, in that small and in that high trafficked area, i still would have done the same thing."

In chattanooga, robyn estabrook, news 12 now.

Saying i love you is one thing.

But showing it-- that's what counts.

An oklahoma man put on a city- wide display to show his wife how much he cares.

Rick maranon reports.

Between the ads for dentures-- casinos-- and cannabis-- there is a message of something priceless-- love.

Josh wilson/husband: "i decided i wanted to tell th world and tell my wife how much i love her in front of everybody."

Josh wilson is the owner of living water irrigation... a tulsa area sprinkler installation and repair company.

He initially purchased space on eight billboards around town to advertise his business-- but after a while-- he says the signs weren't really doing the trick.

So when it came time for a refresh-- he took off all talk of sales-- and decided to focus on -- his wife of five years-- amy.

Josh wilson/husband: "she tolerates me and lets m build this little company and lets us have fun.

It's the least i could do to tell her i love her."

On the eight billboards reads the simple message-- amy i love you more-- and to make sure the right amy knew where the message came from-- josh put his company's logo in the corner.

Josh wilson/husband: "i wasn't in any trouble.

Ever guy who has called me thought for sure i was in the dog house and in trouble, and i just for sure simply wanted to tell my wife that i loved her."

But the message of love from on high has also raised the bar for men across green country-- and with josh's message front and center -- there have been calls from other guys feeling the pressure to go big or go home when it comes to matters of the heart.

Josh wilson/husband: "a lot of text messages and lot of phone calls from friends saying thanks a lot buddy now i have to do something.

So that's always good.

As long as i can make my wife feel good for all that she does for me and my family it was a joy to do so."

Covering news that matters, i'm rick maranon, fox23 news.

The signs will be up for one more day-- and then it'll change over to pictures of their dogs.

Still to come, it's a big morning returns.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the beatles' "abbey road album.

Rick damigella has a preview of an extensive, new edition of the album.

The beatles' "abbey road debuted september 26th, 19-69.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, giles martin, son of beatles' producer george martin, has put together a new mix of the album.

"recordings ar just that, they're a time stamp, you know?

And all we're doing here is we're opening a door to that time, and then try to make it as fresh as possible."

He previously crafted new mixes for the anniversary editions of "sergean pepper's lonely hearts club band" and "t white album."

"on one hand yo have the, don't mess with the legacy.

The other hand you have the beatles and the beatles attitude which is you've got to push the boundaries as much as you can, i mean, you know, paul and ringo, and indeed yoko and olivia, they, they don't employee me to be safe.

They don't want that."

The album is available in traditional formats, but the holy grail for beatles fans is the super deluxe edition, featuring three c-d's, a blue-ray version presented in dolby atmos, 23 session recordings and demos, many of which are previously unreleased, and a 100-page hardbound book with unpublished photos among its many features.

"it sounds mor modern, i think it's quite a good, it's also quite a good gateway into the beatles for a younger generation."

In hollywood, i'm rick damigella.

In addition to the super deluxe version, the 50th anniversary editions of the beatles' "abbe road" includ single and double c-d versions, vinyl and of course, digital downloads, and will be available on friday elsa, anna and friends return to the big screen for another epic fantasy adventure.

Here's a look at the latest trailer for "frozen two.

O o one can get in or out.

You will always have me.

Theres a voice what does that mean .h ead to the cliffs.

They may have answers.

I save you from your ex boyfriend.


Where did you learn magic .

Get out of there.

Dont run into fire.


I believe in y is it me is it time to spice things up?

Some people say yes, that story ahead on mid morning.

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