Red Bluff donut shop prepares for PG&E shutoff

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Red Bluff donut shop prepares for PG&E shutoff

Red Bluff donut shop prepares for PG&E shutoff

A popular donut shop in downtown Red Bluff was one of few businesses open during the PG&E power shutoff Wednesday, employees spoke to Action News Now on how they prepared.

Also cutoff the power in red bluff.

It businesses there to close for the day today.

Action news now reporter jafet serrato is live in front of ramos donut house& he spoke with employees there on how they prepared.

Debbie& i driving around red bluff today& lights are off, water is used at a minimum and businesses are closed.

But not this one behind me& employees here say without a generator today lots of food would go to waste.

Corona:?our owner he knew about that the power was going to go off.

He had a generato?

A 24 hour donut shop is not slowing down after the pg&e shutoff in red bluff.

Corona:?the power went out at 12:30 so we were still cooking while the power is out, we had to do everything by flashligh?

Francisco corona works at ramos donut house off main street.

His team had to prepare for an outage.

Corona:?we started a few hours earlier so that we can get a few of the donuts going before the power went out and that sold today, some of the donuts we made last nigh?

(nats) lights turning on standup: employees here say without a generator they would have to throw away all these beverages inside this refrigerator here costing them thousands of dollars (nats) generator running corona also says they have to use their fryer at a minimum to conserve energy& that means less donuts being made.

Corona?i didn see anybody disappointed i just saw a whole bunch of people happy.

That we were open for business and we had power for them to enjoy a nice warm mea?

Wetzel:?it really beneficial for a store to be open when everything else is shut down for people like u?

The outage also affects the water.

The city manager says using city water for outside purposes is not allowed until power is back in the city.

That includes sprinklers, hoses and fountains.

Garcia:?i don think its fair because im paying for my service.

We need water we need to drink we don so at least we need water to shower and hydrate ourselve?

Despite the challenge, ramos donut house says they going to keep going.

Corona:?we open we prepare?

The tehama county superior court was also closed today due to the outage.

There is no estimation as to when power will be back on here.

Live in red bluff jafet serrato action news now.

The donut shop has been in business for 15 years now.


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