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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 21, 2019 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 21, 2019 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 21, 2019 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2) Today, we take a look at streaming services available for free.

And we meet a company that specializes in selling fresh but not so beautiful fruits and veggies your grocery store doesn't want.

And we meet a wunderkind from Meridian who is making waves with his elaborate theatre sets.

Will monitor any of the statebia mxi a biloxi man launches a business to help promote his beloved mississippi.

And, combating food waste is turning into big business.

Plus, come on down.

It's a special week on the price is right.

Midmorning starts right now.

If you need to make a new set of keys, it pretty easy.

Technology can allow you to duplicate a house key in just minutes.

But now one company is offering a new service that has some concerned.

Steve dorsey explains.

:40 - :43 steve dorsey/cbs news/washington, dc 1:03-1:12 paul viollis/cbs news security analyst the company keyme has kiosks across the country where customers can duplicate a key on the spot.

"tbd there are also apps that just need an uploaded photo of a key..

And they'll send you a copy.

This convienent technology comes with concerns, and now security experts are looking at a keyme feature that lets customers make clones of áelectronic key cardsá that use radio-frequency identification..

Known as r-f-i-d.

R-f-i-d cards and fobs allow the holders to access office buildings or even secure government facilites.

I made a copy of my apartment building key fob for just 25 dollars at a key me kiosk inside a local convenience store.

The company even offers a sticker for your smartphone that contains the signal.

"this concern me."

Cbs news security analyst paul viollis says a criminal could gain access to a card..

Make a copy..

And enter a restricted area.

"11:08:20 i'm no saying that keyme should stop what it's doing what i am saying is that it should hit the pause button there needs to be 100%, without exception, 100% accountability of every single person that uses this technology."

But the founder and ceo of keyme says the machines make copying more secure than ever before.

Cae "we ca determine who made the key via the financial paper trail we have, security footage like an atm, time stamp and what key was actually made."

Keyme says it does not store information that would link a r-f-i- d signal to a specific address.

The company has kiosks nationwide and plans to expand to 10-thousand locations at grocery stores, pharmacies and other retailers.

Steve dorsey, cbs news, washington.

You know that everything is not what it seems. that is especially true when it comes costume accessories like makeup and contact lenses.

Rolly hoyt takes a closer look.

Rolly hoyt, reporting william steele/resident agent- in-charge, dhs little rock sot: dr. christian hester/eye doctor & corneal specialist you got yourself a great halloween costume.

It just needs those finishing touches like make-up or maybe even contact lenses.

But here's a warning: fake stuff might be great for a horror movie, but counterfeit contacts or make-up are downright frightening.

"beware of wha you're putting on your face, or in your body or what you're going to wear because china does not have the fda.

They don't have the regulations that we do here."

And so investigators with homeland security are spreading out like vampire hunters.

They're cracking down on cheap, counterfeit products that could be harmful around halloween.

Things like... "the face make-u or the contact lenses that could give you an infection in your eye or a corneal ulcer."

We've heard the warnings about cheap contacts before, but when cheap counterfeits hit the market they can be tempting.

"i usually end u taking care of the problems that result of the misuse of them."

Eye doctor christian hester already has his hands full daily.

Cheap contacts can be worse.

"this can happe with fda approved contact lenses, but then when you start adding in the mix contact lenses that are produced that are not fda approved then you're really asking for trouble."

Investigators aren't too worried about reputable stores.

It's online sellers that have them scared.

"amazon's no going to sell counterfeit goods, but they allow other vendors to come in and sell, and until they're found to be selling counterfeit goods, they could very well enter the economy."

And so don't be mesmerized into making a dreadful decision this halloween.

"if it's too goo to be true, it probably is.

If you're finding something that's 100 dollars normally that's 50, think about it.

You get what you pay for."

The crackdown on counterfeit there is so much streaming content available these days, but subscription services like netflix or amazon prime video can get expensive.

Cnet's kara tsuboi reports on free ways to stream your favorite movies.

Kara tsuboi cnet the streaming movie world is dominated by netflix, amazon prime and hulu, but there are some lesser known sites that offer great content...for free.

Here are some good ones to check out: pluto tv offers free streaming live tv and on demand movies.

The selection is pretty extensive and the best part is there is no account or sign in necessary.

Choose your title and instantly start watching.

No account necessary either for crackle, sony's free streaming service.

There will be a few ads, but every movie and tv show on the site is free to watch.

Imdb, owned now by amazon, is now also offering free streaming content.

Once you create a free account, the service will keep track of what you watch and make recommendations.

Finally, don't forget about your good old public library.

Two services, hoopla digital and kanopy, connect you with your library's digital collection of films. on hoopla, once you create an account, and if your library is one of the fifteen-hundred participating libraries, you can borrow a movie for up to three days free of charge.

Kanopy has slightly more independent and obscure titles to loan and has also partnered with universities to offer free films for students.

