Morgan Co. Residents Meet To Discuss Recent Home Invasions

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Morgan Co. Residents Meet To Discuss Recent Home Invasions

Morgan Co. Residents Meet To Discuss Recent Home Invasions

After recent home invasions in Union Hill and Brindlee Mountain areas, residents come together to discuss solutions and awareness of the increased crimes.

Tonight -- several home invasions -- including one that put an elderly man in the hospital -- have residents in morgan county speaking out.

Thank you for joining us tonight, i'm najahe sherman.

And i'm dan shaffer.

People are gathering at the brindlee mountain fire department at 6-30 tonight to express their safety concerns to the sheriff's office.

Waay 31's shosh bedrosian spoke with a man who organized this meeting.

He tells her why the meeting is so important.


Dan and najahe -- in just 30 minutes members from the small communities of morgan city and union hill will be walking through this door.

I spoke with the organizer of the event who tells me in his 16 years of living in union hill, his safety has never felt so threatened.

Here's what he had said to me just moments ago: "i'm hoping that we'll accomplish tonight is just the fact that it'll kinda give people peace of mind knowing that someone is paying attention to stuff that's going on and stuff like this isn't falling on deaf ears and being pushed to the wayside" community members are hoping that the morgan county sheriff's office will help make their neighborhoods safer.

People also want the sheriff's office to discuss self-defense laws and how to protect yourself from home intruders.

Sheriff ron pucket is scheduled to attend reporting live in union

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