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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


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At (time) it's time now for our (day) morning sprint here on good morning northwest... we will check in with chief meteorologist kristin walls in just a minute but first heres a look at todays top stories.

Kadlec nurses have voted to go on strike, and the matter will now go up to the union's cabinet where an official decision will be made.

More than 900 nurses spent all day tuesday and wednesday casting votes on whether or not to strike.

The decision comes after the washington state nurses association and kadlec have been negotiating for a new contract for over a year now.

A former hanford security guard - now spokane police officer - nathan nash is on leave because of allegations that he sexually assaulted the victim of a crime- he was supposed to be investigating.

Nash was called to a domestic violence scene and the victim is claiming he sexually assaulted her.

The department immediately put nash on leave but he has not officially been charged with a crime.

Kennewick police have now opened a use of force investigation following a viral video of an arrest.

In the video, you can see an officer tase a theft suspect - 51-year-old gordon bailey.

Once he's on the ground, another officer struck him seven times.

The officers involved have been identified as josh kuhn and stan howard.

They're not on administrative leave.

The police chief will ultimately decide if the officers violated any policy.

Two people escaped a house fire that destroyed their wapato home.

The fire broke out near a home on kays road, creating heavy smoke that that could be seen from miles away.

A brother and sister were home when the fire started.

("sebastian quantrille, resident: i was inside, i had one of the doors open in my house and i came outside and i see ash falling, i went to the otherside of the hosue, and one of the trees burstinto flames.

And then my house eventually caught on fire ") firefighters say they 3 don't yet know the cause of the fire, but the siblings say they heard the sound of trees burning outside the home that then spread to the roof.

A 63-year-old tieton man is dead after a tree fell on him.

Gary trepanier was with an excavation crew cutting down a russian olive tree near whitish drive and ahtanum road.

The yakima county sheriff's office said the tree fell in the wrong direction, killing him.

Safety measures were in place, but the crew said they couldn't control the direction of the fall as intended.

Have you seen these children?

Yakima police say ramon jose reyes junior and elisa reyes ran away from their yakima home on october 22nd.

They have been seen around town at different homes.

Police are asking the public to call 9-1-1 if the 12-year-old and 13-year-old are spotted... or you can call yakima police directly at the number at the bottom of your screen.

Undocumented farmworkers could soon have an easier path to legal status...along with job opportunities and benefits.

A new, bipartisan bill was introduced yesterday by representative dan newhouse and other lawmakers...the farm workforce modernization act.

It creates a first-of-its-kind, merit-based visa program specifically designed for the nation's agricultural sector.

(toss to kristin) from the legends skycam network, here's a look from toppenish.

Dry and quiet on the radar with temps in the teens and 20s.

Planning out your day look for sunshine and clouds with highs in the upper 40s.

Futurecast shows the quiet and dry weather today through this weekend.

On the 7day look for a slight warmup this weekend with highs back into the 50s.

More sunshine early next week.


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