Rare condition sees Indian child sweat blood from 'eyes, nose and ears'
Rare condition sees Indian child sweat blood from 'eyes, nose and ears'

An eight-year-old girl has baffled the Indian doctors after she started sweating blood and the connecting fluid started oozing out from her eyes, nose and ears.

Chwngsasa Debbarma is a student of third grade at a private school in the state of Tripura in North-East India.

The first signs of the mysterious condition showed up in the first week of April in 2019 and she was rushed to the local hospital which confused the doctors as this was the first-ever time they had seen the rare condition.

The doctors later suspected the condition to be Hematidrosis but declared it ‘too soon’ to be called that and referred her further to the ILS hospital in Agartala.

The doctors performed some initial medical checkup and sent her back home with primary medications but the condition didn’t wear off completely except that it was gone for some days.

Although the medications did help for a while, the condition has started yet again and the prescribed medicine has not come much to her rescue.

She started bleeding again this time from her nostrils, lips, tongue, forehead, head, temple, hands, legs, eyes, toes, ears and tips of fingers and palm.

The bleeding would leave her in a state of uneasiness and chest pain and then recur four to five times a day and would stay there for almost 10 minutes.

The doctors when consulted again were completely taken aback and the girl was further referred to CMC Vellore.

The footage was captured on October 30.