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Sunday, September 19, 2021

KOAM Toybox Tuesday at 5 (12-03-19)

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KOAM Toybox Tuesday at 5 (12-03-19)
KOAM Toybox Tuesday at 5 (12-03-19)
KOAM Toybox Tuesday at 5

The simple way for you to help area kids on this toybox tuesday.

And how the angel tree program is making a difference for four-state families.

Dowe: the phones are open for this toybox tuesday.

It's a simple way to help make sure area kids in need get toys for christmas.

Volunteers from the cherokee county sheriffs office and pittsburg salvation army are waiting by the phones for your call.

So get out your debit or credit cards and give us a call at 888-620- 4-toy that's 888-620-4869.

Donate any amount -- and we do the shopping.

Dowe: this is koam news at five.

We'll have more on the toybox project -- and check in with the phone bank in a moment.

First some of the day's news.

Dowe: officials with n-e-o a-and-m college say a student died in a campus dorm.

Officials got word of the death this morning but do not yet know when the student died.

A medical examiner was on campus to determine the cause of death but authorities say there were no signs of foul play.

Dowe: a joplin man has died in a motorcycle crash.

It happened at the intersection of route f-f and jaguar road.

Police say 51-year-old rodney meyers of joplin was on the motorcycle when it collided with a pickup.

Meyers later died at the hospital.

Dowe: authorities say one person was killed and an ada oklahoma police officer was wounded today in a shooting.

The oklahoma state bureau of investigation says ada police tried to serve undisclosed felony warrants at a home.

They say the suspect was outside and opened fire on officers.

One ada police officer was hit and officers returned fire.

The officers shot the suspect and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The wounded police officer was treated and released from the hospital.

Dowe: the joplin christmas parade begins at six-30 tonight downtown.

That's where doug heady is now.

Let's go to him live.

Dowe: doug, thanks.

See you soon.

Dowe: you call and give..

We shop.

Donating over the phone is the simple way to help kids at christmas.

Let's go now to koam's kate kelly who is standing by live in our koam call center.

Kate: dowe this is the 31st year for our toybox campaign.

For years, people just donated new, unwrapped toys to give to kids in need for christmas.

People can still do that.

You can find drop-off locations for toys on our wesite -- koam-news-now dot-com.

Take phone cam but for the past several years we've also provided this simpler alternative.

People can phone in a monetary pledge -- and we'll do the toy shopping for them.

Volunteers are ready to take your call.

The number is 888-620-4-toy.

That's 888-620-4869.

Kate: each year koam partners with dozens of local organizations through our toybox campaign.

The ottawa county angel tree is a perfect example.

For one family in miamuh,oklahoma, the angel tree program has made all the difference.

Shanna bass is a single mother of two.

While she loves christmas, paying for presents can be hard.

With donations from the community, the holidays are now less stressful, and she's thankful she can help give her kids the christmas they deserve.

"i felt bad at first because i mean there's a lot of times people couldn't afford to give gifts at all, and i couldn't afford it."

Kate: ottawa county angel tree is a group effort on the part of n-e-o community college, miamuh police and fire---along with other area agencies.

It provides toys and needed items each year for children from birth to seventeen years of age.

---and the koam toybox is proud to partner with them.

Again, the phones are open right now for the toybox tuesday telethon.

The number is 888-620-4-toy.

That's 888-620-4869.

Dowe: the house intelligence committee today released a sweeping report outlining what it says is overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing by president trump.

Republicans released their own report yesterday -- saying there is, quote "no direct, firsthand evidence" that president trump improperly pressured the ukrainian president.

The house judiciary committee's first public impeachment hearing will be tomorrow.

White house counsel says it will not participate in the hearing.

Dowe: president trump is in london for a two-day nato summit.

The president met with french president emmanuel macron hours after blasting him -- calling his recent comments about the alliance very nasty.

Macron said nato is brain dead because of a lack of u-s leadership.

President trump also unloaded on nato members for not contributing enough in defense spending.

Dowe: senator kamala harris is ending her bid for the democratic presidential nomination in 20-20.

The democrat from california told supporters in an email that she "simply doesn't have the financial resources we need to continue".

Harris launched her campaign in front of 20-thousand people in january.

Dowe: that's a look at our top stories and weather in the first seven minutes of koam news at five.

