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WCBI News at Six - October 29, 2019

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WCBI News at Six - October 29, 2019
WCBI News at Six - October 29, 2019
WCBI News at Six - October 29, 2019

Thanks for joining us..

Between now and january, the lowndes county school board has a big job ahead of it, appointing a superintendent..

A change in state law requires all superintendents to be appointed..

Happening now... a special called meeting is underway to determine how lowndes county will handle the interviewing process for the candidates.

Our quentin smith joins us from the meeting... so quentin, how are things going?

Aundrea, the interviewing process for the superintendent search has drawn some backlash... originally... the board planned to only invite 15 members of the public inside when the final four candidates are being interviewed... but when it comes to the general public... they would not be allowed inside during the process..

Many people have expressed their displeasure with that option..

During today's special called meeting..

Board members could make a vote to reverse that decision... so far a vote has not been made but they are discussing the issue right now as we speak..

We're going to be following this all throughout the night..

And we'll have more from this meeting..

And which action the board chooses..

Coming up tonight on wcbi news at 9 and 10... but for now... reporting live in lowndes county..

Quentin smith..

Wcbi news... the institute of community services holds its 8th bi-annual luncheon with a special guest.

Area head start directors shared the successes of their programs with local leaders..

Senator roger wicker's wife, gayle wicker was today's guest speaker and says head start is where the foundation is set for students to learn.

"what i see happening with head start is that head start produces role models for children who so desperately need good wholesome role models and in role models we see people who love them and encourage them and prepare them to be leaders for the future."

Butted to "we cannot thank the parents enough for allowing their children to come to ics head start where we believe that we make a difference in their lives."

I-c-s serves 37- hundred students in its 14 county coverage area.

Take vo in monitor bus drivers are responsible for carrying precious cargo to and from school every day- your children.

However, in several areas across the united states, there has been a shortage of bus drivers.

Not knowing how students will make it to school can leave families and school administrators frustrated.... our stephanie poole joins us in the studio with more about what one school district is doing to make sure it has drivers for it's routes.

They're a familiar sight on your early morning drive...big yellow school busses.

A lack of the yellow rigs isn't the problem, but it's a lack of people who can get behind the wheel.

Now, school leaders are banding together to make sure students get to school on time.

" drivers needed"..this sign ha stood in calhoun county for several months... one of the most important things besides learning in school is actually getting there... " there's a-lot of responsibility with being a bus driver.

You're responsible getting kids to and from school safely."

Calhoun county schools transportation director stacia parker says doing that isn't always simple..

" i have had phone calls from bus drivers in the early morning that have a sick child or they're sick themselves and me or one of my mechanics have to drive the route because we couldn't find a sub on such late notice."

There are 35 bus routes in the calhoun county school district, that include calhoun, vardaman and bruce schools.

Every route has an assigned driver but the school system depends on coaches and assistant teachers to run those routes.

" we do have sub drivers in place and it depends on the day, and the time and you know whether or not it's easy or hard to find someone."

Bus drivers receive a salary of 20-thousand dollars per year- parker believes that may be a reason for the shortage.

" i think everybody needs a raise in education whether if you're a bus driver, a janitor, an assistant teacher, principal, or superintendent.

These bus drivers have a day- in,day-out job and they have to be at a certain place at a certain time.

If it's rain, hot weather, cold weather, it's a big task."

In the meantime parker is hopeful most of the positions will stayed filled for the duration of the school year.

"i did have a couple of openings at the beginning of the school year but we found drivers for those and the drivers and they have been very good about coming to work and doing what they need to do."

Take vo in monitor parkers say if you're interested in the bus driver position for calhoun county schools to please contact her.

That information on our website at wcbi-dot-com.

First look stinger first look summary: rain and storms will redevelop tonight and continue through thursday morning.

Another 1-3" of rain or more may fall.

There may also be a few gusty storms wednesday night and early thursday morning that could produce some isolated damaging wind gusts.

The latest data suggest a dry, breezy, and colder evening for trick-or-treaters thursday followed by crisp and cool fall weather going into the weekend.

Several nights in a row will produce a widespread frost and/or freeze.

Tuesday night: mostly cloudy a former west alabama fire chief pleads guilty to taking money from his department.

Jeremy terry was arrested for theft of property first degree in february 2018.

On monday, he was ordered to serve ten months in prison and repay more than 14-thousand dollars.

Investigators say terry used the millport fire department's debit card for his own use.

Terry will also be on probation for five years, after his release.

Millport police, the town of millport and the district attorney's office investigated the theft.

Wipe to gfx the mississippi court of appeals says an itawamba county man should get a second chance before a jury.

Joshua clark is serving a 40 year sentence in connection with the 2008 death of his four-month- old daughter kyllie.

A doctor testified in his trial that she believed kyllie died from shaken baby syndrome and jurors relied heavily on that testimony to convict clark.

The court of appeals ruled today that the doctor was not properly certified as an expert witness and also cast doubt on the shaken baby syndrome as a diagnosis.

A new trial date must now be set for clark.

Take developing story stinger leave anchor mic up a new business is proving to be a shot in the arm to the town of shuqualak.

Dollar general opened in august, giving an opportunity for residents to stay in town to buy the things they need, and offering new job opportunities, and a boost in sales tax revenues..

While it's only been open a few months mayor velma hill jenkins says she already sees the benefit.

We're hoping once others see that they have prospered because you know anyone can go online and see how much tax you generate and how much you took in others see that there are dollars in shuqualak to be spent.

Maybe someone else will come on board and realize we do have 50 cent and we will spend it in shuqualak.

Mayor jenkins says the new store in bringing people outside of shuqualak into the community as well..

When you get in your car and head to the grocery store have you ever thought about how long it takes?

