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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 14, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 14, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 14, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(PART 2 OF 2) Today, Scott Martin goes on another wine-soaked adventure in this week's "Uncorked".

And we'll hear samples of some spooky music heading your way this Halloween

Thstatfa the state fair of texas is famous for really big things - like big texas and big food.

But as jennifer lindgren reports, one small thing is keeping visitors coming back year after year.

There's the food, the fun, the festivities, and the friendly people.

And one employee's life-long love for the state fair of texas, keeps visitors coming back to say hello.

The state fair of texas holds more than 100 years of tradition... nat "every year we come back an see you.

Thank you very much thank you for coming" rose landin, among the best of them.

Sot - rose landin/state fair greeter: "how old are you?

I said you'r not supposed to ask a woman that."

Rose will proudly tell you, she is 101.

She's been coming to the fair her whole life.

The last quarter of a century... for work.

Sot - rose landin/state fair greeter: "i feel wonderful cause i fee like i'm doing something.

Staying at home is not fun when you retire."

Monday through friday, you'll find her here, in the hospitality center... nat -"get your maps!

Helping guests find their way around the grounds... nat - "thank you very much!

Every year a little different than the last.

Sot - rose landin/state fair greeter: "this year we have a lot o young people.

Which is wonderful."

And this seems like the perfect job - nat - "bye honey!

I'm glad yo came by."

For someone with a bright, friendly personality.

Sot - rose landin/state fair greeter: "i get up in the morning and i' happy."

And no plans to quit... sot - rose landin/state fair greeter: "i live for one day.

One day at time."

Any time soon.

" i've enjoyed every minute of i and i hope i enjoy it for 100 more years " at the state fair of texas, jennifer lindgren cbs 11 news.

Before she became an employee at the fair, rose was a volunteer.

And before that - an award winner - in creative arts, for her needlepoint christmas stockings.

Tailgating is in full swing.

So, you're probably feasting on your football faves.

And while you feast you may need something to sip on.

Here's scott martin with uncorked.

Scott- hey everyone, thanks for joing us.

We're back here wi bobe with bobbie burgess with this beautiful spread of delicious food, yummy wine and bobbie, restaurant tyler really outdid themselves here today.

Bobbie- absolutely.

So i'm chef ty and chef fitz.

They made three of their favorites tailgating and foods or tailgating food items for us today.

Scott- then of course you picked your favorite wine.

Bobbie- absolutely !and we've got this yummy fried chicken.

We do toss it in our house seasoning.

So this this just great flavors.

But when it comes to fried chicken, there's lots and lots of fat, salt, oil, all that yummy stuff.

Yes, that's what makes it delicious.

And so we've paired it with a spanish sparkling wine from spain.

This is the cava and we are going to be drinking it and these glasses just so you can swirl it and get all those flavors.

Scott-you're a good swirl or not me.

And it's bubbly.

Bobbie- yeah, so this these bubbles are going to cut through all the salt, the fat and oil but it's also going to cleanse your palate.

So this is basically what i like to consider sparkling wine is the orbit gm of the wine world.

Because it you know freshens your mouth.

So dirty mouth clean it up orbit cava why not?

Yeah, right.

Literally good.


Scott- and then you've also got a rose here that you put your face to it.

You bring it to your mouth and you just automatically smell the fragrance.

Bobbie-yes, yeah.

So this is what i consider france's best kept secret.

This is from france.

And i've paired it today with the goat cheese crusted mento and cheese sandwich.

And it's got this mississippi red a only dipping sauce, it's going to add a little bit of heat to it.

There's so much cream in the dish you really those bubbles and that acid to cut through it.

And you that hit sweetness to balance out that heat.

Scott- so bubbles are really good.


I mean, i guess bubbles are always good.

Bobbie-and then obviously the sweetness tones down that he allows you not to feel that burn as much.

Scott-this red wine we've all been talking about this because it was made in 2009 bobbie- yeah, right.

So this is lopez heredia, this is there cubillo crianda 2009.

They released their wines when they feel that they're ready.

So this is going to go really well because the tannins are a little bit more soft because of the tempranillo gornatcha blend.

They're going to go really well with those tacos because it's skirt steak.

So you have the fat and the meat with the tannins.

Scott- taco tuesday yeah.

Bobbie- it's got great acidity.

So that acidity is going to pair really well with the salsa verde.

So this also stands really well with spice which makes it another great pair for those there you go pain they use a lot of spices.

This dish even though it's more mexican inspired, it does she's a lot spices as well and salsa.

We're going to indulge in this.

So until next time.


Pop singers christina aguilera and kim petras have new music out just in time for those who like to celebrate halloween all month long.

Rick damigella has a preview.

:00-:28 "haunted heart courtesy mgm :28-:40 "there will be blood courtesy bunhead :40-:56 "pernal "personal hel courtesy bunhead :56-1:05 "the vinyl collection 1970-78 courtesy black sabbath/rhino records --reporter pkg-as follows-- they're creepy and they're kooky, and with christina aguilera, they're all together groovy!

Aguilera delivers a vampy vocal on "haunted heart for the soundtrack of the animated "addams family movie.

The song's official music video blends aguilera's performance with the addamses, and is streaming now on youtube and spotify.

German pop singer kim petras dropped a new, halloween- themed e-d-m album just in time for the holiday.

"tur off the light" features song titles like "ther will be blood" and "tell me it's nightmare."

Th title track features a guest vocal by elvira, mistress of the dark, for a little extra, spooky fun.

The album is streaming now and comes on the heels of petras's debut album, "clarity" whi released in june.

It's not literal halloween music, but the imagery conjured up by black sabbath certainly fits the season.

Rhino records has unleashed a vinyl box set chronicling sabbath's ozzy osbourne era.

"the viny collection 19-70 to 78" feature the band's first eight albums, a ninth disc of singles recorded in mono and replicas of its 70's tour programs. dropping the needle with the lights down low in hollywood, i'm rick damigella.

We'll be right back to wrap at a mor that and more on the next midmorning.

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