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Thursday, August 11, 2022


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At (time) it's time now for our (day) morning sprint here on good morning northwest... we will check in with chief meteorologist kristin walls in just a minute but first heres a look at todays top stories.

The benton county coroner has ruled a man's death a homicide, one year after his death.

Benjamin ensign was severly injured after a fight with a jack didley's bouncer in kennewick in 2012.

Ensign suffered skull factures from the fight and was eventually released from the hospital, but died in 2018.

Coroner bill leach said he died from a seizure disorder caused by a brain injury due to an assault.

Ensign's death was ruled a homicide.

The bouncer, matthew hibbard, was convicted of assault.

Pasco police have found a truck they believe is linked to two armed robbery suspects police surrounded a home at the lakeview mobile home park.

They believed two people responsible for a wednesday night robbery at a pasco circle k were inside the home.

They weren't able to obtain a search warrant for the home...and didn't end up finding the suspects... but the truck was taken as evidence.

An accident at a kennewick business caused quite the scene.

A viewer sent in this video of the smoke coming from sunbelt rentals.

An employee was working on a lift when it somehow caught fire.

There was some concern about nearby propane tanks...but firefighters were able to quickly put the fire out.

No one was hurt.

Interstate 90 was closed in both directions at the vantage bridge after a semi- trailer hauling apples rolled onto its side, smashed a jersey barrier and spilled fuel onto the roadway thursday afternoon.

Troopers said the driver was briefly trapped inside the vehicle, but he was not injured and no other vehicles were involved.

W-s-p investigators believe the driver was speeding.

(jeremiah cunningham/convicted in role of murder plot "...thought process") just yesterday, jeremiah cunningham, the man involved in the incident who was already convicted, takingthe stand.

Fe hadley allegedly planned to lure a fellow classmate back in 2017 so cunningham could kill them.

Cunningham testified that hadley would trip the student so cunningham could stab him.

A 21-year-old man who went into the girls bathroom at toppenish high shcool is facing possible trespassing charges.

The man told police he's a former student and admitted to going into the school's bathrooms but said he had no intention of taking photos.

He was released and police have requested charges of 1st degree criminal trespassing.

A richland man is accused of burning his girlfriend's toddler with a lit cigarette.

Officers got a call about a young boy walking outside naked in richland for some time.

Police arrived and found two children covered in bed bug-bite marks and had feces on their legs court documents say 28 year-old xavier calhoun put a lit cigarette under his girlfriend's child's eye.

They were taken into protective custody.

Today's your last chance to visit the richland farmer's market...before it closes for the season.

It's going on from 9 to 1 at the parkway.

The last pasco farmer's market is saturday... a brand new hotel is now open in walla walla right in the heart of downtown.

"the finch" was renovated from a motel built in the 60s...and much of the original architecture has been incorporated into the modern look.

It's described as a "basecamp" for your walla walla trip -- with the goal of helping you experience as much of walla walla as you can.

(toss to kristin) from the legends skycam network, here's a look from toppenish.

Dry and quiet on the radar with temps in the 30s and 40s.

Our winds will pick up today with gusts at times 30 to 40 mph.

Look for a mild afternoon in the upper 60s and low 70s.

Futurecast shows the front moving through today with our winds increasing this afternoon and evening.

No rain is expected.

Back to plenty of sunshine this weekend.

On the 7day look for highs in the 50s saturday and sunday.

Next week look for more sunshine and below average temps in the 50s.

3 waking up with us and watching good morning g-m-a is next.

Kapp-kvew local news is always on kapp-kvew local g-m-a is next.

Northwest.morning and watching good waking up with us thanks for thanks for

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