retrial in studio hit at 11

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retrial in studio hit at 11
retrial in studio hit at 11

Today in lexington for a man accused of killing a marine.

In 2014, jonathan price was shot and killed outside a bar...police say during a robbery.

His wife megan was also shot, but survived.

36 year old dawan mulazim was tried last year for murder but jurors couldn't reach a verdict...leading to the retrial.

Abc 36's monica harkins is the studio...what was the focus today in court?

Tom and vj... for day two it was all witnesses called by the prosecution.

But, both sides showed pictures and video from the crime scene.

One of the most chilling moments....the 9-1-1 call from price's wife megan...some of the last words she said to her husband played for the jury.

Here's that moment at the scene...and her reaction having to re-live it in the courtroom.

"jonathan i love you.

Jonathan i love you."

Prosecutors asked megan about helping investigators identify the two men who did this.

She says at the time she didn't want to risk getting it wrong.

"did you do a lineup?

I did not.

Why not?

I was afraid that i wouldn't chose the right person."

This surveillance video was c1 3 played for the jury showing the parking lot moments before price was shot.

Look to the top right...jonathan and megan are just out of sight from the camera behind cars.

You can see though, the two men walking up to them and some kind of commotion going on.

The defense still has its opportunity to call witnesses.

The trial is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning.

I'm monica harkins, abc 36 news.


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