Just ahead in health watch -- an increase in flu cases.

In the meantime, the phone banks are open to take your pledge for toybox.

Kate: welcome back to our toybox tuesday telethon.

Phones are open right now to take your pledge.

We have a lot of generous viewers out there.

During our noon news, we received more than 700 dollars in donations.

The number is 888-620-4-toy.

That's 888-620-4869.

You can call right now.

For now, i'll toss things back to dowe.

Dowe: wallwide healthwatch nexio in healthwatch -- the c-d-c reports flu activity continues to increase.

The south and west are seeing the most cases and another child death associated with the flu was reported this week- bringing the total to five this season.

Dowe: a new treatment could help ease the passage of kidney stones.

Researchers at m-eye-t and massachusetts general hospital have found muscle relaxants delivered to the ureter -- which connects the kidneys to the bladder -- can reduce contractions that cause pain when passing stones.

About one in ten people experience kidney stones.

Dowe: researchers at the university of cambridge say a simple check of proteins in your blood can assess your health -- and may predict the likelihood of developing a range of diseases.

Scientists say this so called "liquid health check" could someday be used as a routine health screening tool.

Dowe: that's a look at today's health news.

Doug's forecast is next.

And a little later -- we'll check back in with the phone bank on this toybox tuesday.

Dowe: this week, the joplin parade starts at 6 o'clock all the floats are kind of lining up right around walgreens on 20 at the main the kind of backing up the street south and then it's a fairly long parade goes from 20th all the way down to second street we're standing out here live right outside the ramsey building so at 6.

And may we got food trucks behind us kettle corn people are starting to.

Gather along sidewalks it's great night.

Weather is fantastic temperatures are sitting into the upper 40's great time lapse buffalo run casino and resort.

Of decent amount of sunshine throughout the daytime hours for us today and temperatures are warmer than what we saw yesterday we're only into the mid 40's today was spiked into the mid-fifties almost 10 degrees warmer than what we had yesterday actually temperatures most of the week are shaping up pretty good.

Most of us are sitting upper 40's to near 50 degrees parsons 50 to 51 in grove will help slow drop this evening.

We still can have a westerly wind it's really not that bad the winds are fairly light will stay light as we work through the evening hours great job 7th and range line son of said we're getting close to the shortest day of the year.

Temperatures slowly dropping back still near 50.

Humidity is at 54% will slide back to the 40's eventually mid 30's upright 3334.

A little bit later on tonight pretty much clear skies just a few little mid and upper level clouds have been streaming through.

I do think most of clouds that we have seen.

We're going to be pretty much out of here.

Here's our next storm system building up the coast of california in this system.

It's week it's fast-moving has really warm air with it so it's not going to do a lot for us but it will give us a few showers late thursday into friday until then we look pretty good.

We're going to drop back mid 30's for us tonight.

We'll see some mid and upper level clouds increasing late the daytime hours tomorrow but in general looks like a pretty good day 32 to start 52 by noon high temp right around 50 sevens maybe even a couple notches warmer than what we saw today.

Clouds increase tomorrow night into thursday morning.

Then our next storm system so a lot more clouds on thursday i think most of the day is going to be dry.

We'll start to see a few showers late in the day into thursday night and then even lasting into friday morning.

Now behind it they'll be a little bit cooler but still it's not going to be too bad by friday.

So let's look down the road we have this week system on thursday a bigger storm system sunday monday a book called a moderate system.

Another bigger system.

Late next week thursday and friday as it starts to get active of course you can always got my month long blog koam news now dot com from a long range forecast, 57 tomorrow, 58 thursday cooler friday.

But look at the weekend looks pretty good.

Temperatures right back into the 50's for afternoon highs.

>> relatively pleasant for a christmas parade in joplin in december we've been out there for some really bitterly cold ones and windy one so that's good to see you out there not even meeting gloves and a half at the moment that.

>> yeah we should have a pñ a record-breaking storm hammers the northeast causing trouble for millions of people today.

The major snow storm is finally on its last legs after haunting holiday travelers for the past week.

It could still dump up to two feet of snow in parts of new england before heading out to sea.

The storm is blamed for at least eight deaths.

Seven-hundred crashes were reported in new york state alone as the system moved through.

