China makes propaganda game that lets you hit HK protesters
China makes propaganda game that lets you hit HK protesters

CHINA — China is hitting back against the "Liberate Hong Kong" game by coming up with a version that lets you beat the protesters instead.

The anti-protest propaganda video game, called "Everyone Hit the Traitors," tells you right off the in big bold letters that "Hong Kong is part of China" and "can't be meddled with by outside powers." When you click to play, it starts by saying there's a bunch of traitors colluding with Western powers and instigating protests in Hong Kong.

These traitors include activist Joshua Wong, media tycoon Jimmy Lai, and former Hong Kong chief secretary Anson Chan — who are all depicted as caricatures.

Once you've chosen a traitor to target, it's time to beat him and his horde of young protesters, or "useless youths," by tapping them with a hand, flip-flop, or baseball bat.

You can choose!

If any of the protesters make it across the screen, you lose — but that's highly unlikely because they're lumbering so slowly.

The traitor needs a bit more tapping to be defeated and then arrested, but it's still not rocket science — really, the only way to fail is if you do it on purpose.

In case you're interested in playing this Chinese propaganda game, it's free on, dalaoshu being the Chinese for "big rat." Wow, subtle.