Corbyn vows to root out 'poisonous' blight of anti-Semitism
Corbyn vows to root out 'poisonous' blight of anti-Semitism

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Chief Rabbi of being wrong about part of his criticism of Labour's handling of anti-Semitism, as he vowed to root out the "poisonous" blight from society.

But much of Tuesday's discussion with The Andrew Neil Interviews focused on anti-Semitism after Ephraim Mirvis's unprecedented intervention warning Mr Corbyn was unfit to lead the nation.

Mr Corbyn said: "I'm looking forward to having a discussion with him because I want to hear why he would say such a thing." The Labour leader was challenged over Rabbi Mirvis's allegation that Labour's claims it is doing everything to tackle anti-Jewish racism was a "mendacious fiction".

"No, he's not right.

Because he would have to produce the evidence to say that's mendacious," Mr Corbyn replied.

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