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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Jury hands down NOT GUILTY verdict in Eric Sackett homicide trial

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Jury hands down NOT GUILTY verdict in Eric Sackett homicide trial
Jury hands down NOT GUILTY verdict in Eric Sackett homicide trial
The jury reaches verdict in Eric Sackett homicide trial.

The jury returned its not guilty verdict just about an hour ago..

Eric sackett was aquitted in the death of his former girlfriend erin somvilai.

News 8's alec giannakopoulos joins us live from the la crosse county courthouse with reaction... after almost two weeks, the verdict was read at 5:00 this after noon.

Not guilty.

This trial went on for 9 days and deliberation took 6 around six hours.

In those 9 days sackett, somvilai's family, and the jury went through an exhausting process, and erik sackett's father and defense team felt relieved.

"i have my son back" "well, we're relieved.

We're glad that it's over and believed the jury made the right decision today."

"i believe the police officers in the case are good people.

They are hard working professionals.

They are hard working people.

They just made a human assumption.'

District attorney tim gruenke admitted that this trial was hard on the prosecution as well.

He added that the circumstances made it difficult to prove sackett's involvement.

"obviously the family is disappointed but they understand how the process works and we understand the jury's verdict.

Thought it was a tough case but one worth putting in front of the jury and they feel like they were treated fairly through the system but are disappointed in the outcome" somvilai's family refused to comment on the trial.

Mike and alec discuss verdict alec can you tell us what's next for erik sackett?

Thanks alec.

District attorney gruenke added that the condition of somvilai's body made it difficult to prove her cause of death.

We will have more reaction to today's verdict tonight at 10.


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