Elizabeth Warren Called Out Facebook And Trump
Elizabeth Warren Called Out Facebook And Trump


Elizabeth Warren came out swinging at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump.

Warren's criticism came in response to news that Zuckerberg and Trump met for a private dinner This was while the Facebook CEO was in Washington last month, says Business Insider.

"Amid antitrust scrutiny... Zuckerberg and one of Facebook's board members, a major Trump donor, had a secret dinner with Trump.

This is corruption, plain and simple." "This is how the government keeps working for giant corporations and the wealthy and well-connected.

It's no wonder that companies like Facebook have been allowed to consolidate economic and political power without any real accountability." This isn't the first time Zuckerberg and Trump have privately met.

It's also unlikely to be the last time they'll meet, as Facebook faces scrutiny from government regulators.