Dowe: the phone lines are still open for our toybox telethon.

We've been hearing from from folks all across the four states generously donating to help kids in need.

Remember, all of your donations can stay within your own county if you'd like.

Donations help people in 15 counties in the area.

Any amount of money you can donate helps.

And remember you can also donate new unwrapped toys at any of our drop off locations.

For a full list head over to our website -- koam-news-now-dot-co m.

Dowe: we take a moment now to honor one of our four state heroes.

Eugene krudwig served in the u-s air force from 19-42 to 19-46.

The joplin native was stationed in the south pacific theater as an airplane instrument specialist.

Sergeant eugene krudwig -- a four state hero.

... to learn about other heroes -- or to submit a hero of your own any time -- just go to our website.

Koam-news-now dot-com..

Kate: we are still taking your calls for our 31-st annual toybox campaign.

Please call in and make those donations.

We've heard from any donation helps -- big or small.

Of course we couldn't do it alone.

Our partners are a big help.

One of our toybox partners, the pittsburg salvation army, is helping 500 families this year---that's 750 kids.

When you call in and donate, you're helping people struggling in your community this holiday season.

"we had a single father come in and he was signing up christmas for him and his daughter and they had just recently lost his wife in a car accident.

So yeah you know he's down, but we know we're able to help him have a more joyful christmas by being able to help them.""there's always gonna be a need.

Jesus says the poor will always be with you so no matter what people on the outside looking in that don't need the help, we need you to understand that they're gonna always be with us."

Those are just some examples of toybox making a difference, but we want to help so much more.

Call 888-620-4-toy and give now.

Let's keep those phones ringing!

In the meantime, here's dowe with more news.

Dowe: last year americans gave an estimated 427 billion dollars to charity but there was still a drop in charitable donations.

When adjusted for inflation, total giving declined one-point-seven percent.

That decline is attributed to the impact of the tax law that went into effect last year -- changing deductions.

Some organizations locally -- like the joplin salvation army -- have seen a decline in donations.

But in parsons, kansas -- there's no drop due to what organizations say is a giving community.

"here in rural southeast kansas what we found is our donors give because they want to support our students and our students needs and they werent really doing it they werent motivated by a tax break, they were doing it to really do good."" dowe: the parsons area community foundation held a giving tuesday community event to help raise money for local organizations.

Events and fundraisers like these can help those who are experiencing that decline in donations.

Dowe: wallwide consumerwatch speaking in london today, president trump said he has no deadline for a deal with china and thinks it's better to wait until after the election.

The trump administration and china have imposed tariffs on each others goods since 20-18, but are currently trying to hammer out a phase one deal.

Dowe: france and the e-u are threatening to hit back if president trump follows through on a plan to slap new tariffs on french imports.

The u-s says that was in retaliation to a new proposed tech tax on u-s companies.

During a bilateral meeting with president macron today, president trump said the two nations would probably work out a deal.

Dowe: as consumers stacked up virtual shopping carts, cyber monday hit a record.

Preliminary totals from adobe analytics show sales topped nine-point-two billion dollars.

That's up about 19-percent from last year.

And since today is giving tuesday people around the world are encouraged to donate to non-profits and charities.

This year, more than half a billion dollars is expected to be raised.

That's up 26-percent from last year.

Dowe: we'll check in with kate and see how toybox is coming -- next.

Dowe: the cbs evening news is next.

Then on koam news at six, how a shortage of veterinarians treating large animals is affecting small clinics in southwest missouri.

Plus, we'll hear from more people being helped by one of our toybox partners -- angel tree.

And what an area tax professional says about the benefits of donations around this time of year.

Stay with us for the cbs evening news and then koam news at six.

Dowe: let's check back in with doug at the site of tonight's joplin christmas parade for a final check of the weather.

Dowe: we want to thank everyone that has donated to our toybox tuesday telethon as well as all of our volunteers.

If you still haven't donated yet, there is still time.

The toybox telethon will continue through koam news at six.

Kate: remember the number is 888-620-4-toy.

That's 888-620-4869.

And you can donate online.

Just go to koam news now dot com slash toybox to make a donation.

Dowe: thanks for joining us, the cbs evening news is next.

Of course, we'll be right back here for koam news at six.

We'll see you then.

Let's make it a great evening.

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