Bright Futures .5k int 10-11

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Bright Futures .5k int 10-11
Bright Futures .5k int 10-11

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Downton abbey tawnya: as for america's favorite halloween candy -- reese's peanut butter cups are officially america's top trick-or-treating treat.

Michael: that's according to a new poll from monmouth university surveying the nation's best-selling halloween candies.

Researchers found 36 percent of people love the chocolate peanut butter dessert... while 18 percent prefer snickers, and 11 percent like m-and-m's the best.

Hershey bars, skittles, starburst and tootsie pops were other favorite candies.

Tawnya: while most people can't deny their sweet tooth, not everyone is a fan of halloween... about 53 percent of those polled say they could do without the holiday.

What is your favorite halloween candy?

The 2019 circle the square for bright futures .5k run will be an event that allows anyone to participate in a fun event that will help us raise funds to continue the mission of providing basic needs for students.

Everyone can now participate in a run and feel an accomplishment!!

Every registered participant will receive the run t-shirt, a medal, and the euro style .5k bumper sticker, along with a refueling station of donuts and coffee at the halfway point!!

And of course the bragging rights that they are a finisher as they cross that finish line!!

This year along with many neosho area businesses we have added an after party of food truck, bounce houses, games, beverages, and lots of free goodies for all our medalled participants!

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