In san francisco, i'm kara tsuboi with cnet for cbs news.

An 87-year-old biloxi man is now a new business owner.

Charles gillis has done a lot of things, but running an on- line retail business is a first.

He's finally decided to capitalize on a slogan he has owned the rights to ... for nearly three decades.

Mike lacy has more.

Charles gillis, owns on-line business "this is th brochure that we have that we provide ..."

Charles gillis is a natural salesman.

But now didn't seem like a good time to be an entrepreneur.

"i said, 'oh, well you know at my age, at 87 years of age, i don't know if that's the right time for me to start a new business.'

" business has been in his blood.

And he retired as a branch manager for the u.s. small business administration.

The korean war veteran even tried his hand in politics in 1969.

"i've always ha the desire to be busy."

On oct.

1, he launched his new online retail business with the slogan, "mississippi, mor than just a river."

The original slogan was used by mississippi representatives at the world's fair in new orleans in 1984.

"i loved it.

And thought that was really the way to promote the state of mississippi."

But the state never used it again.

"i was reall surprised that the state of mississippi leadership at that particular time didn't incorporated it in to the slogan and use it."

Gillis was granted rights to it in 1991 for personal use.

And now, with the help of family, it's become a business he wants leave as part of his legacy.

"i'm really prou of them.

I'm really proud that they're all standing together with me on this and pushing me forward.

I'm just hoping that my children and my grandchildren will take it and be successful with it."

To others, he has this advice.

"i don't care ho old that you get.

As long as your health will let you, i think that you should stay busy because i think it helps to add prime time and quality time to your life."

Part of the proceeds from the sales go to the ... shriners hospitals for children.

A rose by any other name don't judge a book by its cover.

And, don't judge a piece of fruit mid morning.

Yomay ve you may have never heard of the 'ugly produce movement.'

But what started as a small way to combat food waste has turned into a big business.

Start-ups are selling funky looking fruits and vegetables that would have been thrown away at cheaper prices.

Kenneth craig reports.

2:44-2:52 ben chesler/imperfect foods 3:29-3:39 caroline devane/imperfect foods customer 3:40-3:44 misfits market 4:48-4:52 imperfect foods up here in this area we got right over 2,000 acres we met juan gonzalez in the heart of california farm country... where about 90 percent of america's cauliflower is harvested every year.

But he says, until recent years, his farms were also the site of a staggering amount of food waste.

Juan gonzalez: 10:15:16 10 million pounds a year.

Kenneth craig: 10:15:21 10 million pounds-- juan gonzalez: 10:15:22 10 million pounds a year-- ... fruits and vegetables that never made it to store shelves.... rejected simply for looking a little different.

Juan: 10:31:46 cauliflower historically, everybody knows cauliflower as being white.

But in order to keep organic cauliflower white you gotta come in, break the leaves or tie the leaves.

Keep the sun from hitting this head of cauliflower.

Kenneth craig: 10:32:38 so a store will say, "this is a littl bit--" juan: 10:32:41 too yellow for me.

Kenneth craig: 10:32:42 "--to yellow up top, we can't take it."

Juan: 10:32:43 we can't take it.

S-- kenneth craig: 10:32:46 wow u-s-d-a guidelines seperate fuits and vegetables into grades based on things like size and color.

..and large volume retailers - including supermarkets - often follow those strict beauty standards.

That's led to 10 million tons of cosmetically imperfect or unharvested food lost each year.

Kenneth craig: 10:35:49 so, this is the perfect one right here.

This is the imperfect.

Kenneth craig: 10:36:38 so this is the-- juan: 10:36:39 this is the imperfect-- kenneth craig: 10:36:40 this is the imperfect.

Juan: 10:36:46 good.


Sweet-- kenneth craig: 10:36:47 tastes like perfectly good cauliflower to me.

Some flaws are easier to see than others.

Juan gonzalez: 10:18:02 so carrots, they grow underground.

So if you hit a hard spot they tend to turn and twist and grow a little bit uneven.

So there's nothin' wrong with them.

They just look funky.

I think they look pretty gnarly, but they-- they're-- they're funky.

"youre going t get peaches, plums, nectarines" but one man's trash has become another man's treasure for ben chesler who saw "imperfec produce" as th áperfectá recipe - and name - for a new business model.

12;08;39;26 kenneth: what was the goal?

12;08;43;05 the goal was really to fix a part of the food system.//starting with produce and then eventually moving into the wider food system, we could solve the environmental impact of all the food going to waste we could make food more affordable for people and we could start to take a small bite out of this whole problem of food deserts where we could actually deliver healthy produce to people for more affordable than the grocery store.

His company-is an offshoot of the food recovery network a student led movement..

He started with a friend in in college.

12;05;35;16 we noticed there was a huge amount of food going to waste in our dining halls from these giant buffets and so we started a student organization to take that food from the dining halls and donate it to homeless shelters, meals sites in the community.

It turned into actually the largest student movement against hunger.


In four years,the doorstep delivery service has expanded to more than 30 markets and more than 200 thousand customers...incl uding caroilne devane's in cambridge massachusetts.

Kenneth: 1:53:10 caroline: lemons&.

Kenneth: and where are the imperfetions?

Caroline: good question.

/// 1:45:39 caroline: in my experience, the food has been just as good as grocery store quality when i look for the imperfections i'm like is it really imperfect - it seems just fine - and it's a great price.

The mother of two says it's not only saving her money, but also trips to the store.

1:47:39 it's nice to think that there's a very small, consumer impact i can make - just by choosing these vegetables, instead of the very beautiful vegetables at the grocery store.

The ugly produce movement has grown into a competitive field... with companies like 'misfits market' and 'hungry harvest' all fighting for a share.

It's also ignited a debate ...skeptics pointing out that more than 80 percent of food waste each year comes from consumers at homes..

Buisnesses and restaurants.

12;15;24;26 silver bullet to any of these problems like food waste.//6 billion pounds of food never make it to a human mouth - that's in any form.

That's after the foodbanks, which we love, have taken produce.

That's after the salsas, the juices and the jams. and on thousands of acres at lakeside organic gardens, where juan gonzalez's team grows than 50 different vegetable varieties, the rescue efforts have been a game changer.

Juan gonalez: 10:19:02 // so profitability has gone up.

Our employees production numbers have gone up.

The field's harvest numbers have gone up.

Everything has gone up.

Kenneth craig: 10:20:01 and so it's not only helped the bottom line here, but we're-- we're talking about an entire industry-- juan gonzalez: 10:20:06 entire-- kenneth craig: 10:20:06 particularly in the state that-- that's benefiting from this.

Juan gonzalez: 10:20:09 that is correct.

If-- if-- if we could turn all that around, california could pretty much end world hunger.

Kenneth craig: 10:20:17 you feel that way?

Juan gonzalez: 10:20:18 that's how much product gets left behind.

Kenneth craig, cbs news, watsonville, california prices vary depending on what company you use and what you order.

But some boxes start at 15 dollars.

Come on down big money.

Big money.

A trip to the price is 's "g mo it's "big mon week" on "t price is right!"

And it kiced off with the show's biggest winner in daytime history.

Michael stouber from freehold, new jersey won big playing million dollar plinko and the showcase!

He walked away with $262,742.97 in cash and prizes, including a trip to fiji, a new car, a diamond tennis bracelet and over $200,000 cash from million dollar plinko.

The previous record of $213,876 was set during "bi money week" i 2016.

"big money week continues on the price is right thru friday.

You, of course, can watch it at 11am right here on wcbi.

Last week we kicked off a new series: "behin the screen" b introducing you to eagan tilghman a 19- year-old artist from meridian who's photos went viral two years ago.

Cash matlock shows us what eagan's been up to since his viral success.

Take a look.

"i can do this.

And i can lik make a living for myself.

And i don't have to like compromise or change myself to fit in and get just make it in the world.

I can like do it how i am.

And i love that."

Ean's te eagan's latest venture is the biggest one he's ever attempted.

For the meridian little theater's fall production of "little shop o horrors," eaga designed and painted the entire stage set.

"i designed it actually built a little miniature.

So like, i just designed the whole thing, made sure it was how i wanted it, made sure it was how the director miss ellie massey wanted it, and then i showed it to dan.

Then he put it through his carpenter brain that kind of knew how to make everything structurally sound with all these weird angles and walls that look like they're falling over."

And as if the set wasn't enough of a challenge& eagan designed all four audrey ii puppets that will be used in the production& including a giant 10 foot tall plant that can actually "eat the actors.

"it has mechanism to move its mouth, of course.

And then there's like a slide almost inside the mouth people can climb in when they get eaten, and then we can lift it up, they can crawl up it, or we can lift it up, and they can slide down.

Then they'll be going out the back."

Eagan says seeing his ideas brought to life brings him a sense of pride.

"i sat and i desig it on my computer and i drew it out, then i built it out of cardboard to be this big.

So, it was just really cool to finally see it all come to life and be like, like, it's really there.

Like, i did that, and i'm really proud of it."

Eagan's story is far from over& in fact, he says the next chapter will be even bigger and better& but for now, he hopes he can inspire other people to just be themselves.

"one of my dad' favorite songs, and lately it's been one of my favorite songs, is the joke by brandi carlile.

It says 'let them laugh while they can, let them spin, scatter in the wind.

I've been to the movies, seen how it ends, but the joke's on them.'

You'll eventually come out on top just when you be yourself, do you, and don't worry about anybody else."

Giving you a peek at the people ábehind the screen á& cash matlock& wcbi news& meridian little theaters "littl shop of horrors" production wrapped up earlier this week.

Eagan has already started working on the set design for a new production called "noise off" as well a "elf the musicial.

"i can do this.

And i can lik make

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