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Friday, January 15, 2021

University president urges HK protesters to leave

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University president urges HK protesters to leave
University president urges HK protesters to leave

Protesters barricaded in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have been urged to leave in a statement from the university head published on Monday (November 18), as clashes saw police firing tear gas and water cannons yet again in the Chinese-ruled city.

Jayson Albano reports.

The president of a university under siege in Hong Kong, has said he's brokered a truce with police.

Teng Jin-Guang from the Polytechnic University said it would allow the hundreds of protesters stuck inside to leave the campus peacefully: "Protesters on the PolyU campus, I have been communicating closely with the police since last evening.

We have now received the assurance of police of a temporary suspension of the use of force under the condition that if the protesters do not initiate the use of force, the police will not initiate the use of force.

In addition, we have also received permission from the police for you to leave the campus peacefully, and I will personally accompany you to the police station to ensure that your case will be fairly processed.

[...] I hope that you will accept the proposed temporary suspension of force and leave the campus in a peaceful manner." It's unclear whether the truce was taking effect.


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