Now think about if you didn't have transportation.

For many mississippi residents that's the reality and getting healthy food can be a challenge.

Our rylie livingston takes a look at food deserts and what they mean for our community.

She joins us in the studio with more.

According to feeding america 1 in 5 mississippians is struggling with hunger.

For some, grocery stores are far away and farmers markets are nonexistent.

But there are things communities can do to help.

Food deserts... an area where healthy food isn't easily accessible.

In mississippi dr. kenya cistrunk says nearly every county has pockets of areas.

"so when you think about mississippi, and how rural our state is then you obviously we have to acknowledge that there are some areas that will not have access to supermarket.

How do we make sure that people who are in those areas have access to healthy food options."

Some retailers are changing their business models - expanding into rural areas and offering ?some?

Grocery options..

"just to have something right here to grab bread, eggs, household, it means the world we are grateful to have the dollar general here.

But even though these stores have some benefits they also pose some challenges.

"when you think about someone who's hungry and trying to get food if i can get to dollar general and purchase that frozen meal or the canned food at a price that works with my budget, then at least it gets me something where we want to get people to understand that those might not be the healthiest options and how do we help them learn those skills and techniques that they may not know, to grow their own vegetables and fruit."

Cistrunk says it will take a broader approach to help those facing food insecurity.

"we're talking about from a community level, not just individuals but from a community level addressing food insecurity, through the community gardens, through the community supported agricultural a model where people can purchase, you know food bags, if they have the funds or use their ebt benefits to go to the farmers market to be able to purchase the foods that they need."

573,610 mississippians experienced food insecurity in 2017 according to feeding america.

While that number is high it is down nearly a hundred thousand from 2015.

Stinger when it comes to getting around in starkville, there are now more options for fewer wheels..

We take a look when we come back... an area company is driving home the message of breast cancer awareness... aurora flight sciences brought a pink "drive to inspire" car to golden triangle regional airport for its employees to sign... more than four dozen workers signed the vehicle to memorialize loved ones impacted by cancer... workers stress the importance of getting checked and staying educated on the disease... "it means a lot to me.

It's in y heart.

I go everywhere and i try to do everything for cancer and talk to people about cancer because like i said, god has got me here for a reason.

He's let me go three times with cancer and i've never been sick behind it."

The company also accepted donations that will go towards cancer awareness... getting from point 'a'... to point 'b' just got a little easier in the city of starkville.

The new locksley way multi-use path is officially open for public use.

The trail is a pedestrian walk- way ?and?

The first ever two- lane bike path in the state.

It connects msu with the starkville sports plex.

The project is a 4-way partnership among the city of starkville, oktibbeha county, mississippi state university, and mississippi department of transportation.

"it is a great multi-use because it gives people alternative transportation around our community, and it gives them access, safe access, to be able to walk or bike or do things like that, that they want to... so, you can get all the way... start at the park, you could come through the university, go downtown, shop downtown, and eventually the sidewalk will also come back around on highway 12 as well."

Construction for the path came around 4 percent ?under?

The initial bid amount.

Stinger weather will continue for the end of the week now that the cold front has pushed through the area.

Rain chances slowly increase through the weekend and into early next week as our next cold front approaches.

Monday will be our best chance for showers and storms. wednesday night: cooler air will continue to move in overnight tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s.

Winds will be out of the north at 5-10 mph.

Thursday-friday: we'll see plenty of sun for the end of the week with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.

A nice breeze out of the north will help to keep us comfortable through the day.

Morning lows will be in the 40s, so you may have to add an extra layer as you head out the door.

Saturday-sunday: temperatures will return to the mid to upper 70s for the weekend as a few showers slowly creep back into the area.

We'll keep rain chances lower for saturday, but there could be a few more showers on sunday as a cold front approaches.

Either way, the weekend overall will be pretty nice as many of us won't see rainfall and will see plenty of sunshine.

Monday: showers and storms will develop through the day and will likely last into the evening.

Some storms could produce heavy rain and gusty winds.

Temperatures will top out in the mid 70s by the the ncaa makes a move to begin pay to play... the details on today's announcement, next in sports..

The ncaa makes a big move towards players being able to profit off their likeness... the board of governors voting unanimously to clear the way for the amateur athletes to "benefit from the use of their name, image and likeness."

The ncaa now asks the three divisions to create new rules that would begin immediately, but no later than the beginning of 2021 in september, california made a law set to take effect in 2023 that would prevent athletes from losing their scholarships or being kicked off their teams for signing endorsement deals.

Multiple reports confirming ole miss quarterback grant tisdale is no longer with the program, and has entered the transfer portal tisdale appeared in one game, completing both passes and a touchdown in the loss to alabama, and spent most time as third-string the former four- star signee becomes the sixth player to transfer mid season, joining montrell custis, kevontae ruggs, josh clarke, kam white, and cj miller time to give a shoutout to the big guys holding it down at the line of scrimmage, and those that help keep the lights on at home..

It's our lineman of the week for week 11 "tonight's lineman of the week with oxford is brought to you by northeast mississippi electric power association."

This week's lineman of the week in oxford is bernard blackmon.

Bernard has 22 years of service with the northeast mississippi electric power association wcbi's lineman of the week for the lafayette commodores is senior defensive tackle keaton mcintosh....a force in the backfield in the dores' 28-7 win over new hope six tackles, 2 for a loss, increasing his total to 13 on the season... catch keaton and the dores in week 11, as lafayette travels to columbus to take on the falcons as part of district play the final week of the regular season for class 2a, 3a, and 4a, with 1a, 5a, and 6a battling for a postseason spot the latest polls showing a lot of teams that have already locked up their chance for football deep into november

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