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Friday, August 12, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sprint

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Tuesday Morning Sprint
Tuesday Morning Sprint

The Madison Finance Committee passed a budget amendment Monday night that members hope will offset the cost of the wheel tax for low income individuals.

It's 6:52 ... time for the morning sprint as we get your day started with everything you need to know.

We start with breaking news into the channel 3 thousand alert center in just the last few minutes... former president jimmy carter is in the hospital after fracturing his pelvis during a fall in his home.

It's the second time this month the 95-year-old carter has been hurt in a fall.

He suffered bruises and a cut above his eye after falling two weeks ago.

His spokeswoman says carter is in good spirits after his latest fall ..

And is looking forward to recovering at home.

More oversight could be coming to the madison police department.

The city's finance committee voted last night to approve funding for a new position -- an 'independent police monitor.'

The position was the main recommendation of an ad hoc committee that's been meeting and analyzing police policy for the last four years.

The finance committee also decided against adding three more officers to the police budget.

Some relief could be coming to low-income residents if a 40-dollar 'wheel tax' is approved by the full council.

The finance committee passed an amendment to the proposal last night giving a 40-dollar reimbursement to people who use food stamps.

The city says the new vehicle registration tax is necessary to avoid further budget cuts ... but opponents had expressed concerns about it disproportionat ely affecting low-income residents.

Governor tony evers is calling state lawmkers into a special session next month to address gun violence.

He's proposing two bills... one would require universal background checks on gun purchases, and the other would create a 'red flag' process giving law enforcement the ability to take away someone's gun if they're a threat to themselves or others.

Republicans are calling the proposals an attack on second amendment rights.

A decision on the latest lawsuit over the legislature's lame duck laws could come at any moment from the state supreme court.

Justices heard arguments in the suit yesterday.

The unions filing the suit say the laws violate the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches.

The republican- controlled legislature's attorney says lawmakers want a seat at the table... and that the attorney general is not in the executive branch.

The madison west high school security guard recently fired for using a racial slur will get his job back.

Marlon anderson says he used the n- word... asking a student to stop calling him that.

The district fired him due to its zero- tolerance policy on the word.

Yesterday ... the district decided to take back that firing ... and says they'll work to address their policies.

Wind advisory until 7 pm today: mostly cloudy, windy and cooler with scattered showers.

High: 48 (temperatures steady through the day) wind: w 15-30 mph (gusts to 45 mph) tonight: mostly cloudy with any showers ending in the evening, then becoming partly cloudy and a little colder.

Low: 36 wind: w 8-15 mph iraq's military says u-s troops leaving syria and heading to iraq do not have persmission to stay in the country.

President trump ordered the troops to leave northern syria... and shortly later, the fighting between syria and turkey started.

A ceasefire in northern syria is set to expire later today.

The pentagon says a small number of soldiers will stay in syria in order to protect the area's oilfields.

Justin trudeau will serve a second term as canada's prime minister after winning re- election overnight.

C-b-c news reports trudeau's liberal party will return to power... but as a minority government.

Just last week, former president barack obama endorsed trudeau... just a month after trudeau apologized for wearing blackface during a school event nearly 20 years ago.

American diplomat bill taylor -- who came out of retirement to run the u-s embassay in ukraine-- is set to testify on capitol hill today... as the ongoing impeachment inquiry into president trump continues.

Of the alleged quid pro quo... taylor texted it was quote 'crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.'

Milwaukee mayor tom barrett is campaigning for his city to be picked to host the g-7 summit.

It comes after president trump backed off his idea to host the summit at one of his resorts.

Barrett submitted a letter to the president sunday night.

The g-7 summit will happen on june 12th... only a month before the d-n-c convention is in milwaukee.

We are nearing the end of october...or should we say socktober?

Kiddos at verona schools and other districts have spent the last month all these socks to donate to those who need them.

In less than two hours they'll pay up around 1800 hundred pairs and have them delievered to the badger paririe needs network... teachers say their studnets were inspired by the national socktober movement, and they started their own version of it four years ago.

First collecting a few hundred and this year...nearly 2,000.

They have a goal of 28-hundred.

Now they are a little under their goal but there is still time left in socktober... if you want to help get them to their goal of 28- 000 you can just donat to...and let them know you're donating on the behalf of the kids here at glacier edge.

We have a link up on our website.


The teachers strike continues today in chicago as public schools announced classes will be cancelled for a fourth day.

Mayor lori lightfoot has asked striking chicago teachers to return to work, since it is unclear that an agreement can be reached.

Teachers are demanding a salary increase, smaller class sizes and more librarians, nurses and other support staff.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to jason stone with a look at your first-alert traffic.

The westbound beltline is slowing down at stoughton road thru monona drive, all other lanes are at the posted speed limit.

Drivers are dealing with a logjam on the verona interchange.

And john nolen has routine lining up at intersections with no trouble getting downtown, expect a minor delay on olin ave to john nolen.

With your first alert traffic, i'm jason stone wind advisory until 7 pm today: mostly cloudy, windy and cooler with scattered showers.

High: 48 (temperatures steady through the day) wind: w 15-30 mph (gusts to 45 mph) tonight: mostly cloudy with any showers ending in the evening, then becoming partly cloudy and a little colder.

Low: 36 wind:

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