Tennessee Aquascarium

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Tennessee Aquascarium

Tennessee Aquascarium

Dress up the kids and bring them to the AquaScarium at the Tennessee Aquarium this Friday. @tennesseeaquarium

4:00 8:00 pm friday, october 25th 4:00 8:00 pm co at tom for this were my favorit events of the entire year and this is a family-friendly hollowing party at the tennessee where he himself, it's not as spooky as the name might suggest doc was carrying.

It's more about them families gettin together and having a safe trading environment at the this is a great opportunity for families to not only to visit the area and educate his now training characters and creatures, so he did before hollowing so gives families the opportunity as a spouse for some families really everything into their out and then noticed the theme so might be the family that the wizard of oz or could be a beach, the mercy teacher is so great to see all the different costumes so in both buildings we have trick-or-trea stations.

Our educators bring out animals or animal investors for impromptu programs as you go through the building.

We have a tremendous support from our volunteer scuba divers and were really load up the tanks in the river journey building with volunteer scuba divers who also were cost to.

Also, it's really fun to see a buzz light year and maybe woody's and attention.

I may have the spec is together.

Maybe it says spiderman and the incredible's the sometimes will be characters actually matching the cost center of the tanks of it.

Just a lot of fun and then we have activities outdoors.

So if the weather holds.

I think i will.

I will have our monster mash dance party floor outside was a lot of fun for the kids.

They get a chance to dance with them some of our mascots were also dressed up in costume.

All of our staff and volunteers to participate with the costumes and and celebrate the season in a really fun and even now i'm a adult.

There are mermaids on my and dad always have memories always wanted to be a mermaid.

The pirates are mermaids of the tropical cove which is a lot of kids and you just seem animals and enjoying the exhibits and nighttime the animals do, but a little bit differently than the do during the day some really behavior.

Some seek sometimes alligator step into a great big turtle and the deltas out roaming around night and it's just on the sea.

The human experience.

It may be, especially when you're dressed up everybody else's image in the family costumes and nina we've been talking about michelle.

How has an isolating a child so i cannot this is your last halloween when addressing out that i love them is fully prepared to be transformed when your new child comes along and i now i'm excited had a newly become a member of the great things about aqua screen following party because for members is just eight dollars and we have a lot of those member events.

We the membership get discounts at imax discounts in the shop to the that as a new parent, you know you might be using that the years to come because we have a lot of moms who take their kids this worm several times a week, especially during the colder season and images visit for two and then come back the next day and and experience in different.

We also have the small fry programs which go on for a little one so there's a lot for you guys to or once a year.

I can't wait to be there yelling at me tired and may know worry that you mention tickets only eight dollars members if were not a member.

When we went to the website because there.

If you if you're member guest ticket price.

The number is it's all the websites.

Also on her facebook page and to purchase the tickets in advance which allows you to skip line for tickets will have some tickets available at the door.

It's a great night and they likely had to spell out that we need to know because we have both buildings and activities out doors that really spread things out is not really a product of past get a lot of.

I think any can purchase the ticket online at tennessee i clarity an aqueduct or devices are all the are in the a cutoff time.

If we do want to wait until we arrive at her to take it right so the events from 4 to 8 right so the events from 4 to 8 pm this friday so we don't want to sell tickets to late evening and shortchange in may.

We want the to have experience of reduced selling tickets will be 47 but he is not to enjoy everything not enough to say it is and i a in the running to the door when the doors open again is happening this friday with gary and come in your full family costumes.

Be ready to trick-or- treat mingle with a couple animal care from the aquarium water characters from you, not clear case of the staff become characters in on the might rhythmic i can't wait will be signing another mermaid okay ca we will find you a night out in connecticut having this friday and i with area doors